Sunday, July 22, 2012

little (ahem) ride to Frome half marathon and back!

So it was like this ride 25 miles to Frome, run half marathon and then cycle home......easy peasy!!!!!! Hell was it.....We decided to let Matt dictate the route to us and I thought it would be around 25 miles so we gave ourselves 2 hours to get to the start of the race and have time to change and eat and prepare.  I think after some serious hill climbing and we had got to 25 miles we kinda knew that we were running out of time. I had given us 2 hours to do 25 miles.  It then started to get a bit hectic..... Aide had decided he wasn't going to run as he had been unwell so the race was on.... we took that as a green light to go and we hammered it.  I was so aware of the time and kept glancing at the Garmin, watching the time tick away and the miles clock up.  We got a little lost and missed the turning to the football club so all in all a 40 mile bike ride with a time trial added on the end.   As we tried to cycle to the club we were told that we couldn't go through and we could see all the runners lined up and ready to go.  We explained we needed to be at the start and we found a way through.  Matt ran in and got the numbers but they couldn't find his.  I locked up the bikes and was trying to get ready.  I heard a massive cheer and thought the race had started so instead of changing into my running shorts I kept my cycling shorts on and added Vaseline much to the surprise of our helpers ( the 2 guys who were frantically trying to help us out).

I headed off without Matt knowing he would catch me really quickly and ran full pelt through a gate where I was expecting all the runners to have left but I ran directly into a sea of runners.  The race had been delayed and as I stood there waiting, I was thinking of how I could have changed my shorts and gone for a pee.  Then all of a sudden we were off. Now I can use a thousand excuses why I ran such a slow half marathon but considering the hilly hot fast ride I endured before hand and the heat bearing down on me on a somewhat hilly course I think I will get away with those.  My legs felt heavy and I was wondering why am I doing this!!!!  After about 6 miles I started to feel a little better but I was hugging every little bit of the shade I could.  I wont lie to you...... it was a hard run and the only thing that kept me going was the thought of me trying to complete my first long distance triathlon in less than 3 weeks.

I crossed the line in 2.03 which is a slow run for me but to be honest it was always going to be a tough run.  There was some hills that I did walk up but I wanted to complete and in the heat I wasn't going to hang myself and it was always going to be a training run.

We decided to stick to the main roads on the way back because then we knew exactly how far we would have to ride.  The incentive was to have a drink in Glastonbury.  It was a HARD slog on the way home and I was hanging OUT MY ARSE!!!!!!

So all in all... 70 miles ride bagged with a half marathon to boot......I needed to do that as that long distance triathlon is getting really close now and I need to be ready!

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