Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bath Hilly Half/ Full Monty Cute

Bath Hilly half was the first team event for Mendip Triathlon Club.  We had been training off road for the last couple of months and we were ready to rock and roll.  The first challenge  was getting there through all the floods.

After arriving safely and out the car we realised how damn cold it was.  We registered we got our numbers and then hung around in the male jockey area (we are at a racecourse).  The race started at 11 so we had plenty of time to sit around and warm up.

We headed out to the start which was actually on the race track and everyone was huddling together to get away from the wind.  Its always a slightly worrying start to the race when the starter announces that you are the hardcoreist ( not sure that is a word let alone how to spell it) of the hardcore.

The race started well it all went flat and then downhill, a very steep downhill which we then had to turn around and run back up!!!!! The last bit of that hill was rather challenging I have to say.  That then led onto some very slippery grass hills where a man dressed as a joker was screaming at you to run up the hill. I have never been on a race that was so muddy and full on.... 2 lap course so you knew how much pain was coming the second time around.  The puddles were deep some so deep that you it was a tough decision weather to swim through them or wade.    I really liked the fact they had stella or water when you finished the race.  A great race that started and finished on the race track so a little gangam style was called for.  ( when I read this back in 5 years time I might wonder what the hell is gangam style?)

Full Monty Cute
If I thought that the Bath hilly half was tough then I hadn't done this race.... 10 hills in 10 miles.... not just steep hills but so steep that they had ropes so you could pull yourself up.  These hills were steep and long and half the time you were crawling on your hands and knees to get up them. The descents were just as bad, holding onto your life and hoping that someone was going to catch you at the bottom.  In a positive light the weather was fantastic, nice and muddy and a cider Christmas pudding waiting for you at the finish.  We had started at the back of this race and the paths were so small and the hills were so steep you ended up getting stuck behind people but I managed to creep back up through the pack.

All I can say is that I enjoyed both races ALOT.... I felt pretty strong doing both and what great races to get marathon fit.  I have enjoyed running as a Mendip triathlon member and have had 2 great days out with old and new friends.

Ironman training starts tomorrow and I am ready to ROCK and ROLL!!!!!!!

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