Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am tapering honest.....

Well it's 5 days to my first tri and I am in taper week... Taper is so hard, plays with your mind. Well seeing it's 5 days that means technically if I rest Friday and Saturday, I'll be fine.....

Moderation is the key so a quick 6.5 miler on bike in 26.55 followed by a quick 8.36 mile run.. Gotta get my jelly legs used to the transition..

Bike ride incorporated a nice steep hill and then when I got to the top I wanted to see if I could beat my 27.3 mph so I hammered it down. I was doing very well 26.8 but had to stop suddenly due to country traffic. It's actually very scarey going that fast down hills and corners and I'm not sure I have the same nerve I'm used to.

Quick mile run straight after and that's it today's training.
Just off to do my push up challenge

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