Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bunny hop and Team Tri UK

Easter Monday I ran the Shapwick Bunny Hop for the 3rd year running and was probably the last race this year ran as a Shapwick runner ( I'll be joining Wells City Harriers) and also my last race as as just a Mendip Triathlete because now I will be competing as part of Team Tri UK.  I will still of course be a very big part of Mendip Triathlon Club and I will be the club's representative in Tri UK team.   This happened unexpectedly and I was quite shocked and surprised that I received an invitation to join the team after sending them by sports CV.

I like the thought of being in part of a team put together by one of the biggest triathlon stores in the UK.  I like the idea of support, sponsorship and being in a national recognised team.  I have been trying to get myself sponsored by companies for a while  and this is a great step up for me.  When I got my chervello it increased my bike speed for 3 reasons
1) The bad boy is built for speed and is really light
2) I had a bike fit ensuring that my position on the bike was perfect for maximising power
3) But most importantly, you can't just rock up to a race on a bike like the bad boy with deep rim carbon wheels and be an average rider...... You need to be good. The bad boy demands a certain type of rider and it isn't slow. People expect me to be good and it gives me some much motivation you wouldn't believe.  This is how I feel about being part of Team Tri UK.  I now have a reputation to live up too and where I lack talent I make up for it in sheer determination, motivation and hard work.

Anyway back to the Bunny Hop....... it was good to see a show of Mendip triathletes in the field. It was a cold race this year, last year we were all wearing tshirts and showing off tan lines. 57 runners started off across the fields, Vicky, Tom and Paul were way ahead of the game. I just settled into my pace and watched them trail off into the distance. As we got closer to the nature reserve I was making ground on Vicky and Tom which was an unexpected bonus. Something must be wrong!  I was really making the distance up and I couldn't work out why as they are both very strong runners. So I passed them, the wind was behind me and I was feeling comfortable. I didn't think for one minute that I would stay in front of them so I thought I would enjoy it whilst it lasted.  When we hit the wood and the ground became uneven I heard a jangling behind me and knew it was Tom with my keys.  Tom and Vicky went shooting past me and I just couldn't keep up.  I tried believe me but I was starting to lose it.  That last mile was so long, hilly and on hard uneven tractor ruts and I watched Vicky fade into the distance.

Finally the end was in sight, no sprint finish for me I just didn't have it in me.  I did however improve on my course time.  Every year I've got quicker and one day I might break the hour.
It was great to race with friends and I liked the way Vicky and I played top trumps with our mile splits at the end.  Its always good to race with friends faster than you helps you pick up your game.

Great cheap little race that is famous for its cakes and afternoon tea.  I'll be back next year ;-)

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