Friday, July 22, 2011

A new plan, a new goal.... never look back only forward.

If someone said to you what is the most amazing thing you have ever done... what would you say???
I want to say Ive done an Ironman............

Wow, its been a while since I have blogged.  Ive had a nice restful hot week in Spain and now I'm back I am ready to jump straight back into the thick of it. 

Recently there was a massive decision I had to make regarding which race to do, Wimbleball again or the Outlaw the full distance.  I had to make a decision quickly as Wimbleball sells out rather quickly( triathletes are sadists deep down that's why they go back) so I decided for Wimbleball.  I had been unlucky on that race and could have done a lot better. So it was decided........ well at least I thought it had. 

I knew deep down in my heart I wanted to do the full distance and I couldn't really enter both races... OR COULD I.  There has been lots going around in my head and lots of speculation to weather I could actually do the race or do the race justice!  People like me will work hard to do an Ironman and completion is always the focus.... I mean I'm not Chrissie Wellington but completion is STILL an awesome achievement and a personal achievement that no one can take away from me!

SOOOOOOO I have decided that I will enter Outlaw because life is too short and I am getting older and if I wait another year then anything could happen.  Seize the moment has been a way of life for me and I'm very impatient and I'm willing to put the work in.  I learnt a lot from wimbleball and I know what I have to do.

So I will be using Wimbleball as a warm up to Outlaw.  Outlaw is double the distance but its not as tough as Wimbleball.  There is a small matter of raising funds but where theres a will theres a way. 

My plan therefore at this time is to:
  • Pick next years races very well and not do so many, they do tend to interfere with endurance training.
  • Get a good base fitness on the bike, get out with the club I have joined and get a lot of 100 milers in.
  • Work on my swim technique so it takes less effort to swim.
  • Work on strength and core.
I have had a few life time accomplishments, running a marathon, check, completing 70.3, check and now Ironman distance.

I have a dream..... I know I can do it..... and if I don't do it then I will most defiantly regret not doing it so I am entering and I am going to take on another personal challenge and an amazing journey to a dream!!
If you don't set your sights high enough how do you do if you can achieve without even trying!!! If I try and I fail then at least I know I tried. 
Watch out OUTLAW, Hardcore Blackmore is coming into town and theres not room for both of us!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Crewkerne super sprint

Crewkerne was the first triathlon I did last year so I wanted to return so I could gauge my improvement. 
The day started very early and my swim wave was 7.27 (to be precise).  The swim went really well I used the first 2 lengths to get into my stroke and didn't rush it, unlike last year when you shoot off and you lose concentration and get out of breathe too quickly and struggle for the rest of the swim......(experience kicking in here)

Last years swim time 7.36 this year 5.19...... now that sings very loudly from the rooftops.......YES I'm a much better swimmer.

Again experience and the familiarity of the course made my transition a smooth one.  I remember last year I was all over the place.  So out on the bike course.  Last year I did the course in 27.34 and thought I was on course to smash that time.  The route was a lot hillier than I remember, in fact it was mostly uphill, maybe I just blocked that memory out.  Race time 24.59 which although faster was rather disappointing and I expected a lot more from myself and Whoopie.  I did however have an "incident" with a very silly old man at a roundabout.  He was so engrossed at the rider in front of me , staring at her lycra clad bottom no doubt, that he failed to realise that he was pushing me into the kerb and nearly had me off at the roundabout.  I did bang very loudly on the roof of his car just to ensure that he knew I was there, but he still progressed very slowly and I was stuck behind him.  This was the case right back into transition and I believe I lost a good minute here.  I was tiny bit frustrated but that's the name of the game... always going to be ifs and buts within a race.

The run last year seemed really long and I achieved it in 12.22 and this year it seemed really short, I guess knowing the course does help and I ran slightly faster at 12.18 but on reflection I could have ran alot faster but I didn't push it hard enough.  So a new course PB taking 4 mins from last year.  What seems more impressive.   Last year I sprinted to the finish and nearly puked but I didn't get that this year.... mental note TRY HARDER!

Whats more impressive was the stats... last year I was 111th out of 151 and 17th in my age cat out of 29.
This year I was 48th out of 81  and 4th in my age cat out of 13 and 7th lady in out of 27.  So I can see that I have improved and I can see also where these other ladies are beating me and areas I need to improve.  But I am pleased and to think that I have only been doing triathlons a year.  I am getting a lot more training in that I haven't done previously such as track and sportives and swim coaching and on the improvement scale if I return next year then I will DEMAND to be in the top 3.  I really want to win just one trophy, that's all.

A super short race but great fun and enjoyed immensely.