Sunday, May 8, 2011

Exe Valley Sprint triathlon.

This was the first triathlon of the year and my first tri as a West Country Triathlete.  It was quite a late start but good to get there with plenty of time to socialise with some of the other members of the group.  There was some really nice bikes there and when I could I had my picture taken with some nice bikes whilst their owners were well outta sight..........

My wave started at 12.10.  This was slightly different to other tris as you only had 2 people per lane and you kept to one side.  But as luck would have it I had a lane to myself.  That's a bonus I always feel harassed when theres a few of you and I tend to go off to fast and lose it.   The 16 lengths (400m) went really quite quickly.  I decided to take the first 4 really slow and just warm up.  This was a good plan and I started to speed up naturally without having to gasp for breath and panic.  My swim time was 8.55 but that did include 10 second walk to the timing mat ( no running due to a fatal accident earlier). 

I felt pretty good, on with the helmet, race belt and grabbed Whoppie and off we went.  The bike course is nice smooth flattish route with a few gradual hills following a river.  I overtook 2 ladies straight away and set my sights on the guy up front.  I caught him I overtook him...... this was to be the start of a cat and mouse game. The course allows you to get down on those aero bars and blast it!!! I caught this bloke up and stayed in front for a while and then he caught me and overtook me.  I locked the target back down on him and overtook him again.  This continued 4 or 5 times and the banter was really friendly, as he overtook me he said "I'll see you in a bit " I love this kinda game really spurs you on and gives you someone to chase.  There are times when you end up in "no mans land" no one chasing you and no one to chase. The bike course seemed to go by pretty quickly too and I was back before I knew it.  I had no idea how I was doing as I forgot to put the garmin on. I completed the cycle in 47.39.

I entered transition, put on my trainers and had a few problems.  The tongue of my trainers got caught up and even though I had sorted my trainers out just to slip them on I ended up undoing one and having to do it up again... not easy task when your hands are shaking from pure adrenalin.  The run route looked hilly but actually once out on it, it didn't seem so bad. I did have stitch for the entire run but not enough to stop me. I passed Caroline hoping for a high five but got a high fist instead, she wasn't letting go of those jelly beans.  The run route means you double back and you can always see whose behind you and how far they are.  I kept seeing the guy from the cat and mouse game on the bike and we had a little chuckle each time we passed..... but he was in front darn it!!! The run was completed in 25.51.

I enjoyed this tri , was great seeing other members of the group out on the course and I felt like part of a team even though triathlon is a one man race.  I felt strong on the bike but I do feel like I've neglected my running a bit, but when your used to marathon training I guess it would feel like that. 

So total time...including transitions was 1.24.34.  When I last checked I was 4th in my age cat but there was still a few people coming in..... you know those super fast people who do the latest wave as they are so super fit so that might change.  But at the end of the day I enjoyed the race, I felt strong was in good company and had fun!  No medal or t-shirt but a really good goodie bag with a spare tube and lots food in.

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