Saturday, November 10, 2012

Catch up, Mendip Triathlon club and the countdown to Challenge Roth begins

Gosh, I haven't blogged for some time, I've not done any races and I've been so busy with the Mendip Triathlon club that I have neglected you all.

Setting up the triathlon club was the best thing I could have done.  We have so many ideas and so much enthusiasm to make the club work.  We have had such a great response from people who either want to join or get involved that I've been blown away by it all.  If being a single mum, working full time and training for an Ironman wasn't enough for me  then enrolling on my level 2 Fitness Instructor Course has probably sealed my fate!!!!! I love pressure....... bring it on.

Anyway I don't want to get side tracked...... Challenge Roth 30 week plan starts on 3rd Dec.  I had planned in running Blackpool marathon on 7th April but was told by quite a few different people that running a marathon in my 30 week plan was scowled upon and that I shouldn't do it, as it would muck up my cycling and the recovery would take so long.  I did take this advice on board and frantically searched the internet to find another marathon outside the 30 week plan....... Your probably wondering why? But hey  I'll freely admit that I'm quite anal about things and every year I run a marathon, it gives me focus and mentally it puts me into a great place at the start of the year.  Bearing all that in mind, I entered Gloucester marathon on 19th Jan ( which now just happens to be the day after our HUGE tri taster day).  Its only 7 weeks into my plan and in my head thats perfectly acceptable.

I did think to myself that I would pay for a coach to get me to the start line but after being told it would be £50 a month, I decided it was too much cost for me at this time, especially as I am now paying for my Fitness instructor course. I then spent 4 days trying to get a plan together through using different resources such as Don Fink's book and my personal experience from 70.3's.  I have managed to tie this plan to suit my needs with the training already set in place especially swimming and with the tri club.  I have to be honest , I love making plans, I like taking my time, I like being in control of my training.  I went out and bought a new notebook and this time I making a lot more notes about my mental state and my diet, seeing I live with Canidia and I've put on the front " how not to do an Ironman" ( tickled my fancy anyhow).  I though it might be interesting to log the whole experience especially as my biggest concern is nutrition.  I have looked for lots advice about nutrition when you live with all my dietary needs and there isn't none.  My writing notes, hopefully I can experiment with different foods on long rides etc.

I have a new friend called Norris, he's a lump that comes and goes on my knee and cycling especially purple ronnie the fixie so no doubt I will be referencing him.

So to sum up, I am so ready for this, I've never been so excited about a race as I am about Challenge Roth. I have also entered Bristol Tri and wanna give myself a shot at qualifying in my age group next year.  I'm hoping I will be at peak fitness with all the Ironman training and the sprint will be the icing on the cake. "013 is going to be such an exciting time and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

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