Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mendip Triathlon on tour at Burnham Olympic Triathlon

This was my first triathlon with my new club and I was testing out  the new Mendip kit.  I had won 1st in age cat last year but had no idea and missed my own prize giving so this year I was determined to get it again.

I was quite nervous about the swim as last time I had swam in Burnham sea I had been rescued by the coast guard after having an asthma attack.  The sea looked a lot calmer and I made sure that I went in to acclimatize so there was no shock.  The swim looked really long compared to last year.  So any last minute nerves had to disappear as we were off.  I went really wide on the first buoy and found with the waves I couldn't sight very well so I just followed the other swimmers.  I finally got to the third buoy and we had to turn around and head back.  I found the current at its strongest here and swallowed quite a lot of water.  I was glad to be out of that water and felt quite sick as I entered T1.  Once I got into transition there wasn't that many bikes left so I knew I had some work to do.

I caught up and overtook quite a few riders very quickly and then I was out on my own. I could hear a really noisy rider coming up behind me and then got overtaken by a 65 yr old man on the nicest Trek bike you ever seen...... he casually said as he passed "age before beauty love " and went zooming past.  This guy was amazing and I will gladly admit how he went past me and continued his lead over me.  I kept him in my sights but I couldn't catch him. I caught up some other riders and then Mark ( from time trial) came bombing past me.  Oh boy that man can ride.  The course was really windy and it seemed like a struggle all the way round but I did take 7 minutes off last years time. My legs felt really heavy on the ride and I couldn't decide if I  was in dire need of a massage or a whole years of racing was beginning to take its toll. I entered T2 and struggled with my trainers but I was off on the run although my shoes didn't feel right.  I thought that they would slip on my feet as I started running.

The first 2 miles felt really tough, my stomach was started to expand (saltwater) and I didn't feel quite right.
I slowly started to feel a little better and soon my body had adjusted to running.  The 3 laps went by quite quickly and I was heading down the home straight.  I could see Mark in the distance and I knew I had 1 mile to go.  The finish is straight down the sea front so I had my eye on him the whole way.  I picked up the pace and I was slowly gaining on him.  I saw a crowd of Mendip triathlon hoodies and heard the cries of support and thought ok its now or ever so I went for the sprint finish.  I overtook Mark and as he picked up speed I just pipped him at the post.  Fair play to Mark he wasn't expecting it and he was great at the end. I have a feeling that I will never get away with that again.

 Time 2.52.49 beating last years 2.55.47.  The bike and run were faster but the swim was longer but so was the distance.  My watch registered a lot more than 1 mile.  So this year I hung around for the prize giving and won my age cat.  

A really nice touch was Mendip CC cycling down to Burnham to show their support and forge the affiliation between both groups  

 BIG shout out To Clive who was the best race support,driving me around, taking lots pictures, shouting encouragement and just being there for me.  Thanks Clive couldn't have done it without you x x

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