Friday, May 14, 2010

hilly 5.5 training

I met up with Barry for a short training run, completely unaware of the fate that awaited me.  We are running the Wells 10 k at the end of the month and he wanted to get some miles under his belt.  He didnt tell me that there was lots hills in store.
The first 3 miles, my lungs were on fire,  lots of doubts started to creep in..... why did I drink a bottle of wine last night, my body is full of booze, I must be soooo unfit.  Booze strips me of iron which doesnt help my anemia which buggers up my breathing Its strange what thoughts run through our head....... I even began to think that I had lost my fitness level now I wasnt marathon training.  In fact I had forgotten that my speed had increased recently, forgot everything postive and went down that negative spiral.

Three miles gone and finally my lungs forgave me, good job too as we were at the bottom of a long steep hill. ( hill sprints came to mind after reading Kate's blog but that only lasted a milli second) The best thing about running hills is getting to the top and knowing that its downhill but the added bonus running around Glastonbury is the views............
We were on the way back when Barry gave me the choice up or down.........and before I had chance to stop myself, I shouted up???? WHY ???
As we ran back down the hill I told him about Kate's hill sprints and he replied " oh I know a great place to do that"..........NO NO that wasnt the plan, I wasnt suggesting it.  Quick Michelle shut up.
Finally the last........I checked ole trusty ( garmin for those who don know who trusty is) 5.57 miles in  49 mins. 
I thought that run was a bad run and then after looking at the stats, I thought actually thats not.  I looked back on my week, Tuesday I had done 10 minute speed intervals on bike then treadmill running 8 min miles for an hour. Weds I had ran twice in the day and Thursday I swam 24 lengths. I havent even considered the fact that I have taken on extra training and how that is affecting my body.  I have noticed that my breathing whilst running has changed since I have mastered breathing properly whilst swimming breast stroke.
I feel tonights run has been a little route along self discovery of training!


karen-selby said...

Brilliant ! Take my hat off to you missus. Your amazing, & those hills are no obstacle to you. Well done!! Your getting stronger by the

Lena said...

You are unstoppable.well done

runningfairy said...

LOL at 'No, no, I wasn't SUGGESTING that'