Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pre Ironman and sprint championships qualifiers

WOW...... 3 years ago There's a few things I wouldn't have said..........
1) The British Championships qualifiers  is not my A race
2) I'm doing IRONMAN well, challenge Roth, to be exact I don't want to be gunned down by the ironman police.............

So here I was thinking about how I'm going to rock up to the British championships qualifiers in the BEST shape I have ever been.  I haven't trained for this race because I have been too busy training getting in the distance so my explosive sprint power might be somewhat lost and I seem to struggle short distance with my asthma....... but hey I'll give it a go. I want to qualify for the long distance championships if truth be known.

So Bristol race day started with my van breaking down the day before... luckily I had a lift from Andy.

My wave started at 11.14 and it was BRUTAL....... I started in the middle of the pack and the first 5 minutes was a scrap....... I normally hate this but today it was good..... I was one of those horrid people who swam all over you, grabbing your legs.... Im coming through!!!!! The scrap continuing nearer the first buoy..... GRRRRRR lets have it!!!!  The swim was over all too quick and for once I left the water in the middle of the pack..... the Vaseline did its trick and that wetsuit was off quicker than you can say .... "wetsuit off".  I enjoyed the swim...15.39
The bike was good, I enjoyed it, lots of people on the road who were all fair game.  It was great racing with the best of them..... everyone was hungry for that London place and it showed. My competitive side LOVED this and I was on it when I overtook a GB athlete on a hill as well ( get me) and there was no way I was giving her back the edge..... it was a little windy in places but so glad I kept the aero wheels on.  I have to add here, there was a lot of women wearing aero helmets this year, I'm still not one of them.
 T2 was awkward.... couldn't get my shoes soon as I started running I knew I was in trouble.  I didn't realise that somewhere between pre swim and pre run I was  a victim of divine intervention and I had been blessed with child.    My stomach was bloated and rock solid in a way that I had never seen so severe.  I found it very difficult to run and the more I ran the worse it got.  My 5 k time was dreadful.... 26.25... that's quite possibly, no in fact that's the WORST run I have ever done. Total time 1.25.04.  I enjoyed the race and although I wanted to be placed further up the field, I wasn't too disappointed.... Roth is my A race.  Had lots support today and it was great , thank you to Lisa and the kids for my banner and Andy for chauffeur duties and Heath as well,  makes a huge difference.

So on to Roth.....

I can't believe how far I have come this year........ the training has been tough and very time consuming but I have taken this seriously and there is one thing I firmly believe  that if you" fail to prepare you prepare to fail".  I have got out there and  cycled several  100 solo miles after running 15 the day before and still feel there is more in the tank.  I'm not saying that the Ironman distance will be a breeze but I have never felt more prepared for anything in my life.  I have spent the last 7 months getting up 20 mins early to work on my core...... spent all of my free time running, biking and swimming. ( why am I crying????) 

There was a time that a 50 mile bike ride would wipe me out for a few days and now as my fitness grows and my goals move forward,I often forget how far that I have come and how much I take my fitness for granted.  There are times that I feel I haven't done enough and I doubt myself but you know what, that's because I respect the distance.  
I have been trying to work out what ironman distance means to me and have come up with this :

I -  inspiring or inspired. I have been lucky to meet some amazing people who have inspired me and I hope      that I have in turn inspired others to take on the sport
R - realistic. Taking on a challenge like this takes some serious dedication and fore thought... a quality that I don't possess so it becomes easy for me.  
O -opportunity to live that dream and challenge myself in ways I never dreamt possible.
N - nutrition is very important especially for me with such stupid food intolerances. Times of trial and error. 
M - mental strength or just being mental helps!!!  Or mantra......... believing in yourself and positive affirmations. getting your ironman mantra tattooed on your arm!!!!! 
A- Attitude, Bad Arse Blackmore attitude.... the attitude that gets me there at the start line and helps me cross the finish line
N -Not giving up, never give up, pushing yourself over that edge to the point of no return and enjoying the victory.

Am I ready for Roth?....... YES I AM.   I've done a long distance race,  I've trained hard, I am so stubborn that I will keep going regardless.  once I have set my mind on something I will do it..... failure is never an option.  No Guts No Glory!!!!!
I have booked my tattoo..... I have a race plan..... I have visualised myself crossing that line so many times that it will happen.  I am a firm believer that once you mind has done it the body follows through.  On training runs I have visualised each lam post to be the mile of the marathon  and when I have hit 26, I have been known to burst into tears.

In fairness the road to ironman is a long one and at times a hard one but one that takes you on a journey of self discovery and on a roller coaster of emotions.  I know that I will encounter some dark times........but I also know that I will overcome them.  So the next blog will be my race report!!!!! see you on the other side people.

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