Friday, June 1, 2012

Endurance life stage 34 real relay race

Endurance life were running an event called the real relay which is random people signing up and  following the Olympic torch around.  The routes are all run which is the difference with the torch.  This happened all so fast for me I ended up standing in for someone who was ill.  In fact there's so much more behind it but I wont go into too much detail (mum's the word).

You plan your own route and Endurance life just give you the guidelines and contacts.  You arrange to meet up with the person whose got the baton and then once the change over has happened, you ring ahead to the next person giving them their estimated time of arrival.
I was meeting Graham Bell who was running from Taunton to Illminster.  The stages range from 8 to 12 miles on average.

Thanks to Nick's brilliant idea to leave our bikes at the next change over meant we could actually drive the route we wanted to run, as I had no idea where I was going as I had never actually been to West Chinnock. We left the bikes at the Muddled Man pub after explaining to the landlord what was happening.

We sat in the car at the Shrubbery Hotel waiting for Graham to arrive after receiving a phone call from his wife.   We saw his wife arrive on a push bike and ran over to greet Graham running up a very steep hill ( sorry Graham).
 Yay well done Graham a hot 12.5 miles from Taunton.  After a quick chat we were on our way and left Illminster behind us.

 I had picked a route that was shorter than the estimated mileage but I wanted to stay off the main roads and the route I picked was so scenic. I had no knowledge of this area and it turned out to be a little gem. Little villages with such beautiful old houses, running through shaded lanes where we saw foxes and  even a buzzard swooped down before us catching something in the verge. Nick and I kept up a good pace pausing on occasions to check the route and we were going the right way.

This was a normal run, very low key, no roaring crowds, people looking at your strangely running with a great big stick and very few people asked what was going on but to us it was a great sense of adventure.  We ran with real purpose knowing that 33 other people had carried it this far and we were carrying it that little bit further ( I tried not to think about all those sweaty hands lol).   We were making our own little piece of history.
The run was over far too quickly and we spotted Steve waiting at the Muddled man pub.  The landlord was out waiting for us too, I think maybe he was expecting a huge crowd!!!

        Steve was on his way with skip the dog... stage 35 had started.
We had a quick refreshment break at the pub ( G and T, be rude not too) before grabbing our bikes and cycling back to Illminster.

This was such a fantastic thing to do and I was so happy to be given the opportunity so thank you Jon ( sorry you were ill) and thank you Endurance life for organising such a fantastic idea.   Massive thank you Nick for coming along and supporting me it was a great feeling of achievement and it was all very exciting.  It gave me a chance to run in such a beautiful part of the country very local to me that I had no previous knowledge of and gave me the chance to meet some motivated like minded individuals.   If you get the chance DO IT!!!!!!

This picture sums up the whole day for me... what a team!!!! x

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