Sunday, June 2, 2013

Swalshbucker middle distance

I have never raced a flat middle distance and I entered this race as a warm up for Roth. It uy was a long drive down and the pre race prep wasn't the best sleeping in the bongo and having to get up at 3.50am. It was so cold I turned up at race HQ wearing my onesie.  To be honest I was pretty anxious about the swim especially with the coldness but we were allowed few minutes to acclimatise and the water was 15 c.  That is just tropical and I am soooooo glad that I have been training in much colder conditions.

I started off at the back with my new wetsuit and new goggles( please don't try this at home) and we were away.  The sun was so bright it was really difficult to sight and on the first lap it didn't matter so much as you could follow the people but on the second lap had to keep stopping and squinting to see where that pink buoy was. The swim although slow it was good.  Up the long grassy hill to transition where I could see most of the bikes had gone.  That's not a problem I like the thrill of the chase and I'm used to being one of the slower swimmers.

We were warned about wandering cattle, donkeys and horses and within the first three miles on a great descent I had a narrow escape with a cow!!! That put a hold on my speed.  My legs felt really heavy today and I was left wondering if I had left them home on the kitchen table, they felt heavy right from the word go but that didn't stop me.  I clawed my way back through the pack.  There was one guy who had the posh bike and the aero helmet who decided to turn and spit without checking and seing as I was beside him I took the brunt of it.  That annoyed me a tad. I decided that he would then be the main bait of the day.  He took off and I followed..... he didn't get very far and was probably a little pissed when I stayed with him. As I overtook him and left him in my trail of carbon dust I exclaimed "having a bad day there chuck?" Meschee 1 - spit boy 0.  The bike route was very rolling and the roads were great.  No real potholes and nice smooth surfaces.  There was at times a good side wind that my deep rims wheels took objection to but overall not a bad ride.

In T2   took a little time as I couldn't seem to put my knee straps on and I was off.  The run route was a loop of 7 miles you had to do twice.  The first loop was hard and sooooo hot.  I couldn't feel my feet for the first 4 miles and I felt clumsy and awkward and I was averaging 9.30 / 10 min miles.  As you come round for the second lap up a gravel horrible hill many of the guys were finishing, that was a little annoying and I got caught up in a sprint finish before I headed for my second lap.  Im not quite sure what happened here, I didn't have any gels just my home made energy bars on the bike but I found a new set of legs.  Whether the endurance training  kicked in or  the home made energy bars I was on it.  I picked up the pace and was running 8.30/9 min miles which was a huge improvement and I overtook lots runners.  Every time I passed a female runner I was checking her out to see if she was in my age cat!!! I had predicted to a friend that I would get 5.49.37 and I got 5.49.22.  My predictions are uncanny.... mystic meschee.

I ended up 7th in my age cat out of 17 and I was happy with that.  At the end of the day this was a training race for |Roth and if I can feel stronger at the end of the race on the run then that in my Ironman book is a good place to be.
The Bling 

ONESIE in transition