Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 3..... Roller coaster!!

Monday.... Lack of sleep is making me really grumpy.... Woke up Monday morning feeling crap. I was lost in my own despair and all I wanted was a cuddle which just highlighted how lonely being single is. I even woke up the kids early to give me a cuddle!!! Thanks to my wonderful friends my mood started to pick up and then I remember how sometimes I get come downs from manic training sessions. I met Rich from boxing and ran 5.15 miles....that improved my mood a lot and swimming was pretty full on. My swimming isn't going anywhere feeling tired swimming and heavy all the time!

Tuesday I ran with Nick tonight nice easy pace and another 5 miler in the bag

Wed Have decided to adapt mountain bike to ride into work so that I don't keep ruining my other bikes. This morning was a fun ride in I was less cautious of potholes, slippery roads especially in the dark. It did take longer but who cares! Nearly had 3 accidents today none of them my fault. Stupid car drivers!!!

NEWSFLASH!!! The cough I have been
Ignoring for the last few months looks like it could be EIA... Exercise induced asthma ???? Chlorine makes it worse so that could explain why my swimming is taken a back seat!!!

Just got in from boxing!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! The warms ups were a lot of star jumps, press ups and other lung busting jumps! The rounds are 3 minutes which is tough..... We finished the session with a 3 60
60 press ups 60 sit ups 60 squat thrusts non stop.... Apparently we working up to doing 3 of them with 1 min recovery!!!!

Thursday was a long awaited rest day... Came home and just chilled and read a book all night!! Enjoyed it!!!

Friday.... I woke ready to cycle into work but the weather was awful... The wind especially so decided I would leave it. I had planned on running an easy 4 miles to warm up for boxing but on the tread mill with some good tunes it ended up being a tempo run. I started off slowly so to avoid the coughing and increased speed every 5 mins. Started to feel really strong so just kept upping the speed!! My core and upper body strength is really starting to give me some OMPH in my running. Boxing was pretty intense... Shadow boxing sparring no contact but still intense especially with 3 min rounds.... We did a lot of work on our footwork which was a killer on the legs! The end of session ended differently than before... Knuckle press ups, v sit ups punching, squat jumps , press ups and then finishing with sprinting on the spot.... Ended by Friday night session with a gentle stretch out in the pool!!!!

Sat.... Woke up to the howling of the wind..... Ended up arguing with my iPhone about it. I had to zip my man suit just to get out the door. The wind was AWFUL...... Didn't matter where I went how often I changed direction I was either side swiped or running straight into it. I decided enough was enough and headed home. The last 3 miles home was so bAd at times I thought I was running backwards. I got in and as I'm so anal about numbers I decided to make up the 4.57 miles on the treadmill... Job done!

Sunday I missed the club bike ride and took the kids to Taunton....but had a mental hour on the turbo......one of those sesssions where I couldn't stop because I was enjoying the music so much...

Ran 29 miles
Biked 44
Swam 1.62
Boxed 3 hours!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2 ...... still looking good!

Its been a busy old week, looks like tee total has kicked in because I am HYPOOOOOOOOOO as a hyped up hippo but I'm not sleeping well since I gave up drinking so not sure what is causing that.

Monday : I have started running around Glastonbury whilst Ben is at boxing, saves me driving home and wasting money on fuel.  This week I ran with Rich we found a loop that was just under 1.5 miles and did it 3 times.  A good pace.  This did tire me out a little for swimming, I seem to be struggling with swimming.  I seem to have lost the 'feel' for the water.  I did read recently that swimming as much as possible even for 20 mins would help that so I need to increase my swimming somehow. 

Tuesday: I decided to do a fartlet session on the treadmill as it was late and I couldn't get out. I totally wasn't up for this but once I warmed up I was more than ready for it I spend 10 mins warming up then I increase the speed by 0.5 every minute for 5 mins then dropping the speed and working back up again.  This is a short sharp session which gave me a right buzz!

Wednesday: I rode into work and even though it was cold the views were fantastic. It took me bit longer than normal seeing as I was stopping to take photos!  I did 17 miles on the way home as I went the long way home and I felt pretty tired.  I didn't think I had any energy for boxing but when I got there and warmed up I was right on it.  It was a tough session.  It prime time for the boxers now and the pace is picking up and I am going with it.  The ton ups at the end are getting faster for me and its a great way to end a session.  Ton ups are 1o push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 dorsal lifts, 10 sit up and punch, 10 burpies, 10 snake press ups, 10 leg circles, 10 leg thrusts, 10 leg circles, 10 sit ups doing some leg thing and finally 10 bunny hops! All these have to be done in under 2 mins!!!

