Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bristol Olympic triathlon

I had been a tad anxious about this race after the asthma attack at Bideford.  I also had a minor bike problem, where the bike didn't fit properly and I needed it sorted quickly.  Scott from bike science had let me down at the last minute so Bike city stepped in.

Hindsight is a truly magical thing as I needn't had worried.  We were given quite a bit of time to get used to the water and despite the stories of it being horrible it wasn't.  The temperature was 16c and it didn't taste of diesel.  I made sure I had warmed up properly and bobbing around in the water I felt quite confident.  At last we were off, I did however swim straight towards the harbour wall but soon rectified that.  I told myself to take it really slow and get myself into the groove.  The swim was 2 loops and it was lots of turns and twists.  The swim went by quite quickly and as I turned the last buoy into the homeward straight I got cramp in both calves.  Not a problem I kept swimming using my arms and let my legs dangling loosely behind me twiddling my feet until the cramp had gone.  They helped me out the water  and I glanced briefly behind me and saw that there were quite a lot of blue hats in the water.  Now that was a surprise! I had been trying to use the techniques that I have learnt over the last 4 weeks in my swim smooth sessions.

 The transition was quite long but I made it to the bad boy and was ready for the off.  I didn't know how many women were in front of me but me and the bad boy had a plan, we were going to hunt them down and blast them with carbon dust.  The ride was 4 loops of the Portland ( the Bristol half marathon route).  The wind was in your face on the way up and I swear that the wind got stronger on every lap.  Once you turned around the wind wasn't behind you so it didn't get any relief. I didn't see any ladies on the first loop but starting the second I had overtaken quite a few.  The young fit men doing the sprint had started their swim wave after us so there was an onslaught of that carbon whoosh came quite quickly on the bike route and as they went past in their droves, I tried to sneak up behind them and hang on for dear life but it didn't really work for me but I had great fun trying.  The Bad boy felt really good and the fit was a lot better. I'm glad when the 4 laps were up as it started to get a bit boring riding up and down the same bit of road.

Straight into then back out of transition and as I ran out the marshal shouted your the 10th or 11th lady out GO GET THEM GIRLFRIEND!!!!  That sounded like a good plan so I was off.  The run was 2 loops and it was mostly on an off road track that was quite muddy.  There were quite a few puddles that everyone seemed to be trying their hardest to avoid and as it was an up and back course this was starting to cause obstructions so I kinda decided that I would run straight through them.  It was starting to get a little tough out there so I decided to take a leaf out of my friend Harriet's book and see how many people I could get dirty whilst splashing in the puddles.  So there I was running straight through giving myself points for all the people I splashed dirty muddy water over in one go and this took my mind off the running.  I started to see the other women on the course to so started to high five 'those girlfriends' if I thought they were game.  I did have a few refusals. The end was near, playing in the puddles had been a good plan.  Finish line in vision..... SPRINT SPRINT ....... yay game over!!!!

I loved this race in a great time of 2.43.25
So 4th in my age group, very happy with that.  There is a possibility that I was third but if I am then I've missed my presentation again lol!!!

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