Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taunton Triathlon

I woke up to the sound of the rain beating against the window but I didn't care I was ready to race.  I was a bit tired and grumpy due to some teenagers playing pranks all night in the street and me giving chase in my dressing gown late at night
 I had great expectations for this race..... I was feeling fit and totally thought I would smash it.  I picked up Barry and off we went.

There wasn't much time to get everything sorted before the race began.  It was swim time.  I set off far too quickly, I had got used to starting off slow and then getting faster but today that went out the window.  I was in "I'm gonna cane it mode".  This is where it all went wrong, goggles filled with water, had to stay behind a woman swimming breast stroke couldn't overtake as too many swimmers in the lane and took in a big mouthful of water.  I was really glad to finish the 400m and started on the long run to the transition area.  I totally lost here it here as well, decided I would wear a top and couldn't get it out of my bag.  Totally unprepared.  As i ran up to the mounting point my garmin fell out of my nutrition bag on the bike and had to go back for it.  Swim time 9.11

I finally got on the bike and I had that horrible tight chest feeling, you know where you get a build up of C02 and you really really need to burp it all out but you cant.  I was lucky at the traffic lights and the roundabouts, there were quite a few.  Despite not being able to breathe well I got my head down and went for it.  I over took 3 men that made me feel better. Stu overtook me here like  lightening!!
The wind was pretty bad ( when is the wind never in your face , if I'm honest????)  The lanes were narrow with some hair pin corners and I had a dodgy moment with a tractor and was glad to be back on the busy main road. Bike time 41.33

I pulled up jumped off my bike and ran again that massive stretch to the transition area. I started
off on the run, they directed you all over the grounds of the school and finally that long awaited burp came where I could finally breathe properly again.  The run was pretty smooth, apart from running through the crowd of old ladies at the bus stop and choking on that old ladies perfume smog!  The run seemed pretty quick and comfortable now I had lost the C02 bubble!!! Cross the line and its done!! Run time 24.37

At first I felt disappointed with today's race total time 1.18.03.  I was 6th in my age cat, 8th woman in overall and on final results 61st out of a shocking 89 competitors .  On further inspection there was only 7 ladies in my my age cat and the woman in front beat me by 1 second...... I could have had my name on the leader board. 

Now I've had time to get over the race and reflect......
I had really set myself up to fail, expecting too much from today's results. I had such a bad swim that I felt it put me on a downer for the rest of the race, but I actually smashed the run today and did my fastest 5 k time.  Average 7.55 min miles..... get in. Honestly I have enjoyed every single tri I have ever done and had good results but as we all know life doesn't always go the way we want and its the way we deal with things that matter. I cant always have a good race and its all good training and we can always take something away from an experience.  The time 1.18.03 is actually a really good time for a sprint and I am getting faster.  I need a bad race so that wimbleball can be a fantastic race!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic race, well done you. At least I understand what that feeling is I get. It's a CO2 bubble :)