Monday, August 12, 2013

Cotswold middle distance.

This middle distance was 4 weeks after completing Challenge Roth. I didn't know how I would feel, if I would have recovered.  My legs have been so heavy but I have also been doing some serious weight training and that weight/cardio balance is a tough balancing act.

We travelled up on the Friday but again what goes on tour stays on tour!!!!!!

Lets concentrate on the race itself.
So the day started really early and a HUGE schoolboy error. Just before I entered the water I went to use my inhaler which I need for open water swimming and it was EMPTY.  I thought that seeing the water was warm I would get away with it BUT I didn't.  Within 30 seconds of starting I was having an asthma attack.  Knowing I didn't have my inhaler made me panic even more. There was a horrid smell in the water and I'm not sure what caused the attack.... some strange gases ( and no that wasn't Lisa) or a placebo because I knew I hadn't got an inhaler...... who knows.... frankly who cares?  I couldn't breathe and was watching all the swimmers go past me.  At this point and I know this will surprise many of you..... I contemplated pulling out..... yes me pulling out!!!!!! I soon banished that thought and decided it was time to shape up or shit out..... I know I have got through attacks before and I just needed to apply mind over matter.  I used breast stroke for a while and then I started to glide with one arm extended and just kicking because every time I put my head under the water it made everything worse.  This was just like a swim smooth drill and it worked. Now it was catch up time. I managed to catch up with the back pack of my wave as we exited the water.
Swim time 42.52.  I think that if I hadn't had had an attack one of my fastest swims could have been on the cards but then again if I hadn't have needed to play catch up!!!

The transition was sooooooooooooo long but I was there and out on my bike.  Coming out the water later gave me the catch up advantage.  I was in  LOCK and LOAD.  The bike route was flat and you could get down on those aero bars and pedal your little heart out.  Bike route was lush .... there was a hill which took me surprise on the first lap but I enjoyed it on the second.  The wind was either behind you or in front of you and it had picked up significantly on the second lap.  Marshall's were amazing so encouraging and waving their yellow flags around which was much better  than arms.  My legs didn't feel too heavy but I had began to tire on the second.  Bike split 2.50.40

The run was great...... took you around some of the different lakes there.... each loop was just over 4 miles and a mixture between woody trail paths and pavements.  Again all the marshals were brilliant so encouraging.  My run was steady..... caught a lot of people up.  There was an encounter with a very protective swan who was on the path guarding his young but the triathletes ganged up on it and it reluctantly backed off into the water. Another great sprint finish love those fast twitch muscles.  Run time 2.03.40

In short.... a great weekend with some great people... thanks to Lisa my camping buddy and massive well done to Lisa, Nick and Matt for completing their first middle distance.  Big thank you to Mel for coming up and supporting us
I highly recommend this race to anyone wanting an introduction to a fast flat middle distance

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