Sunday, April 26, 2015

London marathon 2015- 35th anniversary

Wow London marathon.... Second time around for me but actually under my own name this time as I won ticket through Wells City Harriers. My 10th marathon.  

I won't waste too much time on describing the whole faulty towers situation at the hotel or the fact that my pre marathon prep consisted of me sleeping on floor due to lumpy mattress and being kept up all night by noise and lights beaming into my room, which was probably the smallest room in the whole world.  Regardless of this situation I was raring to go Sunday morning.  

It was great to meet up fellow poppyfielders again and the expo was just totally manic!!!!

With Ironman Lanzarote looming in 3 weeks I was always dubious about running London but it's such a great experience that I just had to do it.  Plan was to run easy, enjoy and film the whole experience.  I got to the start line with minute to spare, as I had spent far too much time In the ladies urinals before the race!!!!!!!!

I just love the atmosphere of London, the drums, the music and the crowd.  I wanted to film every mile and ask someone a question but it just didn't happen. The crowd were just amazing and oh boy did I play them in the last few miles, I got some AWESUME footage, I hope it all comes out. 

Miles 1 to 10 went by pretty well.... I felt little weird from mile 10 to 14 but then mile 14 to 20 went  by super fast.  I bumped into few runners I knew and it was great to get some footage of us together.  
I worked the crowd in the last 6 miles..... I hope that the footage come out as well as I hope because it will really show how supportive the crowds are.  At one point after I had run through some AWESUME drumming I was buzzing and just thought how much I loved the atmosphere.  I did say this out loud to surrounding runners but they didn't seem interested.  

IT was over far too quick.... And as I crossed the finish line, I was trying to grab strangers hands because of #handinhand.  

4 hours and 20 seconds, I am happy with that seeing as I wasn't pushing it today, secretly I'm little annoyed about the 20 seconds but you know what the vibe from the race and the crowd make up for that.  Today has given me  more confidence for Lanza and I am desperately blanking out that this time next week hopefully I would have finished a very gruelling 95 mile sportive with 8 MASHOOSIVE hills In it.    
If you get the chance to do London you must, it is a race like no other.  Set yourself a challenge and rise to it and you won't regret it. 

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