Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 highlights and 2011 goals..........

Can I just start this blog with an update on my long run today, 12 miles in the bag, mostly x country in the mud slipping about but felt really good and strong.  I love running in my thermal compression skins, legs felt amazing afterwards.  I could have done more mileage but stopped at 12 but wish I hadn't as training plan said 13!!!  Doh!!!

Anyway lets look at 2010.......Apart from meeting some exceptional people who have shown me ongoing support and friendship and I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all.  Meeting you at the tweet ups has been a major highlight.

  I've ran 4 half marathons getting a pb of 1.53.53.  I ran my first marathon in 4.41, my most personal challenge to date. I ran 5 10ks with a pb of 50.52.  I completed 2 triathlons coming 7th lady in overall and 2 extreme hilly races totalling 14 competitions.
Luckily I've only had 1 injury, a sprained ankle from which I now feel fully recovered. 

Goals for 2011- I have so far 6 paid events but there will be many more........
  • To knock at least 20 mins off marathon time.
  • To finish in the top 3 in my local triathlons.
  • To complete Ironman 70.3 in a respectable time.
  • To run 2011 km or 1250 miles in 2011.
  • To swim 52 miles.
  • To actually get that sub 50 10 k time, I've been so close.
  • To compete in more extreme x country races
I feel that I have come a long way since April 09 when I first starting running again.  My running has improved from introducing cycling and swimming into the equation.  My swimming has improved greatly, my fitness levels are soaring and I'm preparing for that ultimate challenge wales Ironman 2012.  I have blasted my pbs  improving with every race I do.

2009 was the beginning, 2010 was the warm up, 2011 I am turning up the heat and I am ready to rumble. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my training week and a bit

I seem to be neglecting my blog through the demands of Christmas and the bad weather.

Quick catch up
Monday 20 th - treadmill 3 miles as the roads were lethal.  Swim coaching was cancelled ;-(

Tuesday 21 th - I managed to run a total of 9.54 miles in a variety of ways.  I started out well and then hit a road which just got progressively worse, so decided to jump over the next available gate and see where it went.  This was quite challenging running through really deep snow and also I made to friends, two boxer dogs that spotted me from miles away and decided to play!!! I then managed to get home and decided that I would make up the miles on the treadmill.  I also managed a quick 6.54 ride on the mountain bike.... riding through deep snow in some by lanes was fantastic fun!! I only fell off 6 times.

Wed 22th - turbo trainer 18.61 miles and a short run 1.16 miles

Thursday 23 th - my day of rest........ but no 1 mile completed for run December challenge .

Friday 24 th - treadmill 6 miles

Christmas morning, no hangover, swift 2 miles x country with the dogs before a champagne breakfast... all kinda went downhill from there

Boxing day should have been the Stoke Stampede but again due to bad weather it was cancelled so a quick 7 miler out on mountain bike and didn't fall off at all even though I was on same route as before.

Mon 27 th - quick x country run with dogs and a swim at long last.  I think the gin doesn't help you float, in fact it makes you sink like a brick so decided just to do 30 lengths mixing up the strokes.

Tues 28 th - felt pretty good today, 15 miles on the turbo with a quick 2 mile run to follow and also 17 x 3 press ups, sit ups, squats and reverse sit ups...... feeling pretty good..

sorry the blog is boring today, just catching up on training and i promise to be more pro active in the future!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A successful long run and more.......

After last weeks bad long run, I was bit worried about this weeks long run.  I decided to stop wearing the ankle support I had been wearing as it was making my foot feel weird and also I thought I needed to strengthen it.  I could say that this long run was bound to be better as it couldn't actually get any worse.  In fact it was a great run, 11 miles and it was 70 % x country.  I think by going x country will help to strengthen ankle and prepare me for up and coming run rampage extreme x country race.  I did this in 1.52.02 and average of 10.11 minute miles but considering that was x country I was happy with pace.  I feel like I'm not running as fast as I was before ankle sprain but that's improving every session.

Thursday, my so called day of rest but 1.56 miles done on treadmill so I could fulfill my run December challenge. I also did 13 x 3 press ups and sit ups, another silly challenge.

Friday I did a speed session on the tread mill as we had loads snow!!!speed session is 10 min warm up @6, 10 min @ 6.5, 10 min @ 7.  Then I do a 4 minute pyramid which is 2 mins @ 6, 1 min @  7 and then 1 min @ 8.  I did this 3 times then as I WAS ON ONE I kept the speed @ 8 and ran for 7 mins until I hit 6 miles.

My plan for Sat said 75 mins on the turbo trainer which I did with 10 mins easy, high cadence then 10 mins hard in a really low gear so that my legs were burning and kept this going for 75 mins.  I intend to increase the hard time and reduce the easy time and get those legs built up.  Tree trunks thighs are all the rage!!!!! I then ran 1.66 miles in the snow.  I then did 3 x 14 press ups, sits ups and the newly introduced squats.

Sun I decided to do an indoor brick session as it was slippery out there.  I really gave it a Meschee mash up to stop the boredom.

  • 10 mins warm up on treadmill @ 6
  • 15 mins on turbo, 5 easy, 10 hard.
  • 10 mins on treadmill @ 6.5
  • 15 mins on turbo, 5 easy, 10 hard
  • 10 mins treadmill @ 7
  • 15 bike, 5 easy, 10 hard.
  • 10 mins on treadmill again @ 7
  • 10 mins easy warm down on bike
Total 40 min run 4.5 miles
         55 min on  turbo 11.66 miles.

I am only just starting to feel again now that I am going somewhere with my training and getting back to the level I was at before that dreaded fall and ankle sprain. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This weeks training!

After my long run on Wednesday, I didn't really want to run at all on Thursday but because I am doing the silly run December challenge ....... I ran 1 mile on the treadmill after getting in late from my course.... that was bloody hard work!!!!!
Friday seen me feeling less tired and I banged out 5 miles on the treadmill with speed intervals in 45 mins.  I then went to the pool and I had the whole pool to myself was great and I did 1 mile in 42 minutes.  I was feeling pretty good.

Sat I managed to actually get out on the bike now its got a bit warmed and the ice has disappeared.  19.68 miles in 1.24.  I then ran 1.31 miles for the crazy December run challenge but it was good to do little brick session.

Sun was supposed to be my hill training day and also the club run but due to an night of drinking , I only got as far as running down the railway to pick up my car.  It was on this short journey my knee clunked big time.  I decided to rest for the day.

Monday I managed 3 mile run before  hours swim coaching.... knee didn't seem to bad.  Getting lots niggles at mo and I think its connected to my ankle.  My calves are really tight.

Tuesday I was on turbo trainer for 45 mins... 10 min warm up followed by 5 mins hard then 5 mins easy.  I jumped straight off the bike and did 1 mile only as my calves hurt and I am saving myself for my big run tomorrow.  I'm going to try running without the ankle support as it annoys me and I am hoping that my calves sort themselves out for tomorrow...... least I have a sports massage booked!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad bad run..... is there such a thing??

Today was my long run day and after completing 9 miles last week , I was aiming for 10 this week.  As soon as I started out, I knew I wasn't in the right frame of mind.  I always say the first 3 miles are the hardest as your body warms up and you get into your stride.  Well the first 3 miles came and went, my legs ached, my lungs hurt from the cold air.... I kept pushing hoping that that magic button at mile 3 would switch itself on and all the niggles would go away....... 5 miles came and I still felt like crap.  I really really wanted to give up at this stage....... I was running along I hated where I lived, I hated the weather, I hated that damn ankle injury and blamed everyone in the whole world that this run was going nowhere I HATED RUNNING!!!!!!!!
There I was running along hating everything and everyone in this whole god dam world and I was so bloody stupid for taking on far to much, juggling being a single mum, working on my diploma, bogged under at work with admin and why on why would I attempt a Half Ironman with all the training I am doing, my body was tired and I hated myself.
 I then saw some tracks that I had never ran down but had passed on a few occasions so I thought right lets see where they go.  It was here that finally I came to my senses, running x country, concentrating where I was going, watching out for cows, which made me stop concentrating on everything that was wrong or hurting and I began to relax.  The ice was glistening in the sunlight, the heroin I disturbed flew up over my head, the strength in me returned. 
It made me realise that there is always strength in our soul and sometimes we have to dig that little bit deeper to find it and sometimes I am allowed to hate the world momentarily because it reminds me how wonderful life actually is.  I know I have the inner strength and determination to do ANYTHING I want and I took on all these challenges because I know I can do it.  I will take on anything the world throws at me and that's why I set myself these challenges.
Now I'm not saying that my run actually got much easier after that, it was still an immense struggle but I knew I would finish it, I would run further than last week even if it was only 0.3 of a mile. 
I could call this a bad run, a slow run but you know what it wasn't.  It reminded me I shouldn't take my fitness for granted and I am very lucky that I am back running and going x country might have made my ankle ache but that's because it need strengthening up.  I also know I have a fantastic support network behind me.... you all know who you are...... love you guys!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Running up Glastonbury Tor

Seeing Sundays are now hill training days, Barry and I went up the Tor.  Now I have to say here that I did do a very hard workout yesterday and was out all night dancing and drinking lots vodka so I thought I would get my excuses in nice and early.

We started from Street and  within half a mile straight into a hill.  Its quite hilly just getting to the Tor.  It wasn't long before we reached the bottom and started the descent up.  Its quite tricky because a lot of it is steps... steps that are all different in length and size so its very hard to get any kinda rhythm going.  It was about half way up that I stopped when going through the gate because the view was amazing.  There was a thick fog hanging over Glastonbury and you could just pick out landmarks through the fog.  This was a perfect opportunity to take a photo and get a breather (my lungs were on fire).  I then started running again but I have to say I couldn't make it to the top.  I did walk some of the way up but ran the last bit to the top.  The view today was probably the best that I have seen. The comments that we got as we running up from people were quite comical.

