Sunday, February 26, 2012

Long awaited blog update.............sorry been too busy getting a life and enjoying myself.

Gosh....its been so long since I blogged but I do have the best excuse EVER.   I also haven't mentioned in the blog how well I am getting on with my inhaler.  Since using the inhaler I have ran 10 k training run in 47 mins smashing my fastest race time which stood at 50.51.  The inhaler has helped my breathing so much that I feel like I have been given a new leash of life.  Gone are the days that I sound like a steam train when I start training.  When I look back I realise all the tell tale signs were there and that it has held me back for so long. Those panic attacks in cold water were asthma attacks!! This puts on a whole new perspective on training.

Training has been pretty full on and in January I trained for a total of 49 hours!!!! Not quite sure how I managed that but boxing twice adds a lot on.

So let me summarize whats been going on:

As it stands marathon training is going well, I have got a few nice long runs in and Ive completed a 20 mile run on Saturday in 3 hrs and 14 mins, which is the pace that I ran Brighton marathon last year.  Ive tried to make these runs hilly as Taunton is a hilly course.  I am slightly anxious about the lack of support there will be at Taunton.  In previous marathons the crowd support has carried me through those last miles and it makes a huge difference so this marathon will test my staying power for sure. The challenge of 2012 miles in 2012 is going well and my running total so far is 229 this year.  I did well on the first race of the year and took 7 mins off my Hestercombe Humdinger time. 

I feel my swimming has taken a back step and finding it difficult to fit more than one session in a week which is having a knock on effect.  Although swimming stamina has improved, I feel I have lost the feel of the water.  I can only assure myself that in April when open water swimming starts this will improve. 

 I started off the year with some good mileage  but  now  I feel that biking has taken a bit of a back step to running and due to commitments I've been missing out on long bike rides.  I have started to ride to work and hope to get some much needed miles in.  The downside of that is riding the mountain bike which is so slow as I don't want to wear out the other bikes with commuting.  Ive had a complete biker fail with Jolly the road bike and have problems with punctures on the front wheel every time I got out the saddle.  The only solution to this so far was to change the wheel completely.  The gears have been playing up a lot and its getting very frustrating so much so that I have been tempted to throw the bike in the hedge.  I wont even mention the shit I've had from a certain bike company. I have biked 455 miles so far this year but now I have the perfect riding partner I'm sure there will be a lot of miles covered this year.

Boxing is good, I love the whole body conditioning malarkey but getting slightly bored with it and its starting to affect the time I can spend in other training such as swimming.  Triathlon is a tricky balance of 3 disciplines. I'm starting to think that I will cut boxing down to once a week.

So in general feeling fit and healthy and ready to take on the challenges I have set myself.  I know what I need to do and how I'm going to do it.  Its really good to finally met someone who has the same drive and motivation as me and this year we are going places... once his elbow has mended!!! Now that's a different story all together.