Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trowbridge Tri and finally a "podium"finish

Firstly I would like to thank the jerk who left me a bizarre rude message on a dating site that my tattoos were offensive and unattractive.... pure anger channeled into positive energy and "beet-it stamina shot" and of course I would like to say BIG thank you to Helen Jenkins who won yesterday and became my inspiration and mantra when challenged on the route. 

Last year Trowbridge had been my second ever tri and I wanted to go back and revisit again to judge my performance and see if all this training was working.

So I was actually in a late wave ( that's becoming quite common for me nowadays).  Just before I entered the pool for the briefing I necked the secret ingredient that they call.... (drum roll) BEET IT stamina shot.  I didn't realise I had dropped a bit on my swim card so when I handed my card over they all thought I was bleeding...... and then I had to give my secret if gagging in the corner after drinking it wasn't enough!!!!  The swim went well, 8.31 not my fastest time but a darn site quicker than last year 9.52.

I headed out across the tarmac (long transition) onto a lumpy tarmac, not too pleasant on the feet in places, and grabbed the bike.  My sunglasses then decided to fall apart as I put them on but hey it wasn't sunny!  Again a long transition but I was out on the bike and away.  The ride wasn't as flat as I had remembered and boy it was windy!!! I overtook a lot of riders within the first 5km... you know the scene... sights lock on moving target... set those sights and aim that beetroot turbo power!!! I didn't take my garmin after very nearly losing it twice last week so I had no idea of distance and speed. I felt like I had made good time and on some of the inclines I had been shouting in my head "if Helen Jenkins can do it... I can do it.. GO HELEN, GO HELEN! This years time 54.50 beating 57.42 last year.

Thetas it, I'm safely back into transition, no stupid drivers got in my way or nearly took me out... result.  Off out on the run through the street of Trowbridge.  The run was good I enjoyed it, was slightly shocked running through a field of cows and having to literally run through lots of them.  I was a bit wary, I've been chased by many a bullock!!!! A male runner came up behind me and I did look back slightly scared, not knowing if the so said cows had decided that they would give chase but thankfully no.  Here it all got slightly confusing, I had overtook a few runners and didn't realise that I had indeed gone the wrong way because as we entered the field and approached the finish there were the runners I had just previously overtaken.  I had missed a sign, possibly because it was low down and other runners passing by blocked it or I blindly followed the runners in front of me but that had meant I had run approx 250 m more than some other runners!  There is a sprint finish competition within the race so I decided to go for it on the final straight. This years time 26.09 beating last years 27.59 of course not taking into special consideration my extra bit.

I did talk to the marshals about running the extra bit but the route was clearly marked and theres nothing I could do.... that's fair enough.  The excellent thing about DB max events is that you can get a print out slip of your times straight away and when I got mine I was second in my age cat.  REALLY!!!!!! wow I was sooo excited.... I was hoping and praying that no one would come in any faster.  Then they announced that the last runners were in and again I checked and I was indeed 2nd in my age cat.  I was so happy I knew there was a prize for 1st and 2nd in that age cat... my first ever.  I know the field was relatively small compared to some races but hey I had won.  There was 12 in my age group and I was second.  I had beaten the winners swim time and bike time but she was a sleuth on the run beating my 26mins with a defiant 21 mins. 

So presentation time and my name was called... how excited and happy was I.  I won a big bottle of  SIS energy powder.  Maybe I could have come first and that 250 m has been playing on my mind but hey I set a pb for that course by over 3 minutes and I got a prize.... and I am more than happy with that!!!

So in conclusion
  •  2nd in age cat out of 12
  • 9th out of 42 women
  • and 94th overall.


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Lena said...

Another brilliant account of another brilliant sporting achievement for you.well done and