After a few more photos we started the run back down.  This was probably harder than running up, dodging people trying not to slip... my running became this weird shuffle especially down those awkward steps.  Once we got back down to the main road there is another really steep hill so we ran halfway up it and back down and then I shouted lets go again........ why do I do that?????

Anyway back along the straight back to where we started.  Now I found this really difficult so I have decided I will take the same route next week and see if i can get up further or all the way next time.... Glastonbury Tor 1, Meschee 0...... rematch next week.   Its worth doing just to see the peoples faces when you come up running......and you get lots of shouts of encouragement. 

here's the stats.....  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The three challenges..........

I wanted to run the November 30 day challenge with my other fellow tweeters but the ankle injury stopped me.  I must say that they have done a fantastic job and that's whats inspired me to do it in December. I'm not doing it alone, Ive enlisted at least 5 fellow triathletes from twitter world, two of those are from America.  Its here I have to mention Chris and Lisa and Karin( who I have talked into doing Wales 2012 as well).  Lisa and Karin are runners  rising to the challenge but Chris aka Mrchips is doing his first ever marathon next year.  I have to applaud his commitment at this stage, does he really know what hes letting himself in for???

 The run challenge is to run every day in December but you are allowed Christmas day off if you so desire.  You must run a minimum of a mile.  I love the fact that so many people get involved and they all moan about it but they love it!!! They love the challenge just as much as I do and maybe they all do it for different reasons....there's  2 sorts of people in this life... those who sit by the sidewalk of life and clap and those who get involved and run.


The challenges don't stop there.... I have added the press up challenge which means you have to do 3 sets per day and each set increases by one each day, 3 x 1, 3 x 2, 3x3... you get the picture I'm sure.  We can thank marathon talk podcast for that one.  The press up challenge is spreading and I have people involved who I work with and Stuart my biking buddy ( shame he cant run)

So the challenge started......
Day 1 consisted of a stonking 9 mile run for me, 9 freezing hard-going miles I hasten to add.  I never remember being that cold last year...... oh actually I do when I was out on a seventeen miler and I was actually shivering because I had put some stupid compression top on and I was crying I was so cold......fond memories!!! That's the kinda run that makes you strong mentally, it completely strips your soul and rebuilds it from scratch, that's if you don't sell it to Satan first.
Day 2...... I got up at 5am to run 1 mile on the treadmill (normally my rest day) as normally I don't get in til late after my college course

We did actually start the press up challenge the day before the run December challenge so has it stands we are on day 3 so 3 x 3.  Chris here was a little crafty and added 3 x 3 sit ups........ so that's it.... talk about red flag to a bull... the third challenge was born.

I am a little nervous about the whole press up thing.....I mean 3 x 100.... what????????  But you all know I'm always up for a challenge and I need to work on my core.

So as it stands , not only do I have the most time consuming training plan already, I have to go add the 3 challenges.  Its going to be tough finding the time to get in a short run every day..... and maybe a few really early mornings. But I am good to go, lets do it, lets push ourselves and see what happens!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I have a plan..............

Wow , well I don't know really where to start...... I have taken 3 days to sort out my marathon/ half IM plan.  I took last years marathon plan and searched for an half IM plan that suited me and kinda overlapped the two.  As a creature of habit, I made all my long runs for Sundays and long bike rides for Saturdays.  Then I thought no.... I should do the long run first then the long bike ride day after.  Things all got a little crazy from that point on.... I mean could I actually run 20 miles then bike 50 miles the day after then have an hour swim coaching on Monday....... nothing was making sense, fitting in 3 run, 2 bike and 2 swim in one week as well as recovery.... I WAS PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!!

Then it hit me, Wednesdays are my day off I should take full advantage of them.  Now once my OCD head had got over the fact that I wasn't going to do all my long distance runs on Sundays, I was flooded with liberation. 
So in brief this is my plan
Mondays.... hr swim coaching and core work, squats and lunges
Tuesday ... intense turbo trainer session building up over time to 2 hours
Wednesday .... long run building up to 21 miles
Thursday ... rest day and time to uphold the other commitment in my life my teaching course
Friday......swim and easy recovery run both of which will be built on
Saturday ... long long long numb arse bike run... which hopefully will be in a group that I have just formed.
Sunday..... hill work running to start with and then later when marathon over intense brick sessions. 

 So that's the has recovery weeks, fits in when kids are home weekends, I'm chuffed I've taken everything into account.

So this weeks training ....... I have gone run crazy.......Monday was a good swim coach session, using paddles more and more and its helping me to build up strength in my upper body.

Tuesday was a quick session on the turbo trainer, it would have been longer but the damn garmin cadence thing was being tad sensitive and annoying the crap outta me.

Wednesday my day off....... was not my day off... GRRRRRRR... so I was up early and out for a quick 4 mile run and then went to the boring functional skills training.  I did however do another 4 miles when I got back in and 78 seconds quicker!!!

Friday was another 5 miles on the treadmill, I gave swimming a miss as the boys were home.

Saturday I watched this excellent turbo trainer DVD which was pretty awesome and I clocked up 20 miles in 45 minutes, that's an whooping average of 27 mph........I was so on one after that I did 50 squats with weights........... mmmmmmm legs still haven't forgiven me.

Sunday was not going to be a long distance run and off I went for some hill work.  My legs weren't very happy, sore from the squats but I just ignored them on my 1 mile warm up to the base of the hill.  The hill is half a mile going up quite gently then a really really steep bit.  I did this three times ( only because it makes a pair of boobs on the elevation, check it out).  I felt really strong on those hills, lot stronger than I thought I would.

I am actually pleased I will be doing my long runs on a Wednesday from now on..... it doesn't affect anyone on that day and it was nice to do a short but intense work out on Sunday and then spend the rest of the day doing what I wanted.  It also means that I get a day to recover straight after which I think is really important after those long 18 miles plus runs.  I could actually maybe spend some time with people and get a life instead of training 24/7.  That was a subtle hint to any fit hunky men who might wanna spend a day with me....... please form an orderly queue....... Oops must be dreaming again.

Other news in Meschee's world .... I was going to go teetotal starting last week... but I did drink Saturday night and have decided to drink one night a week until the new year kicks in when there will be a complete booze ban until after half ironman.  Well I think a tipple after the marathon and to celebrate someones birthday might be in order.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Whoopie's first outing.

I woke up pretty excited ( no bad jokes here please) opened the front door to gauge the weather and decided even though it was cold, it was in fact dry.  After a mammoth porridge breakfast, I prepared whoopie for her first outing.  I gently took her off the turbo trainer, got dressed in my winter cycling gear and off we went. 

I choose a flat route as I just wanted to see how she felt.  I tell you the wind was not my friend today, that's the problem with the flat routes around here, its so flat and barren,  Side winds can catch you unaware and it doesn't seem to matter which direction you go in the wind is always against you.  I know this because I have actually tested the theory when the wind was so strong, I turned around and it was still there.

It did seem a bit weird using the tri bars, although its comfortable you have to look up and I guess when your not used to it its hard on the neck.  My peak of my bike hat started getting in my way too.  I do have to say there was one part of the ride where the wind had died down, I got myself into a comfortable position and I went for it.  I was at one with the bike and it felt good.  This didn't last long as I made a detour and came across a hill I wasn't expecting.  Now maybe I have weak quads I don't know but I like to get outta the saddle when I'm going up hills and this isn't actually that easy on whoopie, maybe I'm inexperienced at riding tri bikes but I kept my bum firmly in the saddle and used the gears.  I still found this quite difficult and mental note to self...... some serious squats required.  In my defence tri bikes do use different muscles so maybe that's what caused it!!!?

I wanted to do more than 20 miles but considering the fact I was bloody freezing and I couldn't actually feel my feet, I thought that 20 miles in 1.24 was a satisfactory first outing.  I also discovered that you have to concentrate a lot more, maybe it all just becomes natural after a while, but I did have a few wobbly bits and NO that's not my arse or stomach I am talking about here.

I intend to keep whoopie in over winter, break her ( or me ) in gently on the turbo trainer and use the old road bike to get the base level of fitness up.

I was dismayed how dirty she got and I cleaned her the minute I got in.  ( will it last I ask myself)

Thats all folks!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

dont stop me now............

Its been a real up and down week...... trainings had been good.... life's been shit.... parking tickets, speeding fine....... stresses of everyday life.   BUT I'm running... this week I have covered 14.44 miles which I know isn't really a lot of me but its better than the BIG FAT ZERO MILES than I was doing for the three weeks whilst my ankle healed.

The week started with Mondays regular swim coaching session where we used paddles.  I have to say here, it was the first swim coach session that I did with no float between my legs to save my ankle hurting.  It was hard work using paddles but when you stop using them and you can swim normally everything comes together and I felt like I was a mermaid.... well not quite mermaids don't do front crawl do they?

Tuesday I rested as I had heavy weekend of training which I have forgotten to blog( naughty).... quick catch up, weekend consisted of 6 mile run Friday night, 34 mile bike ride on Sat and  0.62 swim on Sunday and the club run.

Then came Wednesday I picked up my new bike.......introducing WHOOPIE!!!!!!!named whoopie as i am going to WHOOP some arse on that bad boy!! What a sexy little number she is.  I ran 6 miles in the morning then picked her up and tested her on the turbo trainer for 40 mins.

Thursday was another rest day as my normal life has a bad habit of interfering with my training.... how rude!!!!

Friday was 50 min session on the turbo bonding with whoopie.

Sat I decided to test my ankle properly.  I choose a 8 mile run which was very challenging for the first 5 miles before a flat 3 mile finish.  It was only in the last mile that my ankle started to twinge and my right hip started grumbling ( over compensating for ankle) After today's performance marathon training for me will officially start.......

