Monday, May 16, 2011

Taunton Deane Sprint Triathlon

Taunton Deane Triathlon held at Wellington.....bit confusing.  I was really looking forward to this tri.  There was 27 members of West Country Triathletes taking part and it was to be held in my old haunting ground.  It made a big difference knowing that course like the back of my hand.

My wave started at 11.40, normally I start at a really early time so I was quite pleased about that.  My swim went really well.  There was no hassle of people all starting at the same time and feeling harassed.  This was def my faster swim to date at 400m.  The time was 8.38 and that included trying to get out of the pool (very high sides) and getting to the transition mat.  The bike racks had been colour coded with balloons which made it really easy to spot.  My first transition was pretty fast well under a minute and I was off.  I feel like I went off like a bullet and overtook ! lady right at the start.  I headed out and as I approached the first hill... disaster struck and my chain came off...... I quickly dismounted put that chain back on the lady I had overtook went sailing past me.  That's all I needed, back on bike, I sought her out, locked down the target and off I went.  Head down power up and went whizzing past her again.  I set my sights on my next target and off I charged.  I felt really strong throughout the whole course, even when I hit the by-pass and the head wind was pretty mental.  Another target on the horizon..... I felt like a battle ship blasting my way through the cyclists.  Once I reached Wiveliscombe roundabout and saw my mum and the boys cheering me on, I felt a renewed sense of energy. I knew the wind would be behind me and I just totally went for it.  I overtook some pretty fit looking guys and that just increased my confidence.  My mum unknown to me had followed me down the by-pass and the kids were in front of me waving through the car window.  On this piece of flat road I got up to 36.6 mph... the fastest I have ever been on a straight.  There was a few hills back but I stayed in the big cog and just flew up them.  I really enjoyed the bike. 

The run however was a different matter, my transition was slightly slower due to putting on my knee straps and I had this silly feeling of my legs going round faster than I can actually run.  Its a very bizarre feeling.  The run consists of 2 laps and there was a hill.  I have to say I did walk part of this hill the first time round as my legs still didnt quite get the fact that the rest of my body couldn't keep up. But still averaging 8.19 minute miles despite a short walk(makes me wonder what time I would have if I had ran that bit).  The finish was in site and Mike our coach was doing the commentary so we got a nice welcome home.  Finish time 1.23.31.  I was totally happy with that, I feel I smashed that bike route and beginning to think that actually I'm pretty strong on the bike.

It was great seeing so many of our club doing the race, our suits are quite easy to spot and all around the course you get shouts of encouragement.  We even all got free massage at the end which is a bonus.  Enjoyed this race a lot, Barry only beat me my 4 minutes which I am even happier about.

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