Sunday, September 25, 2011

Race to the bill olympic triathlon.

This was a well early start... I had to get up at 3.45??? I mean that's like the middle of the night.  I hadn't slept well, strange noises were coming from Jake's room at midnight and I found the cats playing with a mouse!!! I had a crap nights sleep.

So out on the road by 4.15 and arriving at Weymouth at 6 am.  Geez it was dark there that early.  I had to register by floodlight.  The bike racks were mental, so squashed together that everyone was getting a bit narky!!!! I was given number 13.......... but I wasn't going to get worried...... no 13 is a magical number.

There was a sprint and a classic distance going on at the same time so the sprinters started at 7 and we were off at 7.30.  The swim was lush, no panic attacks, lovely clear water so you could see where incoming attacks were coming from. I got straight in there after starting at the back I was overtaking people( yes me OVERTAKING people) and I actually really enjoyed the argy bargy of it all.  The sea was so clear that I could see crabs scuttling underneath me.  Swim time ( not recorded)

I wasn't last out of the water( I was surprised how many were actually behind me) I did however fall arse over tit when I got out though and was all over the place in transition... I fell over twice in there.  I thought oh god how the hell am I going to mount my bike without falling off!!!! I did however mount with ease and I was away.

Out on the bike and up a massive hill up to the Portland island. I overtook a few and once up on the island we had to do 3 loops.  I loved these loops, you went down to the lighthouse then back up.  The road was very undulating so lots short climbs enough to get you blowing out your arse then followed by a short downhill to get your breath back.  After the last loop back down the humdinger of the hill you first came up.  That made me realise how bloody steep that first hill was. My brakes were in overload.  The loops enabled you to see who was in front and I was grinning like a Cheshire cat.  I loved the bike and I loved the hills. Bike time 1.28.27

Straight into transition and away on the run.  The run was flat but  to start it was along a grassy stony track which required a lot of concentration.  I finally stopped blowing out my arse at about 3 miles and was in a strong steady pace.  The run loop doubled back on itself so I was able to see how many women were in front of me.  I counted 7.  I did however overtake lots men and felt brilliant.  The run back along the seafront on that stony uneven ground was a nightmare.  The wind was in your face and it was a struggle.   Run time 54.34

I have to say I loved this race... I think the Olympic distance suits me better that sprints and the atmosphere was great and it was well organised.  The weather was great, the sea was calm.  I was buzzing when I finished.

Results are in.... 2nd in my age cat and 5th women over all but only 10 women of the 15 women finished. 

67th out of 94 finishers.

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