Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012.... off to a flying start.......

The lead up to New year's gave me ample opportunities to get out and work off all those mince pies and I started the year feeling pretty good. 

New years day I took a rather cold dip in the river Huntspill, not a long dip I hasten to add and I certainly felt very sober after that.  They say you can get an ice cream head... I had a ice cream face and body come to think of it.  I felt that it was a great way to start the new year off as a sign of the madness that will follow and to represent the extremes that I will push my self to.

Monday was a 9 mile run which should have really been an 11 but I think the carnage from new year had taken its toll....... all those hours spent dancing the night away.

Tuesday was a short sharp brick session with 45 mins on the turbo followed by a 3 mile run which if I honest was really hard work too especially after returning to work.

Wednesday was a half day at work so I made the most of it and completely caned a 5 mile fartlek session and felt really strong. I went to boxing and was really looking forward to it. Training over Christmas had paid its dividends and I totally smashed the ton up at the end of boxing, beating all the others who normally beat me by miles. Coach was a bit mean to be during the pad work making me hit the pads 30 times then 40 times then 50.   OH MY GOD was he trying to break me, by the end I found it nearly impossible to hold my arms up let alone punch.  Beating a very buff 19 yr old made me feel INVINCIBLE and I will relish in the glory!!!!!

Thursday I had a sport massage and GOLLY GOSH I felt fantastic after it.  Even though I had only missed 2 weeks of boxing I was really surprised on how much my abs and arms hurt. The rest of me felt loose from massage and it all felt bit weird.

Friday was a mild boxing session than normal which I followed up by a swim.  I didn't swim for long because the pool was full of young jerks who thought that bomb diving in lanes was appropriate and after barely missing me I was overcome with rage!!!   Good job they got thrown out because I thought I might have started a second boxing session.

My first weekend of non drinking left me feeling lot more energetic than normal and Saturday's 14 miler was consistent  and steady and I felt really strong between mile 5 and 11.  I picked a hilly route seeing as Hestercombe Humdinger is looming.

Sunday was my first ride out with Mendip cycling club, I cycled to Glastonbury and seeing as I was a bit early decided to cycle around the town and make up some miles.  The ride was really enjoyable at a pace which was easy but gave me a chance to socialise with the others.  I clocked up 53.22 miles which I was pleased with.

So the year has started well, I am feeling on form, my base fitness is good and over the following months I will build it up!
I have entered a challenge 2012 miles in 2012 and was worried that I wouldn't complete the challenge but its just not running miles so I think that's another challenge I will conquer.

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