Tomorrow, Whoppie and I will be hitting the road for a flat super fast 20 miler plus.....exciting!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

I am it normal to dance after EVERY workout?

This weeks training started on Monday with hours coaching in the pool.  This consists of 6 length drills.  We start with a 6 lengths warm up.  We then do 1 arm drills, catch ups, speed intervals and this we covered 48 lengths.  These drills are really beginning to improve my technique and my speed.

Wednesday arrived, I love Wednesdays. I decided to forgo my early morning swim and my chance to annoy speedo man and run instead.  This would be my first road run since THE FALL and I managed 4.5 miles.  I am really pleased with my fitness levels as they have seemed to remain quite stable.  I followed the run with hour on the turbo.  Now I have to say at this point........ is it normal to dance around after every workout..... Ive only just started doing it, am I not pushing myself hard enough or am I just BUZZING MY TITS OFF!!!!!!  I think its great, I really enjoy it, its my new warm down routine.

That brings us on nicely to Friday...........6 miles on the treadmill in 53.56 which is a really good time.  After a 15 min warm up, I increased the speed every 10 mins and I felt really strong.

I am back, the ankle injury is a figment of my imagination.  Oh yes I have just agreed to do a WHOLE ironman in the year 2012 in Wales!!!!!! 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Up and running again at last and a new bike to boot!!!

I know the lovely lady at physio said don't run for 2 weeks but after my first salsa lesson last Tuesday I knew I was ready to run.  Ok it was a week earlier than planned but come off it it was inevitable that I would not listen.  I ran on the treadmill walk a minute , run a minute which soon stepped up to run 2 mins walk 1 min which covered 2 miles.  Two days later I was back on the treadmill and again 1 min walk, 1 min run which soon led onto 2 mins running then somehow that turned into running non stop for 17 mins and a mile more that I said I would.  Two days later again back on the treadmill, no walking straight in there and I managed 4.5 miles, a little niggle but no pain at all and I so wanted to keep going but I thought i must control myself.    SO meschee IRONLADY is back in the game.......I cant believe that after only 3 weeks I am back to running. 
I don't care what anyone says I think that  by using the ankle  non impact on the turbo trainer and swimming has actually helped my recovery.  There is of course the fact that I do possess super human powers or that I just have no feeling.

I know many call me an addict or a geek and actually I have been called a freak but I am dedicated to preparing for the ultimate challenge of my life ....... so far ( ironman next).
That is why I ended up in Tri UK looking at triathlon racing bikes. 

I test rode a Quintana Roo Chicqilo..... sex on wheels.  Its very different to a road bike and you ride it completely different as it uses different muscles and that's why its good for tri, saves your legs for the run.  I learnt so much that day.  I did also test a carbon fibre bike on the road ( very very scary being allowed to test ride bikes that are worth nearly £2000) the carbon bike felt amazing and the price tag was unreal.  It did actually have the wrong price tag on it so after spending half an hour deciding  which bike to have and opting for the carbon fibre the decision was taken away from me when I found out the real price.

They fitted the bike to me and after I paid the 10 % deposit we finally left the building.  I will be picking the bike up in 10 days time.  The guy who helped me was very knowledgeable and gave me some great advice.

I cant quite believe that I have actually spent this amount of money on a bike and I know that when I come to cycle those 56 hilly miles at Half Ironman I will have the power of that bike to aid me.  So I will dedicate this challenge to George Lewis, my dear grandfather, who I know will be with me and has made this all possible.  I am going to do this for you Gramps ( tears in eyes moment). I remember when I took him my Brighton marathon medal, he made lots jokes about me buying the medal but when he held that medal and I could see the pride in his eyes.

Now such a sexy bike deserves a sexy name.....all I could think of was that WHOOP ARSE lol so the bike has been named whoopie.  Who could ask for more!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Given the go ahead....... running this space!!!

This blog is dedicated to all those wonderful people who care for me and who want me to recover quickly.  Although my ankle was sprained I did continue to use the turbo trainer and swim but using a float as not to use my ankle.  One evening a friend phoned whilst I was using the turbo trainer and made me feel really guilty about training.   He suggested that I would be making myself worse and really frightened me. 

The following day I went to minor injuries clinic where I had an x-ray which showed a bone I had which was from a previous injury. The hospital told me I had a third degree sprain and asked me to leave with crutches.  I refused as I could walk perfectly normally.  I could walk properly after 2 days of spraining the ankle.  An urgent report was asked for concerning this extra bone and there was even talk of an operation.  Well as far as I could see, I had ran a marathon with a extra bit of bone with no problems so I wasn't going to allow them to start interfering.  My only intention was to be told that my ankle was fine and I could start running as soon as possible.  It seemed everyone was overly concerned.

I was referred to physio the following day where I was told that my ankle was really strong and I had an excellent range of movement and that I could start running in 2 weeks..... at long last good news. 

Its here that i would like to thank all my well wishers but at the end of the day I am not as stupid as I look and if at any time my ankle hurt through training, I eased off and I think that by continuing to train has in fact speeded up my recovery.  I intend to start running in about a weeks time and in the mean time I will continue on the turbo trainer and to swim. 

I will add that I think I have been incredibly lucky to have got off so lightly with 3 to 4 weeks out of running.  I say this even though I haven't actually started running yet, but I have recovered from a lot worse.  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Patience and rest is not my thing!!!

Its been 11 days since my injury and although the swelling has gone down and the bruising is out, I am still not running..... I guess after 11 days thats no surprise.

I did however keep swimming, using the float between my legs so not to use my ankle.  But I was very naughty, the minute that I could get my cycle shoes on, I was on that turbo trainer.  I am used to double training and doing so much that 30 mins on the turbo trainer seemed nothing in comparsion.

On the Saturday, 8 days after the injury, I was on the treadmill, walk/run/ walk, jogging no more than a minute at a time and it felt a bit weak but ok.   I should have realised then that trying the same the following day was stupid.

I had my first swimming coaching session on Monday and it was great, the drills we did really helped to improve my stroke.  After you have done 1 armed swimming for 6 lengths it really helps your stroke.  I swam 3 lengths without the float  and ankle hurt a little.

Then last night my ankle hurt so bad that it woke me up..... and i thought you stupid anal cow, using the turbo trainer, getting out of the saddle, getting carried away and not resting. 

So read it here first..... I will do nothing for the next 5 days apart from swim and when I do get on the turbo trainer it will be a small gear with high cadence.  I need this ankle to mend.

Its so very difficult not to do anything when i have been training so hard and getting my fitness levels up but I must realise that if I don't rest now and repair I will do more damage.   I surprised its taken me this long to realise it.......DOH!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

arghhhh diaster strikes but every injury has a silver lining.........

Oh my god, Ive been so lucky since my knee operations and have been training like a mad woman without any injury...........until now.  

Barry and I decided to run our 8 mile hilly cross country on Friday night and we were running rather dangerously through the woods screaming like banshees....... lets be honest it was totally liberating running like that at dusk. We had covered about 4.5 miles  and then we hit the pavement and this is where disaster struck.......... one minute I was running the next I was on the floor and the pain was FUCKING INTENSE!!!! I have never sprained my ankle not that I can remember and it was really painful.  Barry held my leg up and told me to breathe, I had totally gone into shock and was in a major major panic. 

Barry had to run home, grab the car and come and rescue me.  I kept walking, it was bitterly cold and I didn't want to freeze.  I knew I had to get to the junction and wait for him.   I was lying on a park bench with my foot up high, shivering from cold and shock.  I had at least 5 people stop and ask if I was ok and wanted a lift, that was really nice but I knew if I accepted Barry would be in a major panic if I did a disappearing act.

Once home,armed with a strong bottle of wine, I laid on the sofa and cried my eyes out.  I was sooo worried about lasting damage and not being able to compete in half ironman.  I was a complete and utter mess.  The following day , my eyes were as swollen as my foot. 

My foot has gone down loads and its becoming very discoloured and I did even managed to go watch a band and have a little dance full of vodka as well.  Vodka has obviously made the biggest difference lol.

So where is the silver lining I here you ask..... well I went to the local swimming pool as I am so anal about my training I had to do something.  There was a coach there who just started telling me what I was doing wrong and told me to do longer strokes.  He counted my strokes 54 to one length.  He explained some different techniques to me and then watched me as I improved.  I got my stroke down to 30 a length and developed a much more slower but stronger stroke.  I was really starting to notice the difference really pulling through the water.  Anyway to cut a long story short, he was coaching 2 delightful older ladies who have already done one half iron man and are doing wimbleball half IM same time as me.  They have asked me to join their Monday coaching sessions and I now have some training partners.  Its not every day you meet fellow triathletes, well not in my world anyway.

This leads me to ask....... was it fate? I would have never gone swimming on a Monday night and it was because of my injury that I did.  So where one door shuts, another has opened and I didn't stay very long in the hallway of hell.  This is just the boost that I needed for my swimming and now I can walk on my ankle I am feeling a lot more positive, a far cry form the crying mess I was on Friday.  So here's to a stronger more efficient swimmer and new friends!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

let me tell you abou my turbo trainers

Oh heavenly blog........ I am sorry, I confess it has been 10 days since my last blog and I am eternally sorry........... but hey in my defence, I have been extremely busy!!!!

I ran Shepton Mallet 10 k fun run in the howling wind, I did a mini triathlon on my day off ( 1.02 mile swim, 4 mile run and 16 mile bike ride) spend numerous hours in the seat of my exercise bike and done lots speed training on the treadmill........
I also went swimming on Friday but left my swimming costume at home.......DOH!!!!!!!

But on Monday, finally the turbo trainer arrived....... it didn't take long to set it up and I was up in that saddle in a flash.  It was a lot harder than I expected it to be but great fun........ hardcore music, no traffic and lots lots sweat............

