Saturday, June 11, 2011

Am I ready????????? Wimbleball here I come....

Last night as I was swimming down the calm murky river singing "my tyres are pumped and so am I, got my wetsuit on and ready to fly" and then POW I had a moment of euphoria.   I was swimming really well and I felt inner peace.  I was thinking I AM READY...... I can do this.  I began to reflect on the journey to Ironman 70.3 and felt inspired to write a blog.

This was me after being put right after some surgeon broke my knee cap and severed my hamstring on what should have been an uncomplicated ACL reconstruction.
After my first marathon I decided to try out triathlons.  I couldn't even swim 1 length front crawl and took a few private lessons which was complete pants.  I taught myself and went swimming three times a week and the dedication started to pay off.  I joined a coached session for a while but it wasn't until I joined West Country Triathletes that I actually began to feel like a swimmer and I got faster! BIG shout out to WCT, fab group of people and lots new friends. If you are considering getting into triathlons I suggest you join a club its one of the best things that I have done.  I have overcome my fear of dirty water and fought motion sickness, panic attacks so that I feel comfortable swimming in open water. Its very different to swimming in a pool but now I really enjoy it.  Theres a bigger thrill "wild swimming".

I knew I had become deadly serious when I bought Whoopie.  A serious bit of kit.  She took a bit of getting used to but now that TT bike fits me a treat and we have bonded.  I have cycled over 1395 miles this year alone and I have found my bike legs.  I have cycled the Wimbleball course about 6 times now and all those pesky hills have made me tough.  When I'm down on those aero bars I feel pretty powerful and its a great feeling. 
I did however suffer 2 ankle sprains this year and my marathon training was affected.  I still managed to swim and cycle but my running suffered, despite this I took 28 minutes off my marathon time. (4.13.55) This just proves that cross training has helped my general fitness and that I am going from strength to strength.  I have enjoyed the training leading up to Ironman 70.3, it has given me focus and not sure I will be able to stop after the event. What will be the next big challenge(Ironman).
 I have learnt alot about myself over the last 10 months.  I have learnt that I am stubborn, that I wont give up and the harder things are , the harder I try. I have a mental toughness or is that stubbornness??  Ive learnt that the human body is amazing, whatever I ask my body to do, it does it without too much grumbling.  I am also very competitive. When that starter goes off I'm locked down into fight mode but I always enjoy it.

I have competed in quite a few events this year. My running times are faster, my triathlon sprint times are becoming faster. The training is paying off.

So here I stand.... the biggest personal challenge on the horizon....... and I AM READY. I have done the training and I will always be a little paranoid that I've not done enough but on the day I will give it everything I've got. I know its not going to be easy but I am prepared.  Its been a magical journey full of highs, disappointments and frustration and endorphin hits.   I have met some fantastic, inspirational people along the way and as always I have the most amazing network of support from my family and friends.  You know who you are.  My children have been amazing putting up with mum's crazy antics, not moaning when the tturbo is louder than the telly, getting up early to come to triathlons with me and laughing at me when I'm dancing around the house hyped up after training sessions and most of all telling me how proud they are of me ( I might cry now).

 THANK YOU to all those who have helped me by sponsoring me, trained with me, given me advice and been there with support and kind words when I needed them the most.  I would also like to take a moment to apologise in advance for my behaviour in taper week.   I am very excitable, emotional, crazy person right now and I'm creating a big rut in the ground jumping up and down.

WIMBLEBALL HERE I COME.......... do your worst as I'm gonna kick your butt!

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