Thursday, July 8, 2010

This weeks triathlon training

My son has now decided to attend circus school in Wookey hole so Tuesdays hve officially became hill work day..... mean have you ever been to Wookey Hole? Its very hilly place.  Tonights run was supposed to be a) recovery run after sundays trithlon and b) 6 miles but it ended up being a) extremely hard work b) 4 miles. Which ever direction I went there were just hills.  I finished up the run with some hill sprints ( as if I hadnt done enough?!) I chose this lovely short STEEP hill and ran up it FIVE times going further up it each time. 

On Wedensday I went on the exercise bike which hopefully I will be replacing with a turbo trainer very soon.  I spend 10 minutes on setting 5 then 6 then 7.  After 30 mins warm up I go on the highest resistance possible for 1 minute hardcore then 2 min or 3 minutes recovery for a further 20 mins.  I would prefer to be out there on the bike but with childcare issues the front room and happy hardcore is just as good. 

I am feeling a little stiff but am putting that down to all the tree swinging I did on Tuesday. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

crewkerne triathlon 2010

Well the day finally arrived and I was more than ready to get going.  The alarm went off at 5, big bowl of porridge, quick dog walk and I was off.  I put the bike on car, I was so glad  had put rack on car the day before because that was an ordeal in itself.

We arrived ( Barry and I) about 6.45 just enough time to register, rack up the bikes and get the kit ready.  I am glad that I went with Barry on my first one as he helped to arrange it all for a quick transition.  Helmet and glasses on handle bars, number on race belt in the hat, shoes and socks laid out. I really noticed a big difference to running races as you seem to wait around for sometime but in a tri your checking everything is ready to go.

My swimming wave started at 7.35 so I had to be at the pool for 7.20.  I put on my lovely yellow cap they gave me and tried to do a banana impression on the side of the pool.  Everyone is so friendly and I didn't feel nervous at all, I just really wanted to get going.  I was in the pool ready to go and I had to go on the second whistle.  I was lucky as there was only 2 of us in my lane so didn't have to worry bout getting in anyones way.  I started off really fast and after 2 lengths started to struggle with my breathing, so I did one length of breast stroke which gave me back some control.  The rest of the lengths I did front crawl.  I was the second to last to get out of the pool and it was quick difficult to get out my arms didn't want to work.  I ran down to my bike and went to put shoes on.  Oh boy did I lose it here, I felt totally dis-orientated and rather wobbly which is due to the influx of oxygen going back into your body so I was told.  I think I did really well here and seemed to go quite smoothly  I ran to the mounting area and jumped on the bike.

 I overtook one women right at the start and then took off.  The bike leg was quite hilly and I caught up and overtook 2 more people who were both on mountain bikes so I didn't feel pleased about overtaking them.  I never saw anyone else on the bikes which was bit disappointing as I wanted to actually race someone.  It was quite scary in places as the signs you follow said turn right and I was looking for a turning but they were warning you off a bad corner.  I was back at the transition area in what seemed a really quick time. 

I racked the bike up swapped shoes, lost my vision momentarily as I tried to tie up laces.  As I ran off my legs didn't feel as bad as they have done in training when you make the switch and I was very glad that I had done the brick sessions.  The first half mile was uphill and my breathing was very laboured but then it went down hill and I started to really enjoy the run. I ended up running through an industrial estate and actually thought I had taken a wrong turn.  I saw no-one on the run either but was quite happy about that. The run seemed really really short but I guess 1.5 miles is.  I was back in the field and heading towards the finish line where Barry was shouting " sprint finish Blackmore".  How could I disappoint? sprint finish it was then.  The high hit me then very different high to when you finish a running race......oh boy was I BUZZING.  I had done it, I was officially a triathlete. 
I cant wait until my next one which is a month and that will be double the distance so it will be a lot more tiring.  I was blown away at the diversity of the people taking part, everyone was having soo much fun including the serious athletes.  I loved it and I cant wait until my next one.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Front crawl....think I've cracked it

Now let me explain, my swimming especially front crawl is not perfect.  I really struggle with the breathing and its been just a matter of keep practising to see what works and what doesn't. 

Tonight the only intention I had was to time myself doing 8 lengths.  I was aiming to do one front crawl then one breast stroke.  Normally at the end of a length of front crawl I am gasping for breath.  I started and got it all wrong within the first length, by the time I got to the end I was out of breath but never the less tried to start a length of breast stroke.  That length ended badly too with me stopping due to swallowing half the pool.  I felt very sad and annoyed at myself.  I decided not to time myself and practise  one of the drills that the teacher said in one of the two lessons I actually had.
So I got that weird shaped floaty thing and put it in between by thighs and off I went......OH MY GOD!!!!!!! A light bulb moment.  I am not sure what that float did, correct my position, keep me up straight I don't know but you know what I did..... no tell me I hear you scream....... I only went and swam a very fast length of front crawl with perfect breathing and when I got to the end, I felt bloody fantastic, no heavy breathing at all, so I kept going.  I did about 6 lengths in total without stopping.   Now armed with this magical knowledge  tried a few lengths without it and yes I did swim a lot better and I wasn't out of breath.  That was all the help that I needed..... 40 lengths some with float and some without..  I am definitely more aware of where my body should be and I think that my problem was using my legs far too much.  I am very happy with I have to work on the speed.