30 mins later and the kids were moaning.......I had to stop and cook tea but I was back in the saddle for another 30 mins.  The resistance works with the gears so you get a wide variety of resistance and in bottom gear, my butt was way out of the saddle....... ...oh my god my legs were pumped and I felt I had really worked.  I guess on a turbo trainer there is no free wheeling so its constant mileage.

Tonight I thought I had better get out for a run as I am having a sports massage tomorrow and its going to rule out my 10 miler I had planned.  Mental note to self , I really need to start a long distance run every Sunday again instead of racing....(mmmmm very hilly race 10k entered on Sunday).  Anyway I couldn't wait to get home and after a 3.5 mile run in 30.47 mins, I was back in that turbo trainer for another 30 mins..... I just cant get enough.....

I think this will benefit my training over the winter, building up my legs so they are like tree trunks!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

catching up on the blog and not forgetting RUN TO THE BEAT!!

As I now have Wednesdays off, I have decided to go for an early morning swim.  Be warned of old men dressed in speedos.  They are very aggressive, think they own the pool and will slap you if possible.  I was very polite and obeyed the swimmers rule that you should let them pass and he just huffed and puffed and tried to blow the whole building down.......He did actually end up slapping me at one point and didn't even stop and say sorry.... JERK.... mental note to go back every week and annoy him. I swam 1mile in 43 minutes.

Thursday I did a fantastic pyramid session on the treadmill.  After a 10 min warm up, I increased the speed every 5 minutes until I reached 30 mins.  After that I did pyramid minutes as follows:
2 min @ 6 (recovery)
2 min @ 7.5
1 min @ 9
I felt really strong and did these pyramid mins for 15 minutes.  Total miles 5.19.  I really felt I could have kept going but stopped myself as I was supposed to be on a taper for Run to the Beat.

Which brings me onto Run to the Beat...........
I completed the half in 1.59.09, not my personal best and I have to say the whole thing was completely disorganised and I wouldn't run it again EVER. It was a really long drive and the sat nav took us through the centre of London.... eeeek..... not bad for a village lass I have to say.  I'm so glad Jo was with me.  But the whole highlight was most defiantly meeting the 'tweeters' who have been so supportive and inspirational.  It felt good meeting these people who have been a big part of my life for the last 6/7 months of my life.  We all enjoyed a meal before the race and surprised James with the most incredible birthday cake made by the fabulous Micheal.  The day of the race started with some mad dashes in the underground but we made it, only to find the race had been delayed by an hour.  It was freezing cold but everyone was in good spirits.  The course itself seemed to run around some back streets with random people just crossing the road whenever they saw fit!!!!!!!
I really enjoyed my time with the whole twitter gang and it was such a shame to have to rush back.... I love you guys... Thank you all xxxxx

I had terrible back and it band ache after that race but I put it down to the driving and the standing around but I attempted a recovery run on Tuesday covering 4.23 miles in 45 mins.

Wednesday I swam again and covered 0.7 miles and alas I couldn't annoy speedo man as he wasn't there.  Later that day I covered 28.53 miles on the exercise bike.  I warmed up for 30 mins then changed resistance every minute in pyramid session again.  I felt strong  and kept it up for 84 mins in total.

That's it folks, not more to report for now!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tonights brick session

I seem to have soo many more demand on my time and sometimes this affects my training.  I am finding that I have short slots in which to train so I am trying to make them more intense.

I did 15 mins on the bike followed by a 10 min sprint on the treadmill and I did this 3 times.

1) Bike 10 mins @ no 5, then 5 mins  @ 6 covered 8.89km
2 ) run 10 mins at 7 mph covered 1.15 miles
3) bike 15 mins @ no 6 covered 8.64 km
4) run @ 8mph for 10 mins covered 1.31 miles
5) bike @ 6 ( resistance goes up to 8 and thats pretty full on) covered 8.66 km
6) run 5 mins @ 7mph, 4 mins @ 8 mph and one flat out 1 min finish at 10 mp

total 3.8 miles in 30 mins and just under 17 miles on the bike in 45 mins.

The first interval is to warm up, felt really strong on the treadmill running at 8 mph as I normally run at about 6.40 mph but felt really really strong running at 10 mph but no way could I keep that up.  I actually wanted to keep going but those time restraints were looming in the background.  I felt really good after the work out.  Next time I will increase the speed on the treadmill and really treat it as some speed work. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another weeks training.......

My rest days are Mondays bit this week I had 2 days rest for the simple fact that I was on the local radio....Barry and I were interviewed for an hour on Glastonbury FM.   We were plugging our facebook group and it was an enjoyable experience. 

I made up for this on Wed with a double session, 5 mile run followed by a 17.39 mile bike ride.
Ive had a very stressful week with some tragic personal circumstances and been wandering around in a constant state of anxiety and add that to my first full week of teaching its been a manic week. 

Thursday I only had a spare 30 mins so I used it up on the treadmill with some speed intervals.  I warm up for 10 mins then on every 5th minute I sprint as fast as I can with an easy 2 minute recovery, the third minute takes it up a notch before the fast sprint.  This workout always revs me right up and I wanted to go on longer but I had other demands on my time.

Friday I went for  30 min swim and covered just over half a mile.  I used this to work on technique and after taking a few tips of my fellow triathlete, I felt like I improved my stroke a lot.

Saturday was a beautiful day and I really wanted to get out on the bike but with the kids home I couldn't, so I did 1 hour on the exercise bike.  I warmed up for 20 mins and again on every 5th minute I increased the bike to the highest intensity and went as fast as  I could. I then cycle easy for 2 mins, notch up the intensity for one min before the killer minute, as I call it.  My quads certainly felt abused after that session.

Sunday I managed to get out early for a ten miler in a good time of 1.34.  My long distance running has certainly improved..... I am so confident that I will make a prediction that I, Michelle  Ironlady Blackmore will knock  an astounding............WAIT FOR IT ............a whooping 30 mins off my marathon time in April 2011. There you heard it here first.  I also predict that after my last tri where I was the 7th lady in, the tri in Exe valley  in May and if I am not in the top 5, I will eat my hat!!!

I know I am definitely getting fitter and my body is adapting to double training because one training session isn't enough any more.  Ive noticed a definite muscle tone increase since cross training and I have no BINGO wings........ my life is now complete...........I love tri, I live tri...... its the only way for me.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

first open water swim!!!

I have been feeling a little apprehensive about swimming in open water, I mean will pikes try and eat my  toes? Will hands of dead bodies reach up and try and pull me down? Will I drink rats pee and catch some horrible disease?
But as Nike says "just do it" so we did.  Barry picked me up at 9 and off the the Huntspill we went.  We parked up, scouted the area for a suitable entrance and exit totally ignoring the NO SWIMMING signs!!!

We were quite quick putting our wetsuits on, despite the funny looks we were getting from dog walkers.  So no going back now, we got in the water..... well I waited for Barry to get in first, so I knew there were no sharp stones on the bottom( he did have shoes on) and to see how deep and cold it was.  When he was in and no dead bodies came floating up I got in.  It wasnt actually that cold.

We started swimming and I tried to do the proper breathing right from the start.... big mistake!! The water was murky and brown and it made me panic and I just couldn't get into the rountine of breathing.  So we just swam with our heads above water.  It was actually very liberating and at some point I had a fit of the giggles. 
I started to wave at people passing by then stopped quickly, maybe they would think I was drowning!!!

My goggles kept steaming up so  put them on my head so when I decided that i was comfortable enough to  swim properly, I couldn't as I had lost the goggles.    Barry has suggested that it was an offering to the triathlon gods that protect our pool souls in the river of DOOM!!!

We took a few breaks, well Barry took loads as he swam a lot faster than me and had to keep stopping and waiting for me.  We had set a target of the bridge which was about half mile away.  We finally reached the bridge and started to come back.  This is when I started to get really tired, you cant just hold on to the side and take a breather, luckily the wetsuits make you really buoyant and you can float around.
I seemed to get slower and slower and even though I was enjoying the experience and mucking around, it was starting to dawn on me the full implications of swimming 1.2 miles in an lake for the half ironman challenge. That was going to be the ultimate challenge for me, and I certainly need to improve on my strength in my shoulders and arms and my swimming technique.  I am also going to have to conquer the fear of breathing properly in dirty murky water.  

After we got out, I certainly felt like I had done something and actually felt a little disconnected until my oxygen levels returned to normal.  I think we certainly scared the dog walkers as we emerged from the bushes in our wetsuits with big smiles on our faces.  One lady did  do a double take before suggesting that we were totally bonkers!!

But I enjoyed the experience, I  learnt a lot about my capabilities as a swimmer and now have 9 months to become a super swimmer.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bristol half marathon

Last year, Bristol was my first ever half marathon and I ran it in 2.22.50.  I kept telling myself that I wasn't going for a pb as it was too busy and I had a bit of a dodgy tight chest.

I then soon came to my senses, as I am so competitive theres no way in this world I wouldn't go for it.

It was very different from last year, the sun was hot last year whereas this year it pissed down.  I like running in the rain so it made no difference to me.

I started from the same place but in the first wave instead of the second.  It tipped down and I was soaking wet resembling a drowned rat from mile 1 to 7.  As I had done the course before it was good to be able to judge where I was at and how I was doing.  I am sure I spotted Liz Yelling bombing down the portway at some point.

I ran very comfortably at 8.35 minute miles during the race but started to feel the strain at about 11.5 miles but then lucky for me , I was quite near the finish.  That's the first race in a long time that I didn't sprint to the finish.  My official time 1.53.53 which totally blasts last yrs time out the window but beat my pb of 1.59.07. 
I feel I could actually push myself that little bit more if I put the training in, but have been cross training lots in preparation for ironman.  
At the moment I seem to be breaking all my pbs, is that down to me just improving or the fact that I am cross training for my triathlons??
All I know its a massive confidence boost and the fitter I get, the more confident I feel about that massive feat of half ironman 70.3 2011

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

its not always a good run........

