Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cardiff Half marathon

I havent run a half marathon for ages....... in fact this year running races were a distance memory as I have been in so many triathlons.  I had spent so much of the year improving my biking skills that I sadly neglecting my running.  I found that every time I ran, I was running on tired legs and I lost my running mojo big style.  However recently my running mojo has returned, although sadly I have seemed to have lost my bike mojo now.  It hard being a triathlete. 

I felt I hadn't done enough training for this half but I did get a few speedy 10 milers in.  I drove down to Newport ..... another tweet up and thanks to Andrew who drove down to Cardiff.

I wont mention here that going to the toilet in a hotel was a good idea, however walking into the men's was not!!!!!!  Cardiff was MANIC, people everywhere.  I did attempt to meet up with other people but that didn't happen either.  I was desperate for the loo again... race nerves and got caught up in a big queue.  This meant that by the time I got to the start line, I was right at the back with the 2.30/3.00 runners.  I tried to make my way forward but I was stuck.  I spent most of the time dodging runners, weaving my way through.   I was overtaking so many people.  I kept checking my garmin and I was well in for beating my pb off 1.53.53.  I felt really strong and the weather was good. 

I think my 10k time was 52 something and I was happy with that and actually thought I could actually get that sub 1.50.  I started to feel the strain a little at 10 miles but I knew I was nearly home and dry.  The route was relatively flat but did go along the longest dual carriageway and that was quite boring. I knew at 12 miles I wasn't going to make the sub 1.50 that I was desperate for so just beating my PB became the goal.  I crossed the line in 1.53.52 and a total mileage of 13.22.  I felt quite cheated, I knew I had ran better than Bristol and expected a much faster time.  My chip time was 1.54.04.  I came in 3572nd out of 11,000 runners so was quite happy with that.

Another race done.... another medal bagged but felt quite disappointed with my time.  This will just make me train harder........ A good day out though and a fast course.  I dont know if I would do it again as the sheer amount of people was unbelievable.

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