Friday, September 30, 2011

My first boxing session..........

I decided to take up boxing training for a few reasons....
1) winter training and I want to increase my core and upper body strength
2) I had a small taster of pad work recently and enjoyed it
3) in so said pad session I was told "you punch like a girl" ( steam comes out of ears!!!!)

I found a club in Glastonbury that were very welcoming and decided to give it a go.

On my arrival there was no formal introductions just get in the ring.........mmmmmmm ok

So the warm up began..... gentle jogging on the spot ( yer this is easy) ok Sprint on the spot...... FASTER come on..... arggggghhhhhhhh.... Hands ups straight knees high....... HIGER COME ON......( shit do you know how hard that is ) and breathe.................. my heart is pumping out my chest.......1 min recovery, deep breaths......... oh shit he we go again... 2 mins full on again, sweat dripping off me and again breathe....... this happened 4 times and I thought I was going to die.  I think I'm pretty fit but geeeez!!!! Then we go outside........ nice gentle jog in the car park up and down 8 times.......SPRINT, what? 8 times....... ok ok..........I kept up, turning was a problem but I got into it and I wasn't last!!! ha ha result. 1 min recovery....... can I die now? This  I was told was the warm up.   It didn't help that it was exceptionally hot as well.  Ok back to it gentle jog 8 times then bunny hop..... ok I really struggled with that one.  Are you warmed up? Hell I'm steaming I'm that hot....

Next we are in the ring working on technique.  I kinda got the impression this was for my benefit but we went through a few punches before we really got into it.  We then all worked a circuit where you spent 2 minutes on different bags, dummies, the balls on stringy things that are really easy to miss with 1 minute recovery in between. Part of this circuit was spending time doing pad work in the ring.  I messed this up abit got a bit confused with a 1, 2 and a jab but got there in the end.  The coach moved around a lot so you were constantly moving back and forth and punching.   I have never ever EVER sweated so god damn much in my life. I was loving it, sometimes I hit the bags wrong and my knuckles hurt and each time we stopped and had a drinking my hands and arms were shaking. In fact my hands are still shaking now!!!!

The next part was just as hard. We all had mats and had to go through a set circuit of press ups, sit ups with punches, burpies, jumping squats before we stretched and warmed down.

I loved it... I loved the intensity of it all, the punching and I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Friday night!!!!!

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