Today's run wasn't terribly good........4.34 miles in 37.53 not a bad time but I really struggled.  My chest has been tight since Sunday's race and I really struggled with my breathing.....
I have foolishly drank all over the bank holiday weekend and that paid its toll too.  Add in period bloating belly, a headache and a stiff neck and its a recipe for disaster.......

But I kept running that's the way it goes..... not all runs can be good and i certainly have more better runs than bad ones......

battle of sedgmoor 10 k

I had stopped drinking in preparation for this race which went horribly wrong at the weekend.....

The morning of the race I didn't feel 100% but its a lovely flat course and I was going to get a pb.
The race started and we went up the only real hill on the course.  Just has you get up the hill you are suitably warmed up and ready to rock and roll......
The first 2 miles were ok and then I settled into a fast pace.  I kept this up and at 5 k I was on 23 mins so I thought I am well on course for a sub 50 as long as I could keep up the pace.

I started to feel the strain at about 4.90 miles and my pace dropped.   I just had to put my head down, grit my teeth and get on with it...... the finish line was within my reach and I sprinted to the finish....... garmin said 50.52...... so close to that infamous sub 50

I have never felt so physically sick like I did at the end of that race, I had to stand against a car and do my best not to hurl all over it......

I was disappointed but at the same time I did pb so I'm still happy..... next time without a hangover maybe I'll get that sub 50

Saturday, August 28, 2010

training update

After the first big bike ride, my legs were a little sore but nothing like I expected so I took a rest day thankfully which is not always the case, I hate rest days but I do know they are important. 

On Monday I was going to run 10 miles but the weather was sooo good I decided to go for another whopping bike ride.  Nice weather my arse...... within 5 miles I was completely soaked then as I got dry again I got another soaking, and I started to develop a twinge in my abductor so I called it a day at 22 miles.

As if I don't punish myself enough I decided to go swimming that evening thinking I might have some energy.... how wrong was I.  I felt like I had been abducted my aliens, the life guard probably thought I was either a) dancing and trying to swim to some drum and bass b) drowning c) having a fit.  It was at this point after 24 lengths I decided to go home and hang myself.

Tuesday was a new day so I wanted to get in the 10 miles in prep for Bristol half marathon.  I felt like it was hard work but didn't feel too bad and was astonished that i ran that in 1.34 knocking a good 15 mins of my last 10 mile run, the triathlete was back in town. 

Thursday was a brick session, 20 mins bike, 15 mins tempo run on treadmill done twice.  Total bike miles 13.76 and 3.41 on the treadmill.  I normally do this 3 times but didn't want to over do as I have a race Sunday. 

Friday, the aliens had returned my body with an newer updated version and I swam 1 mile in 42 minutes which normally takes me 48 and 53 minutes. 

So Saturday is here and I'm resting..... tomorrow is Battle of Sedgmoor 10 k, lovely flatish course and I will get my warrior head on and go for that infamous sub 50...... watch this space!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The first big ride out

Ive been bit lazy in keeping up my training blog so here's a quick catch up...
Monday 8.05 mile run
Tuesday brick session 3.36 miles on treadmill and 13.87 miles on bike
Wed 7 mile run
Thursday cycled 10 miles and swam 1 mile
Friday ran hilly mostly x country 8.54 miles with Barry

Then of course Saturday, the first bike bike ride.

Barry, Adrian and Jim and myself all started off from street and headed out towards Wooky hole.  It was a nice steady pace having a chat and a ride.......with a few little nasty hills in.  I think we were all riding along with doom in our hearts knowing that we were heading towards the big one.........

When we reached Wooky, we had a little rest before attempting deer leap hill.  Then it was see you at the top and off we went.  It was too bad, a little narrow road before it all went wrong....... I was last taking it nice and slow.... and then in front of me Barry just skidded across the road in front of me and seemed to be in a lot of pain..........shit... what to do, I couldn't get my feet out of the pedals quick enough so ended up throwing myself into the hedge and landing with my bike stuck to me..... theres me asking Barry if he needed help and there was I stuck in my bike lol fat lot of good I was really.  Must have seemed quite comical to passers by, these mad suicide bikers throwing themselves off their bikes.......into hedges....
The hill was so steep it was hard to actually get clipped back in so I pushed bike up road until I found something I could lean against.  I was just about to clip in when my back wheel came detached from my bike and fell off........MMMMMMM so glad it happened at that point at not when I had been going silly speeds down hills.  Barry then fixed bike and we attempted to climb this hill, finally we made it and reached the top.  I must say thank you to Adrian who came back down the bad evil hill to check we were ok then cycled back up AGAIN!!!!

It was all downhill from here, cycling down the gorge which actually is very scary when the roads were wet and slippery.
We cycled into Wedmore and had a well deserved drink before heading off home.
Total 44.67 miles in 3.21.17
Check out the elevation here

Good ride I enjoyed it the best bit coming down wedmore hill and topping a 37.5 mph

Thursday, August 12, 2010

brick session...sure sign of fitness

Oh my god.... I am high on endorphins!!!!! Can I sit down long enough to write this blog!!!!!!
* does a little dance of joy*
I have been camping and all week the only exercise I managed was  a 40 min run yesterday but really I had 2 days rest which felt like a week.
I decided to do an intensive brick session in the front room, treadmill and exercise bike.  It went as follows
20 mins on bike on setting 5, 11.24 km ( so so)
15 mins on treadmill 7mph , 1.75miles ( pretty good)
20 mins on bike setting 6, 13 km (faster even though more resistance)
15 mins on treadmill, 7.5 mph, 1.88 miles ( good speed feeling pretty damn good here)
20 mins on bike, setting 7, 16.55km ( even faster.....oh my god I AM ON FIRE)
15 mins on treadmill , 8 mph, 2.01 miles ( here I expected to be feeling pretty tired but I felt bloody amazing and soooooo strong, I could have done another couple but kids wanted feeding???!!!!
total running 45 mins and 5.64 miles covered
total bike 40.79 km = 25.34 miles

I listened to an interview with Liz Yelling and remember her saying she knows when her fitness levels are good because in her splits she gets faster and stronger.  Theres me thinking that my fitness has slipped from being on holiday, drinking every day, eating complete and utter crap, chocolate, ice cream, hot dogs and having extremely bad sleep and back ache, but what do you know I am pretty fit....... maybe theres a moral in the story.... a little bit of what you like is GOOD FOR YOU!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

318 days ti half ironman uk 70.3

Wow....... so Ive only done 2 triathlons and like normal I have completely thrown myself in at the deep end by entering Half Ironman UK 70.3.  I will not only have to train and become fitter than I have ever been but also raise at least £1200 for charity.  I am not doing it alone, I will train and compete with Barry.  I also forgot to add that I will also be running Brighton marathon next yr as well, well I never do anything by halves.

So what now....... This is the plan so far......
Once a week we will have a long bike ride, easy hill rides meaning big hills but not flat out to get a good  bike stamina and aim for a good low burn cardio engine base.  We will start at 40 miles and build up over winter.
We will get a list of triathlons and select races from there hopefully with open water swims.  ( I need to get a wet suit pronto)
We will have one long run in each week which we will build a good fitness base. 
We will swim once or twice a week incorporating OW swim at least once a month.
As fitness increases we will include runs after the long bike rides.
That's what we aim to do together as well as try to raise £200 per month and attack local companies for sponsorship.

For the little bits in between I will watch what I eat, stop drinking, and train where possible by including hills sprints on bike and foot and improving my swimming.

This will be such a challenge financially to obtain a wetsuit, tribars for bike, a more robust tri suit ( thinking padding) and the cost of travelling and partaking in triathlons across the country. 
I am going to have to live bike, run, cycle and be a good full time working mum, a new teacher and a part time student.  This is going to take discipline, dedication and a whole lot of blood sweat and tears. 
Can i do it...... its a challenge but I thrive on challenge and I know that Ihave the support of some truly fantastic people........ Half Ironman are you ready for me???? That's the question.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trowbridge triathlon

This was my ssecond triathlon but my first attempt at the sprint distance.  I arrived really early and had to hang  around the car park which wasn't a bad thing because I met Tim who only just happens to know the Olympic bronze medalist triathlete ( what ever his name was lol) and organises triathlons in the new forest and also extreme cross country, so I booked for that in October as training for run rampage. 
The swim was bit scary there were 5 in a lane and it was 16 lengths.  I was the last to go.  There was such a short gap between each person leaving, I was catching the blokes feet in front of me every stroke I took.  I did think however he would let me pass on the first length, did he hell...... I was literally tickling his feet for 5 lengths before he decided to let me pass, that or he thought I was caressing his legs lol, maybe he liked it. I decided that if  I saw him on the run I would trip the arrogant git over!!!!
The swim I felt stronger than I have before and I didn't panic with my breathing.  Time 9.52 and I was aiming for 12 so very pleased about that.
The transition was very long and running on concrete paths and across tennis courts where the bikes were racked. As an early bird I had prime place racking my bike, right by the run out.  I jumped on my bike and headed off.  I was in with a pack of males and I tried my hardest to keep up but I slowly lost them.  After about 10 miles I was ON IT.... The hill training must be helping because I was on fire and I caught up and overtook 2 males who I had started with ( typical men have NO stamina lol ), I could just imagine their face as I passed as a red streak of lightening.  Bike time 25 km ( 15 mikes ) in 57.42.  I have to say some of the bike ride was on the dual carriageway which was a bit nerve racking!!
  I was aiming for 45 but maybe that was a bit unrealistic.   The bike ride over, I was still buzzing but when I started to run.  My legs were ok not jellified but I was tired..... I had to keep going, I passed quite a few people.  The run went quite quickly but I didn't sprint to the finish I didn't have the energy.  Run time 27.59 which considering the bike ride, I was very pleased with.  Overall my total time with transition was 1.38.22.  I had hoping for sub 1.30 which is my mate Barry's best time but I can work on that.  I really think the training is all coming together.  I compared times with the very fit Tim and even though his run was like 20 mins ( speedy) and his swim was like 5 mins his bike time was 56 so I was only a minute behind him which made me even more chuffed with my bike ride.  Ive always had thunder thighs my mom used to say, maybe at last I have found them a vocation in life.   I was buzzing when I finished, so much more of a rush when you have done all three.   
So if any of you are considering to try out a triathlon......JUST DO IT!!! As a runner turned triathlon, I love it and even though I wont hang up my running shoes, the cross training does help. 
The only down side of the day was not meeting Karen but we have plenty of time for that and again thank you all to the oddles of support that my marvelous twitter friends provide. 

