Sunday, April 1, 2012

Taunton marathon

I was quite concerned about this race, training had gone really well and then after a small run on the Friday my Achilles was swollen. I spent most of sat using hot and cold treatment and making sure I was topped up on painkillers

The race was 2 loops and was quite bumpy. I started off the race really well and kinda got caught up with the 1600 half marathon runners. My times were looking good and was averaging 8.30 minute miles....My mum was there to meet me at 6 miles in and ended up stalking for the next couple of miles which was fab... I did ask the bloke next to me if he knew her lol and made a big joke of her stalking me. I think he thought I was a complete nutter. In fact most people probably thought the same as I was receiving live twitter feed I was giggling away to myself and smiling a lot. I especially laughed out loud at fluff's tweet about my boobs jiggling about.

I crossed the half way point at 1.57 and thought you know what I can crack this sub 4 malarky and good to see Nick there cheering me on ... I was feeling pretty damn good at this's at mile 14 that the wheels started to come off....

As a lot of people had finished the race when we were directed off to our second loop I ended up having to run through a very busy town centre which was really weird as the first time found these roads we're shut to traffic.. This is where I had my fall ... I stumbled coming off the pavement by a roundabout and was heading towards the floor big style but there was a taxi there and I fell onto his front wing and bonnet... I don't know who was the most shocked me or the taxi driver. Luckily this stopped me heading the floor but I felt like I jarred my legs. My quads really hurt from this point and i was starting to struggle. My pace dropped and I started to find it hard work... On hindsight I think the first lap was far to fast.

This is where Judith comes into the story.... I picked her up and asked if I could run with her...I think I become quite a comedian when I hurt (my quads were so tight and on fire)and I was having quite a laugh. We overtook a cyclist in fact we overtook a fair few runners. Judith's wheels feel off at 24 miles and I slowly lost her. My quads were so tight like I was on the verge of getting cramp but never did. The last 3 miles involves 2 big hills and I had to zip up the man suit good and proper... I'm not sure how I managed these last miles totally on auto pilot and the tweets I was getting from Simon and other twitter members kept me going as did the thought of the bottle of bubbles in my fridge.

At last the finish line in sight and although I was disappointed that it wasn't a sub 4 but it was a PB IN 4.08.03. That was a tough hilly course and I have never ran a marathon in so much pain as I did today. I learnt a lot about myself today and realised that despite the pain I kept going. I did swear a lot and was maybe a little vocal on the hills but it got me through.

The funniest moments happened after the race especially after trying to get out the car and into Tesco express doing the funniest walk EVER.

I can't thank my mum, Nick and all you gorgeous lovely people who sent me messages through Facebook and twitter that really made a difference. So thank you soooo much xxxxxx

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