Sunday, July 13, 2014

Burnham on sea Olympic triathlon 2014

This is the third time I have done this race.  I missed it last year as it was too close to Roth but had one 1st in age group in 2012 and in 2013.  In 2012 I missed the award ceremony and never received my trophy but I did get in 2013 but I broke it when I knocked it off the window sill.  My main intention of this race was to find my mojo and to fill that empty space in the windowsill. 

The sea was not looking good and if I remember rightly , although I was trying hard to forget, the last time I had swam in Burnham sea was at Stert island swim and it was my first DNF and was so choppy the panic brought on an asthma attack.   

So let's talk about the sea swim and the trauma that came along with it.  It was choppy and very windy.  I had bad feelings about it right from the start but I still went in.  Out to the first buoy was the hardest, I had resulted to breast stroke because the waves were just too mad.  I didn't seem to making any headway at all.  I couldn't sight at all and it all seemed like a lost cause.  At this point I was on the verge of giving in. Then that little voice inside me starting chanting "just get to the buoy.... Just get to the first buoy!!" I never give in and Burnham sea wasn't going to get me again.  Burnham sea 1 Meschee 1.  Once I got to the first buoy and hung a lefty became a lot easier.  I did at this point have my own canoe escort being last and all.  I flung all reservations aside and got into something that did resemble swimming.  At times I felt like I was going nowhere fast.  I lost my escort because I had starting to catch up and overtake other swimmers.  I managed to get to the last buoy and was about to head to shore when I was told that the race had finished and I was to head to shore IMMEDIATLY.   This was kinda scary and I had no idea what was going on.  Once on the shore it appeared that the race had not ended and all systems were go!!!!!! That swim was the hardest swim I have EVER done. I have never taken so long to swim 1500 meters but I wasn't alone.  I was out of the water feeling battered and bruised and so grateful to have my feet on solid ground. Swim time 59 minutes......  Time to play catch up....

I have cycled the course on many occasions but again the wind was playing a spiteful part.  Normally the last half has a head wind but the whole 25 miles was like cycling in treacle especially after that swim.  My bike time was 1.20, in previous years it had been 1.19 and 1.17 so I wasn't too far out.  I did catch a few people but  never any women and all my hopes of a trophy went zooming out of my head as I believed it was so far behind after that horrid swim.  I was glad to get in off the bike and start the run. 

As I ran out of T2, I Knew who my competition was and how far they were in front so I knew I had some serious running to do. Each lap I gained on her and on the mile stretch home I passed her.  I kept looking behind just to make sure the gap was getting bigger.  I knew then that trophy I wanted was mine.... That made the conditions bearable.

Overall time 3.14.... Longest standard distance EVER.... But I lost 20 mins in the sea as everyone else did.  At the end of the day a huge well done to everyone who took on the waves and got out the sea on one piece.  

Not sure I got the mojo back 100 % but was glad to get that trophy I wanted. This now means I have unbroken record of 3 years of this race I have won my age cat :-) 

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