Monday, April 9, 2012

Marathon recovery? Hell no! Lets race Shapwick Bunny hop

Seeing I ran the second half of marathon with seized quads my legs were sore. Going upstairs, getting off the toilet and climbing gates was proving difficult. I went for a slow recovery run on Tuesday which did help a lot. I found the faster I ran the less it hurt. I also went out for a very easy spin in the MTB which was fun until I tried to get out the saddle, legs seized and I fell off!

I had missed boxing in favour of getting some longer runs in so I foolishly went boxing on Wednesday which I probably shouldn't have.  I found the warm up hard and sadly jogged on the spot whilst the others did star jumps and squat thrusts, my legs were not going to work.  Using the bags were fine, my arms didn't hurt.  There were only 3 of us at boxing so we had longer pad sessions.  Dave the coach likes to wind us up and is always checking we have our guard up and he had also seen me struggling to use my legs.  During the spar sessions we are supposed to drop down low to miss being hit around the head and come back up nice and quick.  Dave knew this and kept hitting me around the head so I had to starting ducking as he wasn't going to let up and then he would circle me laughing like the Tasmanian Devil and jeering me.  The more I struggled the more he laughed. I kept getting hit or my legs seized and I was seriously starting to lose my rag. I thought one more hit and I was gonna slam my right hook right between his eyes.  The bell went and both our lives were saved.  Next week it will be a very different story!!!!!

Thursday I went for a nice flat wet and windy 30 miles on the bike keeping those legs spinning.  I was still having issues getting off the toilet.  This didnt let up until after my massage on Thursday. 

Friday I met up with Caroline and Bev from West Country Tri and we attacked that wimbleball course.  I was fine until we hit those hills but I was just grateful that I had no bike issues and got up all the hills with my chain coming off, my chain snapping or gears mucking up and NO punctures.  What a miracle!! Bev however got a puncture and I was amazed at how quickly I changed her tyre for her and was glad that I had gone to the bike maintenance course. I feel pretty confident if i ever get a puncture now.  When I got home I went out on Whoopie and did a nice flat 12 miles with Nick just to reconnect with Whoopie and get some extra miles in.

Sat was spent in the pool having a stretch and getting some drills in..... I need to get back on track with swimming.  Nick and I then went for a short 3 miler just to get some fresh air.... he really picked up the pace and I have a feeling that I'm going to have to watch my back. 

Sunday was a rest day but spent most of the day fighting off blaggers at Cheddar car boot sale..... that's worse than a days training and a much earlier start.

Shapwick Bunny Hop is a 7.5 multi terrain race ran by my local running club.  It was cold wet and windy and it was a small field as most runners dropped out.  I started off quite fast and then forgot we end up waiting around at styes and there is 10 of these in this race.  It was a fast pace for me.................
1   8:22. 
2   8:04.
3   7:55.
4   8:01.
5   8:05.
6   8:24.
7   9:32.
8  4:50.   I started to struggle at mile 6 as the track became very muddy and I felt like I was running with platform shoes on.  I had to run a mile this way and found it really hard work.  It just wasn't me everyone around me was having the same problems.  Finally the last half mile was on tarmac and Islowly started to lose all the mud attached to my trainers.  By this stage I was feeling pretty tired and was very glad to see the finish line. Garmin said 1.03.16 which beat last years time of 1.06.18.  Another Pb under my belt.

Now I'm off to run the club championship!!! 2.5 mile time trail!!!!! argh!!!!!!

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