Sunday, May 6, 2012

Glastonbury 10 k and 5 k

Today I was attempting my first double race... Glastonbury 10k followed by the 5k.  this wasn't through choice I hadn't planned it that way but Ben was entered and his running buddy had to pull out so I decided that I would take his place.  This meant that I had 1 hour to finish the 10k and get to the start line of the 5k.  I thought that would be easy until I found out that the 5k start was a good half a mile from the 10k finish line. I had the boys ready at the 5k start with a drink and my spare t shirt with the other number on it.

The 10 k started and we were off.  I started off a bit fast but soon settled into a rhythm.  I wasn't going to cane this run I knew it was a bit lumpy. It was a high spirited race people pushing people in trollies and lots fancy dress.  The support was good lots of people all over the course.  It came and went really quickly for some reason and I was soon at the finish line. Garmin says 50.57.  Not the sub 50 I was looking for but a respectable 50.57 which beats last years time by 3 minutes.   No messing about straight through and off running through all the crowds to get to the 5k start line. It was bit manic running through the crowds.  Jake was waiting with my t shirt a quick change and Ben and I were off to the start line.

I have never done the 5k course and it went the opposite direction to the 10 k.  This was really busy race again with loads of Milfield school kids.  Lots of people were walking just having a laugh.  Ben was a little trooper we ran for 1.5 miles before we had a short walk up a steep hill.  We had to keep dodging all the trollies it was a bit manic.  We seemed to overtake lots people and the race was over very quick.  There is a short steep hill just before the finishing straight and I asked Ben if he wanted to walk it, he decided to run most of it.  

We came down the hill and onto the finishing straight loads of people were clapping him.  I was so proud of him he just kept going and didn't complain at all.

We finished the 5 k in 32.56 on the garmin. Was fantastic running with my son he was AWESUME!!!

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Lena said...

Great runs Michelle and great run Ben. Well done Jake on completing the team effort