Sunday, September 25, 2011

langport sprint triathlon.

Oh my god what a wet and windy day........ I entered the car park or should I say football field, which within seconds resembled a boggy marsh.  I got completely soaked just walking  to register.  At this point I was having serious doubts.

The swim was in an outside pool and whilst standing there waiting for my wave to start, I was doing a very good impression of a polar bear, well actually I probably wasn't as polar bears don't shiver!!!!
The pool was warm at least with very narrow lanes and I took one hell of a bump on my wrist whacking into another swimmer.  Swim was good 8.31 I believe. 

Into transition and out on bike..... first time I used my arm warmers in a race and found it quite difficult to put them on whilst out on the bike.  I had just shoved them on my wrist and tried to pull them up whilst on route.  The bike was very windy in places and very very wet.  On my descent down a big hill there was a rain storm and when you going down a hill that fast, it bloody hurts, rain hard on your face. Bike time 49.47

The weather finally started to brighten up on the run and I was quite surprised to find myself running through fields of geese.  Now when I say geese, I don't mean a few, I mean a few thousand..they were everywhere.  There was one Marshall kinda doing a strange sideways shuffle keeping the geese from attacking the runners and I actually thought...."if those geese are gonna go they ain't gonna be stopped by your geese stand off"

At last the turning point and back to the finish... run time 27.42 but it wasn't a 5km it was a lot more.  Despite the bad weather conditions, I actually really enjoyed this race.  I thought I would wait around for the prize giving after missing out my prize at Burnham but I was 10 th in my age cat out off 44 so was pleased with that.
 So the stats.......118th out of 302
49th in a mixed vet cat out of 129 and 19th women in out of 86.

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