Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wriggle Mendip Sportive 100 km

I had entered the standard route but seeing the Spartan race had been cancelled I decided to upgrade to the EPIC...... but on the day I wasnt feeling it so decided to stick with the standard.  There was a few of us doing it including Fluff so we all met up.
We were soon ready and waiting for the start.  Fluff had warned me the first hill was vertical and oh boy it sure was.  I kinda lost everyone at this hill and just got my head down and got on with it. There was a few other hills thrown in before we reached the big ones and on one I lost my chain but managed an execptional hill start. It wasnt long before we reached the first feed station at the bottom of Burrington Coombe. 
I was expecting Burrington Coombe to be like the gorge but it was no where as steep just seemed to go on for miles.  We were soon in Cheddar and up the gorge.  I thought I would find the gorge really tough as my legs werent quite right but the gorge came and went without me really noticing it.  I guess that when you know a hill well it helps as I found Burrington Coombe harder because I didnt know when it would end.
At the top of cheddar the routre split and we went down into Priddy and then we were on our way home.  Most of this seemed pretty much down hill but I was glad that the last bit didnt include Dear leap hill and old Bristol road.  We were at about 60 miles when I had a few people overtake me and I didnt know what came over me... I decided to nail it to the end... so I did, overtaking about 15 people to the finish (including Mrs Stripy pants, you know who you are) .
At 60 miles I felt I had had enough but on reflection I felt quite fresh for the rest of the day and wish maybe i could have done the 100 miler instead of the 100km.  No excuses next time.  So 62.45 miles in 4.28.11, average speed 14mph which isnt bad considering the hills. Well organised event and i reccomend it.

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