Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Drogo 10

So I was sat here thinking I haven't raced for a while and its x country I used the whizz of social media to broadcast the fact that I needed to race and lo and behold Lisa comes up trumps with The Drogo 10. So instead of being in the gym and getting hench it was time to dig out the trail shoes and go and get dirty!!!!

The scenery and the hills that we saw driving there was beautiful but also scary...... there was some big hills.
We arrived nice and early  and the autumn colours of the trees were gorgeous.  The start was at Drogo castle and the weather was good, slightly chilly but very bearable.

We started going up a hill and then almost came to a standstill as the path suddenly went downwards and became very steep and narrow.  We then had to queue to get over the bridge.  We ran on stony wooded paths that went up and down..... and when they went up... oh boy did they go up and when you went down, they were just as steep.  There were flat sections that were very muddy and very stony and with a thick covering of leaves its always a worry.  At times we followed the river and it was probably one of the best scenic runs I have ever done.  There was 3 very big hills in this race and I will be honest and say that on parts of those hills, I walked, especially the last one.

The run seemed to go very quickly but it was great, mud, good organisation and views that made the hills seem a distance memory.  The last hill was a narrow steep hill but oh boy when you got to the top and you saw all those autumn colours it made me feel so glad that I was alive.  I wanted to puke the minute I crossed the line but it was short fleeting moment.

Great race....... would highly recommend it to anyone!!!!

Thanks to Lisa for driving and the cream tea and scones after were lush even though my gluten free one was very very crumbly!!!!

Results are not out yet but garmin said 1.36

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