Monday, March 31, 2014

214 km Bristol ball buster

How can you turn down a chance to ride 214km, that's 133 miles for £7. I mean what a bargain, 19p a mile.
audax gals
It was an early start to get to Long Ashton but it didn't take long. Vicky and I met Geoff and Emma there and after a a brief encounter with two famous people we were ready for the off. There was 3 different rides going on and we down for the longest.  This was my first Audax ride and it's all self navigated.  You know what women are like with directions so we had appointed Geoff Ballard as our designated navigator who was the only one who managed to put the course on his Garmin.  We had already decided to complete the challenge as a group.  I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw that Chrissie Wellington was in attendance!!! What a boost as we quite calmy discussed Ironman Lanzarote.
Meeting Chrissie Wellington

Getting close to Elvis
The first stint was to Hill which was about 40.8km.  The route was quite flat and we got going into a nice pace.  We arrived at the first check point after about 25 miles.   The WI had been working hard and there was an abundance of cakes.  Vicky and I got to work on the cheesecake and drank our coffee from the finest bone china!!!!! Feeling refreshed or should I say FULL we left Hill and started heading towards Doynton.

Another 25 miles later we hit the second control point. I bumped into my mate Chrissie here as well and also caught up with Ollie.  There was lots laughter and joking during this part of the ride as we were all still fresh and happy.  The scenery was awesume. The next stop less cakes were consumed and we tasted the soup instead.  Again with full bellies off we popped to the next control point.  This stint was a little longer and the "bumpy part of the ride" we headed off towards Chipping Sodbury before turning back and heading towards Glastonbury. There was a humdinger of a hill in this part and there was a fair amount of stripping going on at the top of this hill. Once we got into familiar surrondings we picked the pace up a little, it was good being on our home turf!!!!

90 miles in and  we arrived at Glastonbury, a little stiff , chaffed  and  bitching about how crap we felt at this point.  At this point I was very close to giving up.  I started to make excuses bout how I just wanted to do 100  miles and how I had marathon next Sunday.  I wanted to go on but just thinking about another 43 miles was filling me with dread.  A excutive decision was made the others were happy to go on and that helped me to decide... ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL.  Cycling past my house on the way back to Bristol was a tough call let me tell you.

The  little hills became mountains, my legs had waves of fatigue and I was getting tired and grumpy!We made it to the last stop and we had 13 miles left to go.  When we hit 112 miles I just wanted to ditch the bike and start running!!! The last hill was a nasty hill and the only thing that got me up was pure anger because I couldn't rely on my legs or lungs anymore  and the fact that I had enough!!!! I cannot tell you how happy we were to reach the village hall where we started.

Big shout out to Vicky, Emma and Geoff for keeping me going and waiting for me at the top of the hills.  What an acheivement guys... we did it.  We obviously had to celebrate with more cake and coffee befor eheading home.  9 hours in the saddle, thats a long long time.
fresh and ready to go

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