Saturday, April 28, 2012

Food newest challenge

So if I said to you that you could NEVER eat cake, chocolate how would you feel?  I found out I was allergic to mushrooms and anything fungal based quite a few years ago.  I also have a yeast intolerance and if my memory serves me rightly I remember having to really watch my diet as I became ill.  I'm not really sure  how I  forgot all the black outs, angry outbursts, sickness, diarrhea and bloating that I suffered.  Somehow this was erased from my memory and I slowly started eating all the things I shouldn't again...... until now.  Now it has caught up with me grabbed hold of me and slapped me repeatedly around the head with a vengeance.  I have been really ill recently with symptoms that I wont share as there are some things that people really don't want to know.  I'm sure that its also linked to my asthma developing and worsening. 

So this is what it is... my body is being totally invaded and owned by a yeast monster.  The intense sugar cravings that I get  are only feeding that yeast monster and when I say INTENSE, I mean intense. The cravings could be as strong as wanting a nicotine or a drug!  My mum is also lactose intolerant and it started with a yeast intolerance like I have. The doctors have taken blood tests and I am being tested for quite a few things and I'm not looking forward to an anal inspection. 

So I had to do something so drastic to my diet and make changes because it was affecting my whole life. I quit chocolate and anything with sugar in but ate more fruit, healthy option you think?????  Fruit has its own sugars and still ferments so good bye fruit. Good bye raisins in my porridge to replace the sugar and HELLLLOOOOOO to plain porridge oats and soya milk.  Its not a taste that I am enjoying! Its very easy to take it for granted that you can just eat.  I very foolishly ate some home made fish and chips with breadcrumbs. I hadn't even finished my dinner before the reactions set in.  This brought new symptoms like breathlessness and a pain in my chest. 

Its so difficult when I'm at work and I'm hungry, I cant just go to the canteen.  My snacks at present are nuts but no peanuts, raw vegetables and that's it.  Crisps have yeast in them and I have developed a squint trying to read all the ingredients and sugars that are in EVERYTHING!!!! Even crackers have yeast in them.  

I have to kill of this yeast inside me and its a 4 to 6 week kill off phrase.  During that time sugar is a no no and whilst the yeast dies off it will fill my body with toxins that will make me ill.  So things are going to get worse before they get better. 
So its time for me to say goodbye to :
Sugar, chocolate, cake, coffee, gravy, cheese, milk,spices, fruit, fruit juice,yogurts, dressings, pepper, spices, bacon, sausages, processed food, convenience  food, take aways, eating out, wine , cider, beer, crackers, bread the list is endless.  I am trying to concentrate on the things that I can have.  
The way forward it to prepare all my own food and I'm lucky that I have a great chef as a boyfriend who is willing to go on this new food journey with me.  Once I have got on top of the yeast monster I will be slowly allowed to bring sugar like blueberries back into my diet.  Cakes and chocolate although will never cross my lips again ;-(
This brings a whole new challenge to my endurance races.  I have relied on gels and energy products that give me the energy I need. Will my body adapt to the lack of sugar? Will my asthma improve? Although steroids are a bad thing to have , yeast monsters like steroids.  Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Today I am off for a food intolerance test to confirm the things I know I cant have but to also highlight things that I might not know about.  Then I will hopefully have the tools to get on top of this.  Its just like playing food roulette. So next time you pick up that bar of chocolate spare a thought for me ;-(

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