Thursday: REST DAY.  We all know how important rest days are and even though I wanted to do something I didn't!!!!

Friday: I wanted to cycle to work but it was so frosty that I didn't take the risk.  Instead I ran 3.5 miles around the block before boxing.  Boxing was another hard session as its now 3 mins on instead of 2 and that extra minute is tough!!!! I decided to have a short swim after the session to stretch out and checking the stats it was quite a fast swim, although it didn't feel like it.

Saturday : I decided that I was going to play with the big tri boys on Sat and run the Mendips.  Oh my god we started from Cheddar pool and it just went up and up and up.  I think it went up 1000ft.  I did walk some of this as it was just to steep over rough ground. The down hill descents were even worse and I don't think that I have concentrated that long for a while.  You certainly had to keep your wits about you. Some of the ground was really wet and squishy and at times it was frozen sludge.  I was really wary about my ankles and I did roll them a few times but they were fine.  At times it was really slow going and I was always behind but we re-grouped often  We ran through one field that was so chewed up by cow's feet we had no option but to walk. 11.6 miles felt like 16!!!!

Sunday: Sunday was supposed to be a wimbleball ride but with the weather being bit dodgy it was cancelled.  I had the club ride as a back up ride so left early to try get few milers in before meeting at 9.30. This week was quite hilly and a nice coffee stop in Nunnery.  I was cold on this ride and the club were fab, lending me a coat and helping me when I got a puncture.  I wanted to do 60 miles but settled for 53.
A good week, I feel like I have so much more energy just need to sort the sleeping issues out.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012.... off to a flying start.......

The lead up to New year's gave me ample opportunities to get out and work off all those mince pies and I started the year feeling pretty good. 

New years day I took a rather cold dip in the river Huntspill, not a long dip I hasten to add and I certainly felt very sober after that.  They say you can get an ice cream head... I had a ice cream face and body come to think of it.  I felt that it was a great way to start the new year off as a sign of the madness that will follow and to represent the extremes that I will push my self to.

Monday was a 9 mile run which should have really been an 11 but I think the carnage from new year had taken its toll....... all those hours spent dancing the night away.

Tuesday was a short sharp brick session with 45 mins on the turbo followed by a 3 mile run which if I honest was really hard work too especially after returning to work.

Wednesday was a half day at work so I made the most of it and completely caned a 5 mile fartlek session and felt really strong. I went to boxing and was really looking forward to it. Training over Christmas had paid its dividends and I totally smashed the ton up at the end of boxing, beating all the others who normally beat me by miles. Coach was a bit mean to be during the pad work making me hit the pads 30 times then 40 times then 50.   OH MY GOD was he trying to break me, by the end I found it nearly impossible to hold my arms up let alone punch.  Beating a very buff 19 yr old made me feel INVINCIBLE and I will relish in the glory!!!!!

Thursday I had a sport massage and GOLLY GOSH I felt fantastic after it.  Even though I had only missed 2 weeks of boxing I was really surprised on how much my abs and arms hurt. The rest of me felt loose from massage and it all felt bit weird.

Friday was a mild boxing session than normal which I followed up by a swim.  I didn't swim for long because the pool was full of young jerks who thought that bomb diving in lanes was appropriate and after barely missing me I was overcome with rage!!!   Good job they got thrown out because I thought I might have started a second boxing session.

My first weekend of non drinking left me feeling lot more energetic than normal and Saturday's 14 miler was consistent  and steady and I felt really strong between mile 5 and 11.  I picked a hilly route seeing as Hestercombe Humdinger is looming.

Sunday was my first ride out with Mendip cycling club, I cycled to Glastonbury and seeing as I was a bit early decided to cycle around the town and make up some miles.  The ride was really enjoyable at a pace which was easy but gave me a chance to socialise with the others.  I clocked up 53.22 miles which I was pleased with.

So the year has started well, I am feeling on form, my base fitness is good and over the following months I will build it up!
I have entered a challenge 2012 miles in 2012 and was worried that I wouldn't complete the challenge but its just not running miles so I think that's another challenge I will conquer.