Friday, July 22, 2011

A new plan, a new goal.... never look back only forward.

If someone said to you what is the most amazing thing you have ever done... what would you say???
I want to say Ive done an Ironman............

Wow, its been a while since I have blogged.  Ive had a nice restful hot week in Spain and now I'm back I am ready to jump straight back into the thick of it. 

Recently there was a massive decision I had to make regarding which race to do, Wimbleball again or the Outlaw the full distance.  I had to make a decision quickly as Wimbleball sells out rather quickly( triathletes are sadists deep down that's why they go back) so I decided for Wimbleball.  I had been unlucky on that race and could have done a lot better. So it was decided........ well at least I thought it had. 

I knew deep down in my heart I wanted to do the full distance and I couldn't really enter both races... OR COULD I.  There has been lots going around in my head and lots of speculation to weather I could actually do the race or do the race justice!  People like me will work hard to do an Ironman and completion is always the focus.... I mean I'm not Chrissie Wellington but completion is STILL an awesome achievement and a personal achievement that no one can take away from me!

SOOOOOOO I have decided that I will enter Outlaw because life is too short and I am getting older and if I wait another year then anything could happen.  Seize the moment has been a way of life for me and I'm very impatient and I'm willing to put the work in.  I learnt a lot from wimbleball and I know what I have to do.

So I will be using Wimbleball as a warm up to Outlaw.  Outlaw is double the distance but its not as tough as Wimbleball.  There is a small matter of raising funds but where theres a will theres a way. 

My plan therefore at this time is to:
  • Pick next years races very well and not do so many, they do tend to interfere with endurance training.
  • Get a good base fitness on the bike, get out with the club I have joined and get a lot of 100 milers in.
  • Work on my swim technique so it takes less effort to swim.
  • Work on strength and core.
I have had a few life time accomplishments, running a marathon, check, completing 70.3, check and now Ironman distance.

I have a dream..... I know I can do it..... and if I don't do it then I will most defiantly regret not doing it so I am entering and I am going to take on another personal challenge and an amazing journey to a dream!!
If you don't set your sights high enough how do you do if you can achieve without even trying!!! If I try and I fail then at least I know I tried. 
Watch out OUTLAW, Hardcore Blackmore is coming into town and theres not room for both of us!!!!

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