Friday, September 7, 2012

Running my first race as a member of Mendip triathlon club

Bridgwater half marathon...conditions were perfect... The course was pretty flat and I wanted to smash my 1.53.51 pb that I had set at Bristol 2 years ago.

I started off really well and ran the first 5 miles with Nick from my old club and we paced each other well. After 5 miles, Clive finally caught up with us as our push bike support. The first 5 miles were quite fast and this started to show on about mile 8 and 9 where I was feeling the strain and started to slow down.
I really wanted to get a sub 1.45 so with a final drive I pushed on and started to pick the pace up. I won't mention here how Clive was trying to be supportive and I was a little grumpy and threatened to push him off his bike.... Sorry Clive I was feeling the strain.
This is where my endurance training kicked in... I picked the pace up, my lungs were hurting, I was grumpy but I wasn't going to slow down. It's funny sometimes how your goals change through a race, I realised that a sub 1.45 wasn't on the cards but I was prepared to settle for a sub 1.50.
The last mile was really hard but I pushed through and even managed a sprint finish. Time on garmin 1.50.30. I didn't quite get the goal I wanted but I still knocked 3 minutes off my PB.
I do however know exactly what I need to do at Burnham half in Oct to get that sub 1.50 that I desire

I have tried checking my official times but I don't seem to appear on the results.... Watch this space!

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