Monday, July 19, 2010

This weeks triathlon training

I keep forgetting that I am triathlon training and secondly that i am writing a blog about it.  So since my epic bike ride up the gorge this is what I've done;

The day after my bike ride I went for a super fast 3 miler in 25.40 ( my fastest to date in training in 25.32)
The following day I ran another 3 miler at a slower pace 27.42 but I also went for a swim to completing )0.82 miles in 48 minutes. I do have to say this isn't constant swimming as i do have short little breaks.

On Saturday I had a rest because I was going to run a long run on Sunday ( bit worried I haven't been putting in the miles and I have 2 half marathons coming up)

So on Sunday I thought I would drive up to Cheddar reservoir because it looked huge and I thought it would be at least 6 miles all the way around.  It was very disappointing, a loop around the reservoir was just over 2 miles.  I ran around it 3 times and a bit and clocked up 7 miles.  I really had wanted to do at least 9 but even with the beautiful back drop running round in a big circle three times is more than enough for me. 

I decided to bike it today, haven't been out on the bike in what seems ages.  I thought I had picked a 30 mile loop but took wrong turning somewhere which was probably beneficial because I ended up going up some pretty steep hills
26.84 miles in 2.13.35.  I did as well after going up the first big hill find a beautiful windmill which was so lovely that I didn't see the pothole and then promptly fell of my bike...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

cheddar gorge bike ride

We all know that running, cycling up hills is the best training.  After driving through Cheddar gorge at the weekend on my way to Priddy folk festival, I thought I would attempt it.  I set off at 9am and by 9.20am I was soaked to the skin (mental note to get a more waterprooff cycling jacket).  It was just over 9 miles to the bottom of the gorge. At least when I had started at the bottom it had at least stopped raining.  So off I went, it didn't seem that bad... I guess as the roads are winding its not just straight up.  I had to stop to take my jacket off, I was sooo hot.  I probably stopped on the most steep bit...DOH!! I thought i might fall off at this stage but got going and kept going......I did use every single gear on my bike though.

There is no littlee sign at the top to say "yes you did it you got to the top" because it just keeps going.  I turned off at Priddy, maybe next time I'll just keep going and plant my own little sign!
As with everything that goes up, you have to come down at some point and there was a massive descent down into Wells.  Oh my god.... I'd rather cycle uphill than down anytime.  the hill was so steep and I was going so fast( maximum 32.4mph) that you couldn't even pedal.

As I came into Wells, the wind hit me but I didn't care I had took on the gorge and won.  I have to say that I was  mildly disappointed... I expected it to be harder than that!!!
I will say I was tired when  got in but felt bloody amazing after a hot shower.   31 miles in 2.23.09 not fast but steady and consistent up them hills.

check out the elevation.....

Monday, July 12, 2010

wellington 10 k

I have been quite worried that I have neglected my running lately but running the Wellington 10 k soon put all those worries to rest.  It was very hot and the course is quite challenging and I wanted to beat last years time of 1.04.53. 

The course starts with 2 really big hills and I felt quite strong.  It was incredibly hot and people were swapping sides of the road to run in what little shade their was.  I didn't walk any of the course last year but I have to say that with the heat I did walk a few steps up a steep hill.  As always what goes up must go down and their is a part of the course that is a nice long downward hill that was in the shade. 
The race seemed to go pretty fast and bless that old lady who stands there every year with her sprinkle hose showering all the hot runners.  I have to say I didn't run through it but stood in it for a few seconds. 
The last half mile through the woodland track was cooling and there it was the finish line.  My time according to the garmin was 55.47 which smashes last years attempt which is bloody brilliant!  This really shows me how much i have improved in the last year.  Wellington 10 k was the first ever race I did so was good to return and feel so much stronger.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I feel that through this triathlon training I have neglected my running.  my 20 miles a week has gone down for the last 2 weeks to 10, but I have been either swimming or biking.  On Friday I went swimming as I was on a taper for wellington 10 k race and I also went swimming on Sat ( I dont feel swimming is a workout for some reason, but today on race day I feel really tired so it must) and I actually swam my first mile ( 48 lengths) in 51 mins and 31 seconds. 
I feel I wim front crawl so much better with a float between my legs so I must improve my legs but I did breathe every third arm now which will help me when I start open water swimming. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Speed training on the treadmill

Quick intense session on treadmill
20 minutes warm up then fast sprint for 1 minute and recovery if 3 minutes.38 minutes on the treadmill and 4.27 miles covered.
I was hoping to swim a mile in pool tonight but Jake poorly :-(

This weeks triathlon training

My son has now decided to attend circus school in Wookey hole so Tuesdays hve officially became hill work day..... mean have you ever been to Wookey Hole? Its very hilly place.  Tonights run was supposed to be a) recovery run after sundays trithlon and b) 6 miles but it ended up being a) extremely hard work b) 4 miles. Which ever direction I went there were just hills.  I finished up the run with some hill sprints ( as if I hadnt done enough?!) I chose this lovely short STEEP hill and ran up it FIVE times going further up it each time. 

On Wedensday I went on the exercise bike which hopefully I will be replacing with a turbo trainer very soon.  I spend 10 minutes on setting 5 then 6 then 7.  After 30 mins warm up I go on the highest resistance possible for 1 minute hardcore then 2 min or 3 minutes recovery for a further 20 mins.  I would prefer to be out there on the bike but with childcare issues the front room and happy hardcore is just as good. 

I am feeling a little stiff but am putting that down to all the tree swinging I did on Tuesday. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

crewkerne triathlon 2010

Well the day finally arrived and I was more than ready to get going.  The alarm went off at 5, big bowl of porridge, quick dog walk and I was off.  I put the bike on car, I was so glad  had put rack on car the day before because that was an ordeal in itself.

We arrived ( Barry and I) about 6.45 just enough time to register, rack up the bikes and get the kit ready.  I am glad that I went with Barry on my first one as he helped to arrange it all for a quick transition.  Helmet and glasses on handle bars, number on race belt in the hat, shoes and socks laid out. I really noticed a big difference to running races as you seem to wait around for sometime but in a tri your checking everything is ready to go.

My swimming wave started at 7.35 so I had to be at the pool for 7.20.  I put on my lovely yellow cap they gave me and tried to do a banana impression on the side of the pool.  Everyone is so friendly and I didn't feel nervous at all, I just really wanted to get going.  I was in the pool ready to go and I had to go on the second whistle.  I was lucky as there was only 2 of us in my lane so didn't have to worry bout getting in anyones way.  I started off really fast and after 2 lengths started to struggle with my breathing, so I did one length of breast stroke which gave me back some control.  The rest of the lengths I did front crawl.  I was the second to last to get out of the pool and it was quick difficult to get out my arms didn't want to work.  I ran down to my bike and went to put shoes on.  Oh boy did I lose it here, I felt totally dis-orientated and rather wobbly which is due to the influx of oxygen going back into your body so I was told.  I think I did really well here and seemed to go quite smoothly  I ran to the mounting area and jumped on the bike.

 I overtook one women right at the start and then took off.  The bike leg was quite hilly and I caught up and overtook 2 more people who were both on mountain bikes so I didn't feel pleased about overtaking them.  I never saw anyone else on the bikes which was bit disappointing as I wanted to actually race someone.  It was quite scary in places as the signs you follow said turn right and I was looking for a turning but they were warning you off a bad corner.  I was back at the transition area in what seemed a really quick time. 

I racked the bike up swapped shoes, lost my vision momentarily as I tried to tie up laces.  As I ran off my legs didn't feel as bad as they have done in training when you make the switch and I was very glad that I had done the brick sessions.  The first half mile was uphill and my breathing was very laboured but then it went down hill and I started to really enjoy the run. I ended up running through an industrial estate and actually thought I had taken a wrong turn.  I saw no-one on the run either but was quite happy about that. The run seemed really really short but I guess 1.5 miles is.  I was back in the field and heading towards the finish line where Barry was shouting " sprint finish Blackmore".  How could I disappoint? sprint finish it was then.  The high hit me then very different high to when you finish a running race......oh boy was I BUZZING.  I had done it, I was officially a triathlete. 
I cant wait until my next one which is a month and that will be double the distance so it will be a lot more tiring.  I was blown away at the diversity of the people taking part, everyone was having soo much fun including the serious athletes.  I loved it and I cant wait until my next one.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Front crawl....think I've cracked it

Now let me explain, my swimming especially front crawl is not perfect.  I really struggle with the breathing and its been just a matter of keep practising to see what works and what doesn't. 

