Sunday, May 22, 2011

confidence on the up....... 28 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My confidence with river swimming has gone up and down like a roller coaster.  The more confident I became the longer I swam, which in turn made me sicker!!!!! After a visit to the local hospital to see an out of hours doctor (who was the best doctor EVER!!) Turns out I kinda get sea sick whilst swimming.  That nasty cold water from the river was going in my ears and shrinking my brain (I know what your all thinking here) so I was armed with my anti dizzy spells and earplugs as advised.

Friday came and I entered the river in anticipation........OH MY GOD!!!!!!! What a difference the earplugs made.  Normally I get so breathless and everyone said I was getting panic attacks and I fobbed them off and put it down to the cold but you know what, I think it was sub conscious panic attacks.  I put my head under the water within minutes and was expecting to stop any second due to the shortness of breath but it just didn't happen.  I swam about 800m up the river stopping once to clear goggles.  I turned around and swam the whole distance back again only stopping once as I tend to drift across the river and end up in the bank.  You cant imagine how fantastic I felt about that.  I had been so worried about completely the swim time in an hour when I spent most of the time trying to breathe.

Today I was supposed to conquer the wimbleball course and finally do 2 laps. The wind was unbelievable and some of the riders pulled out and I cant say I blame them.  The wind was horrific.  Every time you went past a gate way you had to hold on for grim death because you knew you would be side swiped.  The worst moment was when I cycled past a cross roads and the wind unexpectedly picked me up made me swerve into the verge and I completely flipped upside down.  It must have been a funny sight be lying there on the floor with my bike stuck up at ninety degrees still attached to my feet.  Apart from being a bit shaken I was ok and more importantly so was Whoopie.  On with the ride.  I have to say that on that first hill the wind actually became our friend and pushed me up that first big hill that was a nice feeling and I could almost forgive the wind for being in my face all day!  The ride was almost over, it was agreed that one lap in extreme wind conditions would be enough, I felt like I had cycled 2 anyway.  Cycling across the bridge next to the lake was pretty nerve racking, the wind completely side swiped me right across the road and I ended up on the other side, good job no cars were there. 

A tough ride today... shoulders ache more than my legs just from holding on for my life.  Nothing like a few brushes with death to make you thankful for your life!!!  The time was 2.17 beating my fastest lap by 3 minutes but considering the wind, I think that was a good result.  I think on race day and the adrenalin is going and the course will have 1500 bikers on it, I will pull it outta the bag. 

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