Monday, August 27, 2012

Malmesbury sprint triathlon

Entry to this race was decided at very short notice and would be mine and Clive's first race together...... Let the competition begin.............2 weeks after completing my first long distance I felt I was ready!!!!  I had taken a very big back step with my diet as I had been having some really strange reactions to sugar again. I was in a 2 week detox after releasing that my dietary problems are caused by the Candida curse.  I wont bore you with what I can and cannot eat but all I can eat at the moment is meat and vegetables....not even potatoes as sugars are formed from the starch.  This does sometimes affect my energy levels and I am soooooooo hungry ALL OF THE TIME. Hopefully after the candida has died off again I can have my Pulsin energy bombs again..... I miss those bad boys. 

We traveled down on the Sat and drove both the bike route and the run route so that there were no nasty surprises.  The bike route was a little undulating but seemed quite fast and the run was flat apart from the 400m hill finish.  After an interesting night with a leaking air bed, we arrived nice and early and racked up.  Our start times were quite late so we chilled and we mingled and I went round taking photographs of bike porn.  It was a chilled relaxed atmosphere.  

Clive's wave was first so I watched him swim before starting my own wave.  I hadn't done a pool swim tri in ages, it felt kinda weird I wanted to be open water swimming.  So yellow hat, lane 1, second position..... lets go......... 400m and a new PB of 8.04 taking 11 seconds off, maybe the swim smooth coaching is working. I automatically swam the first 4 lengths bi-lateral breathing before the speed got to much and I converted back to  one sided breathing.  

Transition was a bit messy... darn those socks...... and the route out to the road was down through a school pavement before you got out on the road.  I overtook a few straight away but apart from that I was out there on my own... no one to chase.... I need to chase.  Clive had worked out a theory that if we passed each other before the 5km sign he was ahead of me and if we passed after the 5km sign I was ahead.  God darn it we passed before the sign..... I didn't even see him I was in the zone but he saw me and shouted.
 I did get over taken by Mr green X2U suit on the way back with his full carbon disc on the back and as he went passed me I tried to hang on but all I could think about was Geeeez does he know how see through green tri suits are...... put me right off my stroke let me tell you. 

The bike seemed quite quick 43.15 and I was back into T2 and my trainers were being a little bit naughty but they were on and I was off.  The first little bit of the run was a downhill slope and I was feeling pretty good and I when the road turned into an small incline I was powering up it.  Oh look there was Mr Green X2U suit.... ok you got me on the bike but this was now my time to shine...... I gave a little wave as I hammered past.  The run route was an out and back and I was eyeing up the competition as I turned around and headed back.  There was a woman who was slowly catching me up on the run and on 2 occasions I heard people coming up behind me and hoped it wasn't her.   The finish like I stated previously was up a 400m hill, as I turned the corner I knew I wasn't very far away.  All of a sudden this woman was on my shoulder... I picked up the pace and she came with me......  so we turned the corner and I accelerated up the hill..... I was losing her but I felt I couldn't waver so just kept going..... and sprinted to the finish line.  New 5km PB 24.18.  Now I like a good sprint finish but up a hill....... as I crossed the line I was gagging.  Clive tried to move me to a more discreet place but I wasn't moving anywhere.  Total time 1.17.59.  

Yet again I buggered up using the Garmin in multi sport mode, pressing the wrong button so I did change the sport just paused it.  I will get it right one day. 

I was 3rd in my age cat out of 26 who completed.  
8th women in overall out of 70
86th overall out of 262.  

I wish I could get the font size down to a really small size but I am unable so I might as well go and say it..... Clive beat me..... by 1 min and 24 seconds!!!!! I had him on the swim and the run but  he only went and beat me on the bike by 3 minutes.  Honestly I didn't think he would beat  me as he's not up to his full fitness yet.  But after I had forgiven him I like the fact that he's going to keep me on my toes.  It was so nice to race with him, chilling out then racing the reflecting on the race.... he wont beat me again!!!!!

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