Monday, May 2, 2011

Glastonbury 10k run around the tor

I had first thought that this was going to be a really hilly 10 k but I drove the course before the start and there was only 3 hills in it. 
The town seemed in good spirits and a big cheer before the gun went off.  The first 100 m is a sharp hill and it certainly warms you up.  The road then levels out and takes you down a nice long hill, time to take a breather and get into your stride.  I had chosen Slamming vinyl to listen to on my way around but as we started up a incline, the beat seemed a little too much and I had to take my earphones out.  I did start to regret cycling 41 very hilly miles the day before and my legs didn't feel good at all. 
I had to zip up my man suit.... when I do Ironman 70.3 I will be cycling 56 hilly miles and then running a half marathon on the same day, at least I got a nights sleep in between.   I didn't really get into my stride until mile 5 it took a long time to settle into this one.

The highlight of the whole race was the finish.  I had overtaken Barry at mile 1 and stayed in front of him for the whole race.  Unknown to me as I ambled up to the finish line he had seen me and had started a very fast sprint to catch me up.  I was totally unaware of this until I saw him shoot past me with less than 5 metres to the finish line.  Now I have to say here , Barry and myself have a little tally chart of all our wins ageist each other.  To be quite frank when Barry is fit and on the case he will beat me hands down but he lacks commitment and motivation sometimes.... I guess I'm saying he actually has a life (unlike me). So I like to take full advantage of when he's not.  Anyway back to the story, I saw him pass me and shouted something quite unlady like and took off like a rocket after him.  I have never ran that fast in my life and it was a bit of a wrestle and a tumble to the line but I have it on good authority that I did beat him by a whisker.  I sprinted so fast at the last minute that the marshals at the finish line had to put their arms out and stop me, I don't think they were so impressed.  Barry and I did shake hands and declare a draw but I have the knowledge I beat him.  I will be watching my back Mr Williams especially if you are behind me.  Don't you just love a bit of healthy competition.  Well done to Stuart as well completing in first ever 10 k in 40.30 or something, I wish I had legs as long as him.

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