Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Time for reflection.... setting new goals.

I was very honoured to be nominated for the West Country Triathlete award recently.  I had to write a summary for this achievements.  I didn't write very much because 1) I had never had to before and 2) I didn't want to come across as big headed.  It did however make me reflect on how far I have actually come.  My first year of tri was all about completing.  My second year of tri was so very different.  Seeing I had set my self the goal of Wimbleball, I kn I had to up the bar and start taking this seriously.  I have pushed myself further this year than I ever thought possible.  I have overcome obstacles such as panic attacks in open water and sea sickness.  I have remained determined and stubborn throughout. 

M achievements started really in April on my second marathon.  I had been plagued by 2 ankle injuries and my marathon training did not go as I had intended.  I'm not good dealing with injury and kept swimming and biking even though I couldn't actually walk very well.  I was so happy to knock 30 mins off my marathon time and finish in 4.13.55.

The rest of this years events have been sprint and Olympic triathlons.
  • Bideford sprint... 4th in age cat
  • Race to the bill Olympic....2nd in age cat
  • Langport sprint....10th in age cat
  • Burnham on sea Olympic ( my first time at this  distance) 1st in age cat.
  • Oxley sprint .. 4th in age cat
  • Trowbridge sprint...2nd in age cat
  • Portishead sprint ..8th in age cat
  • Crewkerne super sprint.. 4th in age cat
  • Taunton sprint ....6h in age cat
  • Taunton Deane/ wellington sprint.. 10th in age cat
  • Exe Valley sprint.. 4th in age cat
  • Ironman 70.3 uk...... 8.01.35
Of course I also completed the toughest race of my entire life...  ironman 70.3.. that was tough and i had problems but I wouldn't give up.  I had never swam more than 200m in the sea without feeling totally sick and totally surprised myself my completing the 1.5 mile sea swim to Stert island.  I might have been nearly last but that was a milestone in itself and gave me confidence to compete in the sea swims in the Olympic distances that I did.  I look back on how far I have come and without the support of the tri club and the some fantastic people I have met along the way I don't think I would have achieved so much.

So the season has ended.... a few 10k and half marathons to come.  My winter training is a combination of running, swimming and biking but also boxing.  I intend to build up my upper body strength and my core and get some good base training in.  Next year will involve 4 major events
  • Taunton marathon ( sub 4 hours)
  • ironman uk 70.3 ( I have a score to settle and taking off at least 30 mins)
  • Bradwell long distance, 1.5 mile swim, 75 mile bike and 18 mile run
  • autumn marathon maybe an ultra ( oh god I said it out loud)
I will mainly be training next year instead of competing and when I do race , I am going to race harder and faster and this time next year I will be looking back on my achievements and saying how proud of myself I am again.  I might enter a few local sprints because I quite like getting on that podium and I want to do it more.
I cant quite believe how far I have actually come after all those knee operations and cock ups I went through and even though I say so myself, I admire my determination and motivation. I realise I am made of pretty strong stuff.  If your going to do something you might as well give it your best short... never did me any harm.


Lena said...

You forgot to add that you have inspiredxand encouraged so many others with your tweets and blogs too. Well done and good luck with your new goals. I'm sure that you'll achieve them. X

Miles said...

You have the vision and determination to push yourself towards the next challenge and you allow us to learn from your journey. I’m proud of all you do and hope one day to be able to do something that makes you proud. You are my triathlon muse!