Friday, June 29, 2012

Ash Tree Trial 7 miler

This was a spur of the moment race and we only decided it the day before. I quite like mid-week evening races. It was a 7 miler mixed race in a local village near me. We arrived quite earlier in order to register and there were a lot of extra entries on the day, probably due to the sun being out and the failure of England to qualify.

We started the race going down a hill always a bonus, before running up some fields and then entering a nature reserve. This was the best part of the race, really winding paths lots twists and turns. You know sometimes at the start of a race you look at people and say in your head "I'm going to beat you and you" well during the race there are two older ladies I always see who always seem to start really fast but I also manage to take them half way. I had these so called ladies in my sights and overtook them on the nature reserve. There was one more lady in my sight and as we came off the nature reserve I managed to get in front of her. She stayed behind me for a good mile which I am not surprise as we were running straight into the wind. We came up to 6.5 miles and she suddenly swooped in front of me. I wanted to hang on so gave chase. We ended up running in the tractor ruts in a barley field and the barley was about 2 ft. high so it was very hard to run and very narrow and slippery and no way to overtake. We came out on a narrow path which was still hard to overtake and she hung on for life as I tried to chase her down. Unknown to me the finish was just around the corner and she beat me in by a second.

My time was 58.10 on my Garmin and I was so pleased with that actually doing a 7 miler under the hour and especially on a mixed trail race. It wasn't until the prize giving I realised how far up front I had actually been. The lady who pipped me to the post took the senior female trophy making me 2nd which is still a good result but I realised how close I had come. If I had known the course there’s no way that she would have passed me into that barley field and I would have hung on to that lead. Fair play to her for being crafty and using her knowledge of the course (BITCH) and drafting me to take the lead.
But hey I smashed my PB and was second in my age cat so I musnt grumble.

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