Tonight the only intention I had was to time myself doing 8 lengths.  I was aiming to do one front crawl then one breast stroke.  Normally at the end of a length of front crawl I am gasping for breath.  I started and got it all wrong within the first length, by the time I got to the end I was out of breath but never the less tried to start a length of breast stroke.  That length ended badly too with me stopping due to swallowing half the pool.  I felt very sad and annoyed at myself.  I decided not to time myself and practise  one of the drills that the teacher said in one of the two lessons I actually had.
So I got that weird shaped floaty thing and put it in between by thighs and off I went......OH MY GOD!!!!!!! A light bulb moment.  I am not sure what that float did, correct my position, keep me up straight I don't know but you know what I did..... no tell me I hear you scream....... I only went and swam a very fast length of front crawl with perfect breathing and when I got to the end, I felt bloody fantastic, no heavy breathing at all, so I kept going.  I did about 6 lengths in total without stopping.   Now armed with this magical knowledge  tried a few lengths without it and yes I did swim a lot better and I wasn't out of breath.  That was all the help that I needed..... 40 lengths some with float and some without..  I am definitely more aware of where my body should be and I think that my problem was using my legs far too much.  I am very happy with I have to work on the speed.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

speed training gone wrong!!

My lovely friend Lisa set me the following challenge...... 3 x 0.45 laps as fast as I can with a short recovery. I thought yep, I can do this.  
So off I went  to the little park down the road.  When I actually measured the outside of the small cricket pitch it didn't even cover 0.45 miles but though as long as I have markers this will be fine.  I started by doing a few warm up laps when the cricket team descended upon the pitch!!
This was going to make it nigh on impossible so I had to abandon that idea.  I thought about going straight home my tired head saying , your on a taper, your tired.....GO HOME but my training head said YOU LAZY BITCH you have to do something at least.
So I did a mere 9 Min's of training hidden away at the top of the pitch where I hoped I wouldn't be in the way......the width of the pitch was a bout a tenth of a mile so i jogged slowly up and down until the fourth time when I hammered it as fast as I could, no recovery as such.  I did this 5 times without stopping and that was me done.  These were my lap times 1.48, 1.45, 1.48, 1.52, 1.51
I am feeling incredibly tired and I had a big meal at 2pm so it probably wasn't the best situation but I really must learn that recovery and rest is as good as a workout and I mustn't feel guilty about not training. 

So swimming tomorrow then rest Friday and Saturday.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am tapering honest.....

Well it's 5 days to my first tri and I am in taper week... Taper is so hard, plays with your mind. Well seeing it's 5 days that means technically if I rest Friday and Saturday, I'll be fine.....

Moderation is the key so a quick 6.5 miler on bike in 26.55 followed by a quick 8.36 mile run.. Gotta get my jelly legs used to the transition..

Bike ride incorporated a nice steep hill and then when I got to the top I wanted to see if I could beat my 27.3 mph so I hammered it down. I was doing very well 26.8 but had to stop suddenly due to country traffic. It's actually very scarey going that fast down hills and corners and I'm not sure I have the same nerve I'm used to.

Quick mile run straight after and that's it today's training.
Just off to do my push up challenge

Monday, June 28, 2010

The beginning of iron lady

So here it starts...... my journal of attempting some pretty mental stuff......

Let me bring you up to scratch.... after a rugby injury I needed an ACL reconstruction and on the first operation, my knee cap was broken and my hamstring severed. Finally they put it right and so began my road to recovery. I wont dwell on this, I am looking to the future.....

So my first challenge was a half marathon which lead to a marathon which I completed in April 2010. So what could I possibly do that could top that?? Well first it starts with a super sprint triathlon ( in less than a week now). I have had a few swimming lessons to get the breathing right but its been dog eared determination that's made me confident to attempt front crawl on my first triathlon. Ive bought a bike and have been cycling everywhere. I feel guilty that my running has taken a step back and I am only getting about 18 miles in a week. I must say I have found it incredibly difficult to find time to get these extra disciplines in.

Next month I have a sprint triathlon, I've entered an extreme x country race and entered Brighton marathon again, but there is a possibility that I will do 2 marathon's in 1 week. But my ultimate goal is HALF IRON MAN UK next Aug.......... That's a 1.2 mile swim followed by 56 miles on a bike followed by 13.1 miles running.

I have been feeling pretty despondent with my swimming, struggling to complete 1 length at a time, I crash and burn at 3/4 of a length. I did tell myself for a while that it was ok as it was a long pool 33.3 m but last Sat something clicked and for every length of breast stroke I matched it with a length of front crawl. One length of front crawl really makes me breathless and i have to have a small recovery even if I am going to do breast stroke next. This is something I really need to work on.

I have only had my new shiny bike for 3 weeks so have been trying to get as many miles in the saddle as possible.

This last week I have swam 72 lengths, ran 24 miles and biked 49.18 miles. This week I am supposed to be on a taper and I will have a few days rest as I feel I have done sooo much training lately. I feel silly having a rest and I feel I should keep pushing because ultimately that's what you will need to do during a triathlon.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

why do i do it

Forgive me blog for I have sinned, I have not blogged for ages, there is no races to report.  I have to say my fellow tweeters, or friends( I promoted them recently )have inspired me and engaged my mind.  After reading about Rays ultra training run( 54 bloody hot miles, what a legend) and seeing the beautiful trio race their little hearts out in the blazing heat (you know who you are) made me think about why do we do it, why do I do it?

  I am about to enter a very extreme 10 k multi terrain race, on which they test tanks!!( maybe they should test my head at the same time) I do my first triathlon next Sunday ( which I hasten to add that  Ive entered 2 already and haven't even done one yet) and here I am browsing 100 mile local bike rides and I haven't even cycled more than 30.  To top it all I have talked at least 3 of my triathlete friends into doing half ironman UK next August, only the hardest half iron man EVER!!!! Oh and I almost forgot that there is a possibility that I could run " marathons in one week next year.

So am i insane? What is going on? Did I just wake up one morning and say "OK bird lets go mental"or has it always been in me all along?  I liked keeping fit before my knee injury and I had always said I would do a marathon before I'm 40 but I never entered races or competitions.  Did something snap inside me when that stupid surgeon broke my kneecap and severed my hamstring or was it always lurking in my personality?  Could I be like Eddie Izzard always looking for approval as I have no father figure in my life or am I a stubborn bitch who wants to constantly challenge myself.  Am I addicted to the fitness buzz, always looking for the next adrenalin hit. 
If I look back I've always tried to do things out of the ordinary, parachute jumps, ab sailing off buildings for charity, talking to dead people...... Could I be just a quirky Aquarian striving to be different? Or could it just be that I have a fear of failure and I am driven to succeed.

I could spend hours searching into the depth of my personality but you know what......... what ever drives me I don't care..........I like the training, I  like the discipline.  I like pushing myself and seeing what happens.  I like to wake up and say "what crazy thing can I do today?" I also like to eat a lot of cake!!!!!

  I read a quote once which said " there are people who sit on the sidewalk of life and clap and there people who run" I think they prob forgot that last bit " that there are people who run, jump skip and dance pulling stupid faces all the way" ...... which one are you?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

run in the wild 10 k by meschee at Garmin Connect - Details

run in the wild 10 k by meschee at Garmin Connect - Details: "Share"
I was excited about this race, my first complete x country race. It was to be held in a local wildlife park within beautiful grounds. I had read the reviews, I knew it was going to be challenging but the views would be outtta this world. Barry had entered last minute and the race was on again esp after beating him last week. The start was a tiny little steep hill which immediatly went into a humdinger of a hill with some nasty twists and turns. Its hard to start a race with such a steep hill and you were gasping for breath before you even warmed up. When that first hill finished you were running downhill but the way the land lay meant you were running on a slant on very uneven ground. We then turned into a wood filled with massive puddles and deep ruts. I tried to keep in the middle of the path but then diaster struck. I think I hit a stump hidden by grass and over I went well crashing to a undignifed lump is probably closer to the truth. The only trouble being the track was quite narrow and people were up close behind me so I took down 3 people with me and sat there a bit dazed whilst people jumped over me and ran past. I remember a lady asking if I was ok but no one offered to help..... which i thought was a bit weird, normally runners are such helpful people, maybe I was being scorned for taking the others out to but hey hands up I didnt mean to fall over.
I got back up and started running again ( now if people ask this is where I lost the 4 minutes that Barry beat me by ok!!) my legs felt bit battered, knee bit scrapped but I was ok. I had been really worried about damaging my knees but they were good. It wasnt until a few minutes later that I realised my big toe was throbbing, the uneven ground was making me whince. I thought theres no way I'm walking so just kept going. More hills appeared one that was sooo steep and long that I didnt see anyone at all running up it, it was hard enough to walk up it. I just kept going admiring the views, walking up the really steep hills, well it was my toe you see it bloody hurt. It was a challenge running down the hills, ground uneven, sliding around on sheep poo. My running gait changed dramatically couldnt put weight down on front of foot. Up and down, up and down we went, you could see the people in the distance struggling up( did I mention all the ups and downs?).
At one point after a very very steep hill I tried to start running again but the field was on a rightward lean so to speak and this killed my foot, I actually was close to tears and even thought of grabbing some more marshall ( I'm an injured runner GET ME OUTTA HERE).
The next mile was downhill, we had done 4 miles and sudddenly I gained something, divine intervention, alien abduction, hell knows or maybe I just warmed up but it was downhill and I got a major sprint on. I went rushing through a cold river that numbed my foot ... 5.5 miles nearly there......... there was a few little cheeky steep hills thrown in and as you came out of the woodland again, I could see the finish. The finish was were we started so it was a steep little hill sprint to the line. There was Barry waiting to see me across the finish line where he greeted me 'LOSER'. Ill let him have this one..... just remember I lost those four minutes whilst I was in a coma somewhere in a bottomless pitt with crocodiles.........oh and the giant man eating meerkats!!
Wedy came in soon after that, well done Wendy running across the line with Al.
I took my shoe off half expecting a toe nail to come off and thats when it really started hurting, the adrenlian was gone and shock set in. After people commenting on how my toe was a funny colour I went into the ambulance and as I walked in had a little tearful outburst, but dont tell anyone. Armed with an icepack it went numb and everything was ok.
Again big shout out to all the wonderful, beautiful people on twitter offering their support. I thought off you all cheering me on in my darkest minutes.
So to sum it all up, if you want a challenging but beautiful race then go for it...remember its the moments that challenge us that define us!!
Thank you and good night!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hill sprint at Garmin Connect - Details

Untitled by meschee at Garmin Connect - Details: "Share"
Well today Ihad good intentions, there was some really steep x country routes that I wanted to check out in preparation for my hilly 10 k cross country race on sunday. I parked in the nature reserve so I knew I had a good mile to warm up before I went to find the hills I had chosen. I am always running past lots public footpaths that look like they could be quite challenging so today I would explore. Its just typical isn't that today there were animals in, well horses to be exact. Ahhh I thought, I know horses they will be fine, they wont even notice me...........It wasnt until I got half way up the hill that I noticed lots foals in the field and then a very pregnant mare. They had seen me and started running towards me and I do know that mares can be very protective of their young so I wasnt going to stay around to find out. This was a chance to do some speed work with vaulting a gate at the end...... now where? Oooo I know just down the road theres another steep public footpath, lets check that one out. I was up the road and over the next gate, there were cows in the field with calves but the path was protected by an electric fence.....yes up the hill I went then again stopped. The path turned into a sea of stinging nettles unpassable, arent they supposed to keep the paths free? so again back down the hill. I wanted to do at least 5 miles so I ran back the way I came up to what is now know as "boobie hill". I ran up it once and back down, now last time I ran up this hill I did it 3 times creating a rather nice picture of boobies on the elevation chart. I wanted to do something bit more intense what could I do. Tthe words of Kate entered my head " go on you know you want to hill sprint" Damn you Baker.
So I stayed on the steep bit and started at a telegraph pole and then I sprinted up to the next pole giving it everything i had. Now you might think that telegraph poles are quite close together but here in Meare they aint not when you giving it your all up a steep hill, let me tell you. I then walked back down and started again. I did this 5 times ( on the elevation chart it looks sooo tiny). It just so happened that as I was walking down one of the locals drove past shouting " come on you should be running up not walking down" that really really annoyed me had he not seen me sprinting up with my heart poking out of my chest?? So with an angry head I turned back round and jogged right to the very top of the hill. There I had done it, maybe I didnt sprint far enough but it was a start and next time I would do it more timesw or for a longer distance. I love hills

Monday, May 31, 2010

Wells 10k

We arrived in Wells in the kitcar so was feeling a little windswept but ready to go.  I was running with Barry and we had our own little race within a race but I never seriously thought that I would beat him.  The plan was to run with him as he tends to make me run faster and then we would fight to the finish.
We started off pretty fast the first mile in7.54 and after the first mile I couldnt keep up with Barry and I dropped back a bit.  The course took us along a main road hot and sticky but then we diverted onto a lovely cool track through a wood.  The track became pretty narrow and it was quite hard to pass people and I could see Barry getting further away. The track ended and thats when I encountered it............THE DEVIL HILL.  I had know there was a hill but no one had warned me how steep and long it was.  But hey I've done my hill training, I have to admit that on the steepest bit of the hill I did walk just a little way but in my defense I was still running at 8 min miles and I just needed to get my breath back.  Now the best thing about hills is the top and on this one I wasn't disappointed the views were spectacular, rolling countryside and Wells cathedral. I ran along taking in this fantastic view and then an added bonus was a nice downwards hill.  I saw Barry and by the time I got to the bottom of the hill I had overtaken Barry.  The course was 2 laps so I was back on the main road.  Now I dont normally like laps on races but today I did, I knew that I would be back in the shade of the wood again before long and that bloody hill AGAIN!! I hit the hill again deteremined to run all the way up this time but I just couldnt.......I had been constantly running at about 8 min miles and it was starting to take its toll so I walked a very short distance again.  I am sure that I walked faster than I could have ran, you know when the hills are really steep and you start taking tiny little steps to get you up. I took a few large strides, caught my breath and then started running again.  I didnt enjoy the view this time round I was concentrating on getting my breath back, fighting of stitch and feeling quite sick.  But again there was the downhill.  I never used to like running downhill it would hurt my knees but now after lots training my knees must be much stronger because I can really go downhill quite fast. By the time I got down the hill I was feeling slightly better.  I felt even better when I saw the 10 k marker.  The last stretch was past a beautiful old castle and down through an avenue of trees.  This was where my hubsand was standing waiting to take some photographs but he wasnt expecting me to come through so quick and was waiting for Barry to come through first, they both under estimated me!! I crossed the line and thought I was going to be sick, the last mile at 7.47 ( go me!!) The feeling of sickness passed really quickly and I checked garmin, 52.21 OH MY GOD ........result smashed my pb of 57.09.  I was aiming for 55 so I was well chuffed with that.  The official chip time was 52.34 still a fantastic time.  I  was 12th postion in my age category and 27th lady in overall.  My overall postion 164th out of 342.  That was definatly my best race to date and it makes me wonder what I could have done if that hill wasnt there could I possibly break sub 50.  I have "battle of sedgemoor" 10 k soon and that is a fantastic course so watch this space.  I would just like to add that after astounding race I went off and cycled 17.24 miles as part of my triathlon training.

Friday, May 14, 2010

hilly 5.5 training

I met up with Barry for a short training run, completely unaware of the fate that awaited me.  We are running the Wells 10 k at the end of the month and he wanted to get some miles under his belt.  He didnt tell me that there was lots hills in store.
The first 3 miles, my lungs were on fire,  lots of doubts started to creep in..... why did I drink a bottle of wine last night, my body is full of booze, I must be soooo unfit.  Booze strips me of iron which doesnt help my anemia which buggers up my breathing Its strange what thoughts run through our head....... I even began to think that I had lost my fitness level now I wasnt marathon training.  In fact I had forgotten that my speed had increased recently, forgot everything postive and went down that negative spiral.

Three miles gone and finally my lungs forgave me, good job too as we were at the bottom of a long steep hill. ( hill sprints came to mind after reading Kate's blog but that only lasted a milli second) The best thing about running hills is getting to the top and knowing that its downhill but the added bonus running around Glastonbury is the views............
We were on the way back when Barry gave me the choice up or down.........and before I had chance to stop myself, I shouted up???? WHY ???
As we ran back down the hill I told him about Kate's hill sprints and he replied " oh I know a great place to do that"..........NO NO that wasnt the plan, I wasnt suggesting it.  Quick Michelle shut up.
Finally the last........I checked ole trusty ( garmin for those who don know who trusty is) 5.57 miles in  49 mins. 
I thought that run was a bad run and then after looking at the stats, I thought actually thats not.  I looked back on my week, Tuesday I had done 10 minute speed intervals on bike then treadmill running 8 min miles for an hour. Weds I had ran twice in the day and Thursday I swam 24 lengths. I havent even considered the fact that I have taken on extra training and how that is affecting my body.  I have noticed that my breathing whilst running has changed since I have mastered breathing properly whilst swimming breast stroke.
I feel tonights run has been a little route along self discovery of training!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Great West run 2010

I had entered this race a long time ago just after I had completed my first ever half marathon at Bristol, it didnt even occur to me that it would end up being 2 weeks after Brighton marathon.  Today was a lot of firsts for me.......the first being ( lol get it) that I would travel and complete in this race all on my lonesome.  I got there incredibly early despite getting lost and taking all the wrong turnings!!

I spent the next hour sitting in the car, watching the rain come down, thinking Ho Hum..........

I queued up at the starting line and as I was waiting the lady in front kept asking this bloke the time and he totally blanked her as actually he was deaf..... I realised this quite quickly and started signing to him.  It was brill, I dont get the chance to sign very often ( I have Level 2 she says smugly) and there we were signing away having a whale of the time when the hooter HOOTED and off we went. ( that was another first)

Within 5 miles I was actually thinking " oh my god i could so just start walking and pull out of this race " ( yet another first) and then I remebered I was this fantastic marathon runner and that nothing EVER would stop me running so I kept going.

The course consisted of 2 loops, 2 bloody hilly loops I hasten to add and it made me it better to know that the bloody hills were coming so you knew what to expect or would it have just been better for them to appear as if by magic and you conquer them and thats that. ( answers on a postcard).
Now you might all be reading this thinking " I love hills, whats up with that mentalist woman?" but actually I do like hills....... today I wasnt loving them THAT much due to the fact  that I 1)hadnt known about them and 2) I was still recovering from a marathon but needless to say I STILL RAN THEM.

The weather wasnt ideal, rain and a blusterly breeze but hey we run in all weathers and I am pretty waterproof.  I would like to shout out at this point to the supporters standing outside the local pub with the band playing at 10am  with their pints of larger and their fags!!! Yes you, you are sooo inspirational and yes look I am wearing lycra...........!?

It really shouldnt have surprised me that the last 800m would be a nasty little hill but it did, in fact it completley took my breath away but before I knew it,  there I was back on that proper running track heading towards the finish.  Here I was fab, I ran in amongst the finishers overtaking them all, so desperate to finish due to the fact I couldnt feel my hands.   There was just one bloke , he knew I was coming, and his pace picked up, so did mine, I could hear the crowd screaming so I well and truly went for it.......Knees up and gave it the best sprint to the finish that I have ever done and I mean a real full on sprint
( another first), not quite sure where that came from and crossed the line before him ( looking forward to seeing the finishing pics).
Within seconds of finishing the race, I recieved a text telling my gun time and chip time ( how bloody cool is that seeing my garmin didnt start until after a mile of the race, ok it was my fault I didnt press the start button hard enough)
Gun time 02.02.45
Chip time 02.01.24
Not enough to beat my pb, but considering everything and by that I mean those bloody hills, I am very pleased with that time and I have made a mental note to do more hill training.
All in all another race, aother medal and another t shirt, well 2 in fact but thats another story!!!