Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waiting for the new year to begin.........

I feel like I haven't written a blog for ages.......... and very naughtily haven't blogged about the fantastic Christmas Cracker 10 k race.  The Christmas cracker was the slowest race  that I have ran for a while but was the funniest.  It was so much fun to run with the tri club all in fancy dress and I was so impressed with Julian's costume.  We all totally got into character and sang Christmas songs on the way round.  I think the time was 1.06.  We won the fancy dress competition for the second year running although sadly I wasn't involved last year.  A brilliant race to end of the year although the head wind on the beach was bit challenging at times.

So its the run up to Christmas......I've actually had some down time ( I know totally unheard of) but have been recovering from some boozyy but very fun nights! At one point I had 3 rest days out of 4... the last time that happened I was injured!!!!

With the chance of coming across a  scrooge, I cant actually wait for the new year to begin.  As usual I will be on a booze ban in the new year for marathon training and this year I am seeking that elusive sub 4.  Each year I am becoming stronger and fitter and I am stood here waiting for the new year to begin so I can embrace the hard training needed to successfully complete the challenges that lay ahead.  This year will push me further than I have ever done. 

My swimming mojo has started to come back and after some sound advice from a very good swimmer last night, my speed increased a lot.  Today's hill sprints up the infamous booby hill was the quickest I have done and with an extra climb up the hill included. So I am happy with where I am and looking forward to where I am going. Roll on  2012.

I  would also like to thank all those fabulous people I know from West country Tri and all my lovely fit friends from Twitter and Face book who always manage to motivate and  inspire me.  All of you  who have given support , encouragement and advice throughout 2011.  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New year. 

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