Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Peaky freaky triple duathlon 2014

I've never actually completed in a duathlon, let alone a triple one and I thought swimmimg 5k the day before the race would be a good combi for ironman training. The bad weather had woken me up during the night and the weather forecast wasn't looking that good.  I decided to use aero wheel on the back but normal on front.

The location was Webbington hotel..... Set in a beautiful area overlooking the mendips.  Tea and coffee was laid on, nice touch. As normal I hadn't done my homework on the race just entered blindly, but hey not knowing your fate is probably a good thing huh? It was only two days before the race that I realised that I needed to carry my trainers with me.  The idea of the race was to cycle to each peak run up and down it then cycle to the next one... Easy enough :-)

It was quite windy but hey good Lanza training don't ya know.  There was a few of us from the club doing it and we took our places at the front as the riders would go off in groups of 4 at 30 second intervals. Geoff, Jon, Emma and I were ready for the off.  To cut a long story short within the first mile I realised my wheel was bit shaky so as I looked down I saw my wheel release catch was NOT secure..... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh..... Quick stop readjust and back on it.  By this time I lost the group I had started with but in a way that was good because I had something to chase.  First bike leg was about 20 miles...nice flattish route but with a head wind that was a bit of a bitch. I had caught up with my group so I was happy.  At Brent knoll you whacked your bike into first transition, change to running shoes, strip off some layers and off you pop for a 2.5 run up Brent Knoll.  Now I've never actually been up any of the peaks and I think ignorance was bliss... Boy it was steep... So steep you couldn't possibly run up all of it anyway I had some serious go pro filming to do.  The views at the top were pretty amazing and again rather bloody windy.  The descent was worse as it was steeper than the tor and quite slippery.  Again multitask Meschee struck again... Not only was I filming I was high giving everyone I passed.. No rejections today

Back to transition, another quick change and back off on the bike for approx 8 miles to the next peak. Again the wind but I just kept thinking Lanza training. The rush of running down had given me an adrenalin rush and I was hot to trot.  The 8 miles to Brean seemed to take forever and the headwind worse than on the first route.  Straight into 2nd transition quick change and off up another hill. The top of Brean down is also a fantastic place looking out at the sun shining on the sea being blown around like a rag down was actually quite liberating.  At each peak you get a different coloured blob marked on your hand. There was a hill again so steep that walking was the only option.  I was chasing Nick..... Emma was always on my tail... It was like a big game of chase.  The second peak was 3.5 miles long and as always the best part is going back down.

Back into transition and the last bike leg back to the Webbington hotel.  The road was really curvy and there was a bit of a tailwind so as I went bombing round the corners making F1 car noises..... because I can. ( I would insert them here but I wouldn't know how to spell them so I let you improvise!!!)  There were  few little rises that seemed as steep as Mount Everest but last transition
came up really quickly.  One more change ( feeling a little like Mr Bob! Was it Mr Bob who changed
all the time in that old children's program?) I could see Nick in the distance and decided I had to hunt him down.... I was slowly gaining on him but my legs were so heavy I had to walk the last bit of Crook's peak.  Once I got my coloured blob I turned around and decided it was now or never.  I have to say here that weight training has improved my down hill running immensely so I went past Nick like a mountain goat on cocaine but without making strange bleating noises, I save that for the finish line!!!!!  I was on fire.... sprinting over rocky cervices and on the way home.  I went to high five the marshal and the go pro went flying.... it was just like watching a go pro slow movie as we both went to grab it... we both missed and luckily only the case latch broke..... clutching my broken case I carried on running, still high fiving people as I went by...
There it was... the finish line.... 3.44.12.... much faster than I thought I would.  

Being the competitive person I am I had been watching to see how many women had gone by and in my head I was fourth so I didnt hang around for the end.  I was very surprised to hear that I had in fact got third overall and 1st in my age category.... GET IN!!!!! missed the dam presentation though... darn it!!!! Thats twice I have done that.

Hot food waiting for the finishers and I couldn't have any due to my food intolerances and allergies but the very nice man went to kitchen and found something I could have... That my friends is what makes a race..... finishers being looked after and fed and watered. 

Well done to Emma, Nick and Jon who battled through the winds and the peaks.  Thanks to Geoff who did an emergency bike call out on Saturday.. the bad boy was running sweet.
Thanks to Peaky freaky for putting on a challenging but different race. 

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