Monday, August 29, 2011

Oxley Sherbourne triathlon

Oxley Triathlon is a sprint triathlon with a little bit extra thrown in for good measure.  The bike route is 30km instead of your usual 20 to 25km and an extra 1 km on the run.  I had been kept awake most of the night by torrential rain and the weather in Glastonbury was awful but once we hit Somerton the roads were dry and the sun was out. It was a very early start and a big thank you to my gorgeous boys who got up nice and early, no moaning and came with me.... my very own special support crew.  Last time they came with me I got a 'podium' place. 

The swim went well, no breathlessness ( BEET-IT power)and I was overtaking all the time although it was a massive jumble after getting out of the pool and lots bodies to wade through into T1.  Swim time 8.48.  After almost going the wrong way I finally jumped on the bike and was away.  I knew there was a big hill involved which I would need to go up twice and it wasn't too steep just very long.  I really need to work on hill climbing as quite a few men just breezed past me( no women though).  The rest of the course was nice, quite a few chances to get aero. I spent most of the first lap on my own after overtaking a few but on the second lap there were a lot more riders on the course.  A women overtook me on a hill and that was the push that I needed.  I was so annoyed she had overtaken me I thought GAME ON lady............. I caught her on the flats, overtook her and then she caught me on a hill again.  We played this game for the rest of the lap.  True to form I got collared by a stupid car driver AGAIN and she beat me into transition.  Bike time 1.09.35
However I was first out of transition and I knew by looking at her she would run like a whippet so I wanted to get as much lead as I could. She caught up with me, stayed for a while and joked about crossing the line together holding hands before zooming off.  OOOO how I tried keeping up with her but she was fast.  The run seemed to go on forever and when you entered the playing field at the end you had to run all the way around it whilst staring at the finish line.  A sprint to the finish, lots of cheering and I'm done.  Run time 30.23.  A big thank you to lady 239 for giving me the competitive edge and for being such a great sport, thoroughly enjoyed our little race.   

The results are as follows
4th in my age cat
10th lady in out of 27
88th overall out of 123.

Just looked at the run and 3.73 miles which is average of 8.09 min miles and it was quite lumpy!!! Get in good pace.

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