Friday, October 7, 2011

boxing part 2... still loving it!!!

I couldn't wait to get back to boxing tonight... a stressy week meant I had some pent up aggression that needed airing. I met coach no 2 tonight.... and the first thing he said to me was I'm surprised your back I heard you had trained last week and thought you would be a one night wonder...........OMG!!!! I replied " you clearly don't know me"  I had bought some hand wraps and hopefully that would save my knuckles this week.

So the usual warm up sprinting on the spot, press ups, hands up knees up..... warm up? its more like a pour the petrol on and light that flame.........We then concentrated on form and technique for a while, kinda getting used to coach kicking my feet so they in the right place.  We then paired up and took turns punching each other.  I had to laugh the bloke I was paired up was punching so lightly maybe he was afraid I was a girl... coach did tell him off but it wasn't until I started punching back that he decided I was good to take it and started proper punching. ( this was pad work guys I wasn't in a full scale fight)

Then the circuits started, every 2 mins on a different bag or in the ring.  I was actually allowed on the ball thing that hangs from the ceiling that you hit repeatly with the side of your hand...... geez that's so much harder than it looks. Every time the 2 minutes were up we were out in the cark park running sprints. It was then my turn in the ring,  seeing there was 2 coaches you got 2 lots of pad work. Dave the coach I knew took it easy but then with Mark he was so much hardcore.  He would hit you back making sure you had put your arms back up and elbows in and he would swipe you round the head so you had to duck and he had a way of shouting at you that angered you and you wanted to punch his god damn lights out. He shouted out continuous punches and there was no let up.  It was bloody fantastic..... something so raw about matching someone in the ring stepping back when they advance and moving into them so they back off and throwing punches.  Its a very satisfying sound when that glove plants firmly on the pad and you hear that resounding WHACK.  These circuits last about 45 mins and its hard work.  Now I've learnt upper cuts and hooks I can freestyle more on the bags!

Last bit of the session is 30 seconds of pressups, sprinting on spot, burpies, sit up punching, jumping squats all that mad stuff.  Then its 20 seconds of each and then finally 15 seconds.  Feel the burn!!!!!!

I was actually complimented on my determination and they were surprised at how I kept up more than some of the blokes.... they obviously havent met hardcore blackmore!!!!!!!

Another good session... during the warm down stretches I noticed that I was actually steaming......... my arms were a little shaky but nothing like last week.  They have actually asked me to put a running program together for some of the boys too. I would highly recommend boxing training to anyone...... its raw, its hard work but its so much fun!!!!!

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