Sunday, September 11, 2011

Burnham on sea Olympic triathlon.

This was my first attempt at this distance and I wasn't looking forward to it. The weather was supposed to be awful and there was talk of turning it into a duathalon.  It was a very early start and I literally fell out of bed and into the van. 

The sea was calm enough so the race was on.  I taken the sea sickness pills again and after almost puking on the BEET-IT stamina shot( it doesn't get any nicer) I was ready for battle. 
The first part of the swim was horrid, lots waves to get through to the first buoy and I had a small panic attack and actually rested on the canoe for a while just to get my breathing under control.  I saw lots people swim past me and that spurned me on.  It was a mass start and I didn't want to be at the back.  I finally got into my stroke and I got to the second buoy quite quickly and felt ok with the seas motion. So the last buoy was in site but it was tough going back to shore at an angle, I was breathing on the wrong side and the waves kept getting me. 

I knew I wasn't last out of the water but I knew I was very far back and I had some work to do. I like to be able to give chase so I got on the bike and went for it.  I overtook a few and like normal set my sights on the riders in front.  I caught up and overtook quite a few riders and then found myself leading a small pack of men.  We all played cat and mouse for a while which is always fun. But then disaster hit, my chain jammed and even though I got my cleats out quick and sorted it, I lost the pack I was riding with.  I chased them but I had lost them.  There was also a man who was on the side of the road so I ended up stopping briefly and giving him my inner tube.   At this point, I thought I was nearly last out of the water, I had lost the pack and thought theres no way I'm going to get a good result so I decided to enjoy it.  Some of the bike route was really windy ( the road I normally do time trail on) so I just got my head down and started singing " go little bad girl" in my head.

I had no idea of time or pace and was glad to get off the bike.  I started the run, most of the bikes were already racked up so I just went off and thought lets just put this one down to experience. As I was running I recognised one of  the guys up front and as I caught him up we began talking. He was having really bad cramps and he ran with me as I was pacing him.  This worked out well for both of us and as we had to do 3 laps we started conspiring plans about nicking old peoples mobility scooters and trying to fiddle getting the bands for each loop..... it made the run a lot more bearable.  He was so grateful that I had got him focused again he refused to run on ahead and he paced me for the last 2 miles , giving me encouragement when I needed it.  At last the finish line.... we ran towards it ( I was very tempted to sprint finish) but he took my hand and we finished together.  Everyone thought we knew each other at the finish line and his wife did look a bit bewildered as we finished hand in hand but she was good sport.  The run was the best bit of the race.... as you ran along the seafront you saw the other runners on their way back and everyone was high fiving and smiling.  Support on the run was awesome and lots children offering support, running with you and handing out drinks.

After the race, I left, I didn't think I had won anything at all, so went home.   I was then amazed at how news travels fast and before the end of the prize giving I knew at home I had won my age cat!!!!!! Thats a turn up for the books ... I missed it!!!!! What a numpety!!!

So here are the stats.........
swim  1500mt 35.45,T1 2.53
bike 40 k 1.24.10,
run 10 k 52.59
Total time 2.55.47...... I wanted to get under 3 hours so am happy with that.

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