Monday, August 1, 2011

Portishead Sprint Triathlon

I was looking forward to this race as I knew the DB max group were running it and would be glad to catch up with old friends.  I was in a really late wave so had plenty of time to just hang out and chill.  The set up was really well organised and well signposted and the race debriefing was pretty amusing. There was quite a few from my club and also some guys that I see at time trails.

The pool was an outdoor one and 33m so just 12 lengths instead of the usual 16.  So at 10.14 I was ready for the off.  There was only 3 in my lane as 2 didn't show and we were set of with a 10 second gap.  This worked quite well and we were all evenly spread out in the lane as some I watched earlier it was a bit manic.  The transition was quite a long one and up a really steep series of steps so my swim time was bit more than I had anticipated.  8 mins 53.

The bike transition was also quite long and as soon as you were on the bike you were up a killer of a hill which seemed endless.  Once you got to a certain point there was a 2 loop circuit.  I had chosen Jolly for this tri knowing that it would be hilly but the roads in between the hills were pretty fast and I was clocking up 36 mph.  I overtook about 10 people on my first loop but then the second loop was lonely I never saw anyone and there was no one to chase!!!!  The last bit of the bike was pretty chaotic and dangerous.  There was a lot of traffic and as it was alongside the sea front cars would just randomly pull into a space without checking their mirrors, I had to brake sharply on 2 different occasions.  There was at this point a girl who did get knocked off her bike by a car reversing.  Maybe there should have been more sign displayed.  The last little hill up to transition I got stuck behind 3 cars, no one seemed to know what was going on.  Luckily for me all the people watching were shouting at the drivers to move across out the way.... but I was rather annoyed at this point.. I seem to get caught up in traffic a lot lately.  Bike time 1hr 15 seconds.

In to transition on with the trainers and off I was.... I had forgotten my knee straps so was just going to have to go without.  As I ran down to the sea front there was just a mass of people everywhere, I knew I was in a late wave but no one seemed to have consideration for the runners.  I did shout rather loudly "EXCUSE ME RUNNER COMING THROUGH" on plenty of occasions. Running up the sea front was bit random overtaking lots people just out for a stroll, dodging wheel chairs, dogs and of course other runners.  You know when you meet someone head on and you end up doing a little shuffle dance because you keep going the same way, well that happened with a runner coming the other way.  Up a sharp little hill and badly in need of a drink but alas no water, no cups left.  Along a beaten track (where I rolled an ankle but was ok) and then up a killer of a hill before looping back round. The run looked really long but once you were on it, it passed quite quickly.  Again back along the sea front dodging everyone and everything and up some more steep steps that I seemed to fly up and up to the finish.  As I had been screaming at the other sprint finish, they got me back and I went for it, flying past the line and nearly into a Marshall.  At the finish you walked into a tent and got your medal.  There was another hole here which I fell in and rolled the other ankle but thankfully that one was ok as well. ( least my ankles are back up to strength again)  You can get a print out of your results almost right away which I think its brilliant.  At first I was 6 th in my age cat and 195 overall but once the last runners were in then it all changed. run time 27.58

So a great race well organised, apart from the sea front being chaotic, I can find no fault.  So the ever important stats.... 8th in age cat out of 28.  33rd women in out of 108 and 215th out 366 who attended.

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