Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bridgwater 10 k

Bridgwater 10K

This was the first time this race had been held and the conditions were good. It was sunny but not too warm. I had been taking my brown inhaler for 3 days and was hoping I would start to see some results.

I met a few others from West Country Tri club and I so wanted to finally achieve the elusive sub 50 that had evaded me since I started running. The closest that I had ever got was 50.51 at the battle of Sedgemoor in Langport in 2010.

So after starters orders I had found myself near the front of the pack and my first mile was 7.33, I quickly pulled back as I knew I wouldn’t sub stain that pace and quickly settled into my own pace. I found that my breathing was a lot better than normally and instead of sounding like a steam train panting up the tracks, I was in a rocket stealth mode.

The route was flat but on occasions went off road which was full of big dried tractor tracks so you had to watch where you were going. We started to double back on ourselves and at one point the wind was very much in your face. The race went by very quickly and it wasn’t long before I was nearing the 6 mile mark. I could see the school where the finish line was and despite wanted to hurl my guts up I pushed to the line.

48.45……. OH MY GOD!!!! I knew I wanted a sub 50 but that was way beyond what I thought I could achieve. Every mile was just under the 8 min mark and 3 miles in a row at 7.56.

I was over the moon with that result finally that sub 50. The results were very good for me and possibly the best that I had ever achieved.

118th out of 305 runners

6th in my age cat out of 42

18th woman in out of 128

So then …….sub 45??????????????

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Hilary said...

Well